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Song Xiangsi stopped for a moment before enunciating every word of her question. "So, do you actually love Qiao Anhao?" After asking, she shook her head. "Oh, that's not right. I meant to ask, just how much do you love Qiao Anhao?"

How much do you love Qiao Anhao... Lu Jinnian's expression instantly calmed down. Through the

windshield, he looked at an enormous old tree outside. His eyes slightly glistened for a moment when he said in a low voice, "A lot. So much so that sometimes I would loathe my old self - the poor, dejected Lu Jinnian who knew full well that he wasn't worthy of her, yet still scraped his wallet to pay for her meals. That Lu Jinnian."

Though Song Xiangsi had clearly asked the question out of curiosity, when she heard his answer, she suddenly didn't know how to respond.

The car instantly fell quiet. After a long while, Song Xiangsi squeezed her water bottle. She turned her head to look at Lu Jinnian whose head was tilted in a daze, and said, "Actually, you could fix this without coming to me. You know what it's like. Someone in your crew wants to harm Qiao Anhao, and you don't want them to tread all over her. You want to use this career-destroying move to Qiao Anhao's advantage, am I right?"


"That's one reason, yeah..." Lu Jinnian paused, then continued, "There's another reason. I just can't watch as she gets hated by so many people."

As a public figure, who hasn't been hated before?

For all the complements received, you have to take all the slander that comes too.

There are times when principles are principles. When it happens to other people or yourself, you can convince others or yourself, but when it happens to the one you love, you realize that there's no way to ignore the abuse. It is a thousand times, a million times worse than when it happens to you.

So it turns out that most of the time and in most cases, there are two sides. Like how he knew Qiao Anhao clearly got her role by sleeping with someone, but he wouldn't allow anyone else to know it.

Song Xiangsi didn't say a word but straight up pulled out her phone from her pocket. She shared

a post on a popular weibo which said, "Are you sure that Miss Qiao Anhao was hiding at Mr. Lu's room and not me? I was also clearly in Mr. Lu's room. Why didn't they capture me? Only Miss Qiao Anhao? So people really look down on me like this? We were only discussing the script. Even this can stir up scandals. Can we still happily continue shooting?"

Song Xiangsi added a slew of "Goodbye" emojis at the end of the post.

After she sent it, she handed it to Lu Jinnian. "Right! I've helped her clear her name. This will not only clear your love, Qiao Anhao, but it'll give you some free publicity before the show even airs. Everyone will know about it!"

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