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Chapter 127

Doesn’t Mind Going Down There to Play

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`dryzzle, Proofread by: Strix)

Aiyowei! Who’s trying to make you happy!

What I said is the truth okay!

Besides, why on earth would I make you happy!?

Jing Yue was speechless. She watched as Xiao Ye laughed without restraint, her lips firmly pursed. Xiao Chen’s expression slightly change. He beckoned to Jing Yue, hinting at her to walk to his side. Meanwhile on the other side, ShangGuan LingLan also beckoned to Jing Yue. Jing Yue’s mind struggled.

Should she go to Xiao Chen’s side?

Or should she go to ShangGuan LingLan’s?

Jing Yue contemplated for a moment over what would happen if she didn’t go to the other party. Eventually, she still went to Xiao Chen’s side hopelessly. She still wanted to live in the wangfu for a long time, therefore she had no other choice but to ‘value beauty over a friend’ for the meantime!

Seeing Jing Yue obediently sat beside him, the tension in Xiao Chen’s lips loosened. He softly asked,  “How come before this, I hadn’t known that you’re so good at riding?”

“There are plenty of things you don’t know.” Jing Yue arrogantly raised her chin, poured herself a cup of tea and started to drink.

The next thing was the long awaited polo-match. Jing Yue sipped a mouthful of tea while listening to the official below explaining about the rules.

Jing Yue’s heart was filled with admiration as she will be able to watch this live version polo-match. Originally, she had only ever seen it on TV. She had never expected that today she would be able to personally see it with her own eyes.

“Say…” Jing Yue blinked her eyes and turned her head, staring at Xiao Chen and asked, “Why didn’t you go down there to play?”

“……” Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes, staring at Jing Yue. He eyed Jing Yue for a long time before he finally said in an indifferent manner, “Does BenWang looks like someone who plays polo?”

“Ahahaha… Right, right, right… You’re a big Lord.” Jing Yue let out a forced laugh and poured a cup of tea for Xiao Chen. Her heart couldn’t help but grumbled, ‘Does playing polo has something to do with what kind of person you are?’

“But… If you want to see, BenWang doesn’t mind going down there to play.” There was a shallow smile flickering in Xiao Chen’s eyes when he saw Jing Yue looking like that.

“EI!!!” Jing Yue was instantly filled with horror. Since when did her face become so huge!? It can actually ask Xiao Chen to move!

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She saw Xiao Chen turned his head towards Xiao Ye, saying that he was going down to play, and that it could be considered as the start of the match. Xiao Ye was obviously shocked too.

When Xiao Ye announced this news, the whole racecourse flared up. Those misses from Government Officials’ families, every one of them was cheering in excitement.

‘Ai (sigh)…… the popularity is really uncommonly high!’

“It’s rare for Ninth Huang Shu to be in such good spirits… How about this prince plays together with Ninth Huang Shu?” Xiao JingRan laughingly spoke as he stood up.  His eyes narrowed as he faced Xiao Chen.

“With the second prince for company, BenWang is really happy,” Xiao Chen replied indifferently. Though those words came from his mouth, there was not the slightest expression on his face.

Both Xiao Chen and Xiao JingRan changed into riding clothes before riding their horses towards the racecourse. Jing Yue’s eyes were wide open, watching the players below. They were indescribably attractive. The excited shouting outside the field was so intense that it seemed like it would flip this whole racecourse over!

There were two pairs of men and horses below: one man had a red ribbon tied on his arm while the other man wore a blue ribbon on his. Xiao Chen and Xiao JingRan each controlled a side. Xiao Chen led the red team while Xiao JingRan led the blue team.

Then, the match began, and they started to compete in scoring goals.

“Wa…” Jing Yue’s eyes widened as she stared at both the speeding horses and the ball which rolled here and there on the field. The two groups fought intensely. Every time the ball moved forward to the other side, the other group immediately intercepted it. Everyone watching from the stands shook from the tension.

“Aiyo! Shoot! Is that man a pig!?” At that moment, Jing Yue’s attention was fixed on a goal that was about to be scored.

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