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Chapter 126

Take a Horse as a Wolf and Ride It

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`dryzzle, Proofread by: Strix)

Watching as that horse gradually outran her own, Princess LeYang’s heart was filled with fury. She suddenly raised the whip in her hand and flung it at Jing Yue. Everyone gasped as they witnessed Princess LeYang decisively flinging her whip.

Jing Yue’s expression turned cold. She hugged the horse’s belly and slid her body to the side, lowering her body to avoid Princess LeYang’s whip. Upon seeing her skillful movement of dodging, everyone’s eyes opened wide in awe.

“Fine!” Jing Yue promptly got back on her seat. She threw Princess LeYang a cold glance and no longer held back, rushing the horse towards the finish line. That beautiful posture of hers as she leaped over the finish line made Xiao Ye shouted ‘Good!’. He didn’t expect that at this moment he could witness such a wonderful race like this.

After Xiao Chen saw Jing Yue leaped over the finish line, the tight clench over the cup in his hand relaxed. However, his gaze aimed at Princess LeYang was filled with coldness.

“Princess LeYang, you lose.” Jing Yue dismounted from the horse. She turned towards Princess LeYang who had just leaped over the finish line. The corners of her lips hooked up into a smirk, “That whip before, I won’t pursue it… Just take it as an apology from me for teasing you in the restaurant. Today, after you fulfill your bet, you and I will be considered as even!”

“Who’s going to appreciate your pity!?” Princess LeYang stared coldly at Jing Yue. She dismounted from her horse and walked to the high stand, kneeling, “LeYang knows she broke the rule which could have caused Jing Yue to fall and get hurt. LeYang is willing to enter the punishment hall and receive her punishment! Asking the Emperor to consent!”

Jing Yue watched in amazement as LeYang acted this way. A light flashed in her eyes. But this Princess LeYang was really someone who had the courage to take the responsibility after doing something wrong.

“This……” The emperor frowned and moved his sight towards Fu RuoQing.

“Emperor, if she should be punished then just punish her. Your Majesty is the master of a country… It is natural to give both reward and punishment strictly.” Fu RuoQing’s gaze was downcast. Her expression was unknown.

“Never mind, just punish her with ten strokes to serve as warning.” Xiao Ye (Emperor) spoke, frowning.

“LeYang thanks the Emperor!” Princess LeYang stood up. She turned around and looked at Jing Yue with a sneer, “It’s not over between us.”

Jing Yue raised her eyebrows in disdain and said, “Heh (sneer), if you’re so eager to court death, then I won’t show you any mercy!” She narrowed her eyes at Princess LeYang and grinned, “Don’t forget about my gold! Remember, I don’t want anything! I just want gold!”

Princess LeYang’s face flushed deep red out of anger. However, she could do nothing but to directly follow an Imperial guard towards the punishment hall. Jing Yue shifted her head. She was met by Fu RuoQing’s gaze. Her ice-cold gaze sent a shiver down Jing Yue’s body.

This time she had done it. The one who deserved to be offended had been thoroughly offended.

They were also offended to death!

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“Jing Yue, you’ve really made me look at you in a different light!” Xiao Ye had a smile on his face as he assessed Jing Yue. He said, “I didn’t expect for you to actually have such good horse-riding skills.”

“O, it’s nothing.” Jing Yue shrugged and said, “I just took the horse as a wolf and rode it.”

“What? You took the horse as a wolf and rode it?” The Emperor was bewildered and burst out with laughter. He turned his head and looked at Xiao Chen, saying, “Ninth younger brother, this Huang Fei  is really interesting! She is able to crack a joke to make me happy, hahaha……”

Aiyowei! Who’s trying to make you happy!

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