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Hello, LegendaryGomo here.

I managed to complete this translation safely.

This is really a difficult chapter, a lot of difficult terms but I will try to revise and re-update it again.



A young man's voice. 

A youthful, clear sounding voice. 

It was a brown hair man who looked like around 20 years old with an honest facial appearance.

Then is he the guard? 

I cannot see any hesitation from his straight eyes. There is no appearance of been scared even with this number of people in front of him.

But his dignified face and dignified standing behaviour.

It was a signal and half of the men who surround us go out in front of him.

"I say it again, release her."

“Hey, hey, this girl is our possession, I do not understand what you say "

More than ten pairs of eyes glare at the same time.

"No matter what, such thing is... Here we are the law, there is no right for Terushi-sama to speak. Or maybe do you provide me entertainment that will be a substitute?"

TL note: Terushi-sama [輝士] is used here, Teru can be related to brightness or radiance and Shi can be related to warrior or samurai. I guess it referred to a hero,

As expected.

I mean that it is! He is very strong! 

"I certainly do not have the right to punish you. " 

"If you do, I'm sorry, even if you are a warrior, there is a principle of non-interference here."

"People who keeps living corrupted by his own intention does not have a good mouth "

It’s real ......  the place quieted.

Terushi-sama is not even aware of it, he looks only at the man in front of him and start saying indiscriminately as he preaching.

Something ...... I guess it just makes him angry, but ... is it okay.

Next moment.



The men who went towards Terushi-sama fell down with an anguish voice.

When I saw Terushi-sama, he pulled out the sword from his lower back, he was standing with both hands dashing.

Wa, Terushi-sama did it!

"No resistance, I'm not wanting to threaten your life, I'll leave you as soon as you release those children."

Among the inhabitants who clearly show the colour of dismay, only the leader's man is floating with expressions on his face.

"You can only command me when you are stronger than I. Do not feel bad."

"Are you going to be everyone opponent? Wishful people like you who are unhappy, like a vivid person who comes out of the name of the lord, are not here. It is foolish that I think it is more convenient to kill and bury you. What can you do alone!

"The leader's man cried out as if he had triuphed.

"...... it's what"

Where did they hid it, rusted axe and iron pipe.

It is not a proper weapon, but the tools have sufficient destructive power to hurt people.

"How much, regardless of how much knowledge of the sword that you have, for this number of opponents – “

“Terushi-sama ignored the man’s saying, he put his left hand on the handle and took a stand in silence.”

"... ...!"

The leader embraced the expression of surprise, and turns into smiley face.

"What, were you supposed to intimidate with such a thing?"

The sword's blade of Terushi-sama was reddish in colour.
There is something I should do before you know it only once.

It is a sword made of unbroken copper with blades used by Terushi-sama for training.

"When I signal it, do it!"

When he signal it, more than ten men moved in unison.

No matter how you look at it, there is such a large number of people!



Terushi-sama avoided the attack and every time he swung the sword the men who flocked collapsed one after another.

Terushi-sama got away from the men with a quick movement which is difficult to follow with the eyes.

... .... It is amazing.

Really quick. I was not sure what happened.

Strong, overwhelmingly strong!

When Terushi-sama shook the sword, he pointed his turn to the last large man.

"If you do not want to hurt, release that girl."

The leader's man is completely frightened by the unexpected strength of Terushi-sama.

And when I meet eyes it makes me laugh. Even if I look at that expression for many times, my back sprains.

"Do not come here!"

Because you are no match against Terushi-sama, you are going to take me as hostage!

Behind the man who lost his face without words, he was standing there with a grandson who grasped his sword firmly.

"No, no!"

It is unexpected that I apologize! 

"A, ano, I, thanks to Terushi-sama -"

When I tried to say the word of thanks to Terushi-sama, suddenly he flew back.

But it is not a resident of the isolated city that was there.

Beautiful long blond hair. A slim girl with a well-formed appearance.
It was Natta.


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