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Hello, here is another translation for the novel and as usual my series will be updated at the end of the day.


Natta runs up to me who is stuck.
And she crouching down and adjust her line of sight.

A story.

Honestly, I struck my cheeks with a flat hand.


Do not do that. I swallow the words out of my mouth when looking at her expression that seems to cry.


Natta has been soaking up her eyes so much that she could spill it all the times. She shed tears while I was watching, and she embraced my body strongly.

"I told you to go back. Why are you in such a place? I’m worry, I’m worried! Ru-chan, I was so worried about you being badly injured by the bad guys!

My best friend scolds me while leaking out.

Yeah. Even though I promised you I would return soon.

Even though Natta knew that this neighbourhood was dangerous, she said that she want to follow me.
Because I decided to worry about it too much.
Because I had not come back easily, she came to search.
Even Natta is a girl, she came alone to such a dangerous place.

Though I know the fear here, she came without regard for danger for me.
Brave and gentle Natta. Because I was stupid, I was about to place important friends in dangerous eyes.

"Sorry, sorry ...."

My tears are overflowing.
I felt sorry more than I felt relieved and gave her a strong embrace.
I'm sorry I did not to listen to what you say. I’m sorry for being deceived.

"Well, here. Please do not cry. It’s alright now. Because I came so do not be scared anymore." 

Natta laughed with a smile when she released my body.
To that smile, I feel relieved from the bottom of my heart.
Natta pointed at my chest, somehow turned to the skirt and said in a loud voice.

"Let's do this, for now." 

Eh ... kya! 
I, the top of the blouse's button got disengaged, I could see the cleavage of my chest!
Well, it was also seen by Terushi-sama. As expected.
Uu, in such a case I should putting on better underwear... not.

In haste hiding the front, Natta put me the jacket she was wearing.
Ponpon, and knocking my head twice, Natta stood up and turned around to Terushi-sama.

"That guy"

That voice was unbelievably low, and it was far from the transparent image that I always hear.

"You are prepared for it, do not you?"

Natta ... ... why such a thing! 
I did not notice until now, but a number of nails were struck to a baseball bat, holding a terrible weapon of sufficient killing ability in hand and struck Terushi-sama.
Should not! Natta, you’re getting it wrong!

"Na, Natta!"

I hurriedly grabbed Natta's pants and looked up at her face.
Natta was very frightening and was staring at Terushi-sama with a shivering tremor in anger that it seemed to freeze.
The face of a best friend who I should be familiar with is scarier than the resident of the isolated city.
And I have to stop her!

"That is wrong! That person helped me from being attacked! Terushi-sama is not a bad person, that person is a ladder, Look! Look, the fallen people were the ones who tried to attack me, everyone was beaten by him! "
"Terushi? "

Natta glares at him suspiciously.

"Did you help Ru-chan?"
"Oh, ah"
"Why is the Terushi in this place?"

Terushi-sama did not answer. 

TL Note: Now, I understand Terushi referred to a person that practice bright art (luminous art). It’s difficult. To be honest, I thought it is like a call to a shining knight

"Will you show me the brilliant certificate?" If you are a genuine brilliant, I will believe it, then show me soon "
"Nat, Natta, it is rude."
"Ru-chan be silent ....... Here, what's up, show me quickly."

Nevertheless, Terushi-sama kept silent.
Natta, who saw that, rang her nose and placed her hand on my shoulder.

"It was dangerous Ru-chan. This guy, their guru?"


"A common trick, decide the role to hit and the role to help beforehand, a fake rescue play to produce a hero, so if you keep on trusting so much, there are a lot of people including the guys earlier and this time it will definitely be a situation in which I cannot help it."
"No, no way. I cannot do that, because everyone is guilty." 

"That is doubtful. Because how can you beat so many people only with a bronze sword. Compare to Bella onee-sama, this young man.”

He is younger than Bella's onee-chan ....

"In any case, do not believe a guy who self-names Terushi. It seems that they have prepared a variety of props, but they could not prepare a proof being a Terushi. It’s a crime to tell that you are Terushi without permission" 
"Oh, no, I ...... "

Terushi-sama was trying to say something with a troubled face but could not find a word and remained silent.
Natta ignores him and helps me to stand.
I was dizzy. Natta helped me firmly.

"Can you walk?"
"Oh, yes, I do not have any injuries anywhere."

 It was a bit painful on my back and cheeks.

"Okay, then let’s go"

Natta took hold of my hand. I turned and walked towards Terushi-sama.

Wait a moment. I have not thanked Terushi-sama yet.
Looking towards Natta to explain it again, she murmured something loudly.
Ah, this is increadible.


Light is spurting from the palm of Natta.

Instead of setting the duration of the light, it's a dizzying technique that raised the light intensity.
The light of a mistake is overflowing from that in the previous class, and the appearance of Terushi-sama disappeared.


And Natta forcibly pushed me and ran.
Just a bit! If you pull so much my arm will hurt!
It is not ....

"It is not good! It is a crime to direct people to a brilliant technique!" 

"It's okay! Because here is an isolated city, so no murder will do it unless you do it!"

That's right. Is that a problem?
It seems that the theory does not change with the previous men.

Although radiance is convenient, it is also very dangerous.
Therefore, there are difficult tests to learn, there are various rules.
There are also laws related to vitrification, and if you violate it there is bigger crime than a normal crime. 

Of course, I do not want Natta to get caught.
So, I cannot sway her hands back to Terushi-sama.
As Natta said, he is not supposed to be a true Terushi-sama.
But if it is genuine, she can be arrested by the current offense.
Extraterritorial right is not tolerant of the brilliant arts and murder.

I had no choice but to run outside the isolated city while being pulled by Natta.
It is a pity that I could not thank Terushi-sama for helping, but we must leave such a place as soon as possible.
It is a bit forcible, but I have to thank a lot to Natta.

"Ah ... ..."

When I came back to Rurena Street, I noticed that the wallet was gone before I knew it.

"... ... It was done ..."
"Wow ...."

"A man just a while ago or someone else"
"I do not know, but I have not been touched by someone earlier"

I kept the wallet in the skirt pocket all the time. A big guy took off my coat, but he do not touch below.
There was only one person who touched my skirt. Only the boy who cheated on me at the beginning.
By the way, when Natta came, that child had disappeared unnoticed.

Probably so.
But I cannot bring myself to blame him. Because he lives in a such harsh place. It is necessary for that much warmth.

More than anything, I definitely not going to return to such a place from now.
I regret that I have no choice but to give up.
Oh, it was an important wallet that Bella's sister bought for the celebration of my primary school graduation.

Whichever way, after such things happen, I do not feel like shopping at ease.
I owe the money borrowed from Natta, and decided to take home on a gigantic carriage.
Oh, I do not even eat Million Sweet Parfait.


I will keep this word 輝士 as Terushi since it been used together with sama and ぐる as guru.

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