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Hello, here is another translation for today a new day. My series will also will be released at least before the end of the day.


"It's useless to scream, because I love to help people around here."

I was thrown to the ground with a boy. A dull pain runs on the back that was struck hard.
I was squatting in the open square crowded with simple wooden buildings.

The ground is bared soil. In the moment, number of men have increased and more than ten people are surrounding us.

"Well, if you look closely she is quite a beauty.”

Stupid, she is a precious woman, she must have fun with us first."

... I wonder what will happen.

Until this really happened, I was thinking lightly somewhere in my heart. 

Now I know. Surrounded by dirty dressed men, “Was I scared? I cannot get close to such place anymore” I do not think I can get back with just reminding myself.

I will never get home again. Because it will be serious if you understand that you have violently civilians.

These people absolutely will not release me.

"Oioi, do not cry yet. From that point onwards, it will be broken soon.“

A man who looks like a leader is approaching me and stopped just in front of my face. I kept my eyes down as I will never raise my face.

"Does it hurt!" 

"Are you listening? If you do not want to die, listen carefully to what we say"

Before the little boy, my reason who desperately endured fear has collapsed by the word "death".

"I don’t like it, I don’t really like it! I will not do it anymore, so please forgive me!" 

Resisting desperately by distracting my hair.

I do not even know the reason. Why? Why did this happen?

"Yeah yeah, I'm scared." 

"Haha, you will get hurt only at beginning... It will be fun soon, after that we will use you as our cute toy until death. Most likely, it will be impossible for you to think of anything anymore at that time."

The dirty rugged hand still touch my hurt cheek.

"Do not touch it"

Rolling on the ground, desperately escaping from the man, I lie on my back.


A violent strange laughter pierces into my ear. He is having fun watching me. He’s the worst [Saitei]. 

Stop it already. Someone please help me. Please. Natta. Dad. Jill-san. Teacher. Bella's one-chan.

You are scared. You are much smaller than me, you living forever in such a place, he knows these fears far more than I do.

But do not cry. you're good. Onee-chan, I'm really sorry.

A small hand cannot be a hero, but certainly it gave me the power.

I am older than this boy, so I must not cry, I must protect you!


The man looks down at me like looking at something funny.

I understand such a thing, but I do not want to keep silent like this.

"Please, please leave us now. Otherwise, I will beat everyone."

The man grinned for a moment and then laughed loudly. People around him are also lured.

"Because it's not a lie. Even though I look like this, I am a luminary artist. If I was seriously bullied, terrible eyes it will fit you.”

"Is ojou-chan a luminous artist?"

I jump around the surrounding people. Even in the sense of stirring up, I dared to make him my opponent.

"I am a student at the South Philia Gakuen, I am learning the theory of luminosity and I am also receiving baptism from the brilliant steel stone. I also got the art of flame. You guys are going to turn into ashes."

“Well, you will regret it! "

Scolding the heart that is likely to be crushed by fear, I stir up my anger for unreasonable violence. And change the anger to the image of the fire as the "I" in the dream did.

Of course, I am not baptized by the brilliant steel stone that is necessary to master the radiance technique, and I do not know the literal word necessary for the art.

Because I remember clearly the sense I used as "I" in my dream.

"Ig! Igu~tsu!"

Turn my hand towards a man and scream the name of the art of fire as far as the voice permits.

"Well, are you a shining technician okay?"

"Uu ... ..."

I bit my lips strongly.

Miracles may have happened.

"Well, this time I will get involved in an adult's playing."
"Hey ...... Do not come"

The man’s hand grabbed firmly on my shoulder that was desperately pleading and screaming with a crying voice.

A voice came from anywhere.


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