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It’s been one month since I've entered the Rescue Squad. In that short amount of time, my body has greatly changed.

First of all, my physical ability has been elevated exceptionally. I know why, this is definitely the results from the hell training.

All the parts of my body have been thoroughly tempered from sprinting, push-ups, sit-ups, and running up the stairs. After finishing this course, for the first time, I felt like I've obtained the qualifications to join the Rescue Squad.

According to Rose, the reason for completely tempering the body was to quickly escape from enemies on the battlefield. That doesn't mean that I will just simply run away, it's for the sake of being able to carry the wounded back with full speed.

"The faster you can help them, the more lives that could potentially be saved", that was how Rose phrased it during training.

"Well, that's true" is what most people would think, but executing it was considerably difficult. The wounded that are left on the battlefield have to be directly transported and carried back. It'd be meaningless unless you had the courage and corresponding ability.

Being able to understand that after being here for one month, I enthusiastically said to myself, "I'll do my best in today's training."

"We're going out."

Yep, it doesn't look like it's going to be training today. Give back my enthusiasm, please.

…If I think about it, ever since I was summoned to this world, the sad reality is that the only places I know are the castle and Rescue Squad.

After all, I was abducted the very day I was summoned here. Although I don't know her intentions, for the time being, I should accompany Rose.

The other group members will be doing their individual menus and won't be coming with us.

Good grief, they are such pitiful creatures, but inside I was sneering at them in ridicule.

"Hold on to this."

Rose passed me a large rucksack, similar to me in height.

"What is this?" I asked, but Rose didn't say anything and headed for the door that was towards town.

Nn? What is it, Tong? Your face looks like a soldier who's about to face death. If it's nothing, then it doesn't particularly matter.

"What's wrong? Come quickly."

Rose was waiting for me at the entrance. Somehow, I have an unpleasant hunch. A tremendously unpleasant hunch. It'd be bothersome to oppose her; I have no choice but to obediently accompany her.

Visiting a town for the first time was fresh for me. There weren't an abundance of appliances here like in my former world, instead, there were markets lined with shops I often saw as a kid.

"Lyngle Kingdom is a country with prospering commerce. There are a lot of people who come to work here from other countries."

"Is that so… Ah…"

In a shop that was selling fruits was a girl with fox-like ears. She acted a bit suspiciously for someone who was tending a shop.

That's one of the beast folk, isn't it?

I've heard about them before but seeing one right in front of me, somehow I'm deeply moved.

"Don't stare at the beast folk so much idiot. I know it's probably unusual for you, however, it's very unpleasant for them. It would be even possible for you to be apprehended and taken to their country."

"Ah, I'm sorry."

Certainly, it's not an exhibition or anything. It'd be impolite to be looked at like that.

As I was about to turn my eyes away from the beast girl, our eyes unexpectedly met. The girl's eyes opened wide and her gaze was fixed on my face… This is—

"…Cuteness is justice."

"Wa? What did you say? Don't utter incomprehensible things."

"Ah, dehh!?"

Please don't suddenly poke my forehead.

Nn? But I haven't seen any other beast folk for a while now aside from that girl…

"You're probably thinking that there ought to be more demi-humans or beast folk in this country since there's a lot of people working away from home. However, it's the journey that's the problem. Bandits, kidnappers, hired killers, you have to be watchful of trash like that. While they target demi-humans, the beast folk are especially targeted since, among them, some of them have very valuable abilities. In addition, their appearances coupled with being a slave, they can be sold for a high price."


"Of course, this country doesn't have a slavery system but… there are places that allow it. You understand?"

"Well, more or less."

I understand but I can't give my consent. Something like slavery for an ordinary person like me, there was no way I could understand it you know!

Which reminds me, just some time ago I had a look at the world map. Relative to Lyngle Kingdom, the beast folk's country is quite far.

"For those that come here, isn't it hell for them?"

"That's right. …We're heading to the next place."

As usual, I don't know what Rose is up to.

Suddenly I sensed something and looked back to the beast girl. She was still looking at me without averting her gaze at all, only single-mindedly looking my way.

…It's a little eerie, let's hurry up and go.

After that, I didn't turn my head back even once and followed Rose.

After leaving the marketplace, we arrived in front of a large gate.

Are? Could it be that the towns nowadays have that? That's amazing, it's double structured, the town has an inner layer…

…There's no way that could be! No matter how you look at it, this is the exit that leads outside to the kingdom!!

Rose called out to the guards standing watch by the gate. In this one month, I've noticed something. No matter who Rose talks to, they will always have a change in their expression. After all, I can clearly see the door guards are feeling frightened right now.

"Ou, it's been awhile, Thomas."

"Ro-rose-san, good afternoon! What sort of business do you have here today!"

"Good afternoon, I was just thinking of showing my subordinate the outside."

If I translated this, it would literally be "Open the gate now."

As expected of Rose, just by being here the gate guards got cold feet.

"We're opening it right now!"


"Rose-san, you talk exactly like a hoodlum. Ah, erm it's nothing, forget what I said."

Being together with her for one month, naturally, I know how far I can take it before she snaps.

The gate guards opened the passage, I also saw a drop of something glittering near their eyes. As I passed through the gate, I bowed my head in sympathy to the gatekeeper-san.

"Rose-san, where are we headed right now?"

"To a forest with monsters."


"From this place, it will be approximately 2 hours until we reach there."

I'm sorry. I don't comprehend your words.

Eh, don't tell me what I'm carrying right now is a campground set!?

You're making me spend the night in this forest roaming with monsters!? Are you a kichiku1 ogre!?"

Completely ignoring my strange behaviour, Rose steadily walked on the mountain trail.

No, wait a moment. She didn't say it was going to be a survival situation! I shouldn't throw away all hope!!

"We've arrived."

Spreading before me was a somewhat gloomy forest.

Viewing the forest from the top of a cliff, I saw Rose behind me who was folding her arms.

"This forest is also known as 'Dark Lyngle'. Don't return until you hunt a Grand Grizzly and bring it back. There's no time limit."

It seems like the theme I'm being given is a survival situation. Grand Grizzly, that's a blue grizzly bear that's lived for a hundred years… Isn't that a dangerous monster bear!? It was written in the book as an extremely dangerous creature!! You really hate me right!?

"Nope, there's no way I would hate you don't you agree?"


"Ahh, so troublesome. I'll just tell you the main point, don't come back until you bring back a bear. Right now for you, something like a Grand Grizzly is something you can easily bring down. Leave your valuables and food supplies here with me, understood?"

"Nou!? Nooo, don't lift me up!"

I turned my head vigorously, however, Rose was unconcerned and easily elevated me along with my rucksack.

This woman, just how much strength does she have!? Ahh no, stop that baseball-like pose—



Gururu. I was thrown away while rotating in the sky.

Moreover, because Rose's arm strength was too strong, the force wasn't coming to a stop at all. If this continues, will I die just like this?

Cause of death: thrown away by the Rescue Squad's leader.

That's not funny even as a joke…

As the force weakened, I started descending down into the mountains. Below me were all kinds of trees in an overgrown forest.

There's no way I'd let myself die just like this…

I turned myself around, facing towards the sky and regained my balance. On my back was the large rucksack. With this I can soften the impact. While protecting my face with my hands and preparing for the crash, I was literally thrown into 'The Beast's Den' prowling with monsters.

The impact of the landing was less than what I thought. While there's the fact that the forest's trees acted as a cushion, it's also thanks to this pointlessly large rucksack.

However, I will never thank that woman. I dare say that unless I bring a Grand Grizzly back, that woman will throw me back here.

"It's annoying but I guess have no choice but to do as Rose says and bring down a Grand Grizzly."

It's only a bear around the size of 2 metres.

I've lived through the hell training, compared to some bear it'll be easy—



Somewhere from the forest, I heard a great beast's roar. Afterwards, there were footsteps that started approaching me.

From there, I escaped with a momentum of a startled rabbit. Even if I'm an Usato, this is…!2

"Humans can't win against a beast's physical strength after all!! In any event, I will have to use my head and strategize to bring them down!!"


"It's chasing after me!?"

Looking behind me, there was a white bear about 3 metres in size. It was a Grand Grizzly running with all its power and heading towards me.

I encountered my target just as I entered the forest, it's scarier than I imagined.

I've never seen such a big bear with claws and fangs like these even at the zoo!

"What should I do what should I do what should I do!?"

What method should I use against encountering a bear?

Playing dead… It's an urban legend with some credibility but somehow I have a feeling I'll be eaten if I actually do it. Hold a bell and drive it away… I don't have one. Run away… I have some confidence in my legs.

The strategy is decided. I can only escape!!

I ran. A bear like you, you actually think you can be an opponent for my speed!?


"You're keeping up!? Hieeeh!"

Turning behind, I could tell it caught up.

It's a bit late at this point but I recall from a TV program that a wild bear's running speed can go anywhere from 40 km/h to 60 km/h.

That is to say, applying it to this bear here, I should assume it should be posses an even higher speed… Isn't this dangerous?

"…That's fine with me, I'll have a one-on-one match with you bear!! If you want to eat me, just try and follow me!! I'll pull apart from you!! Come he—"




"…Increasing your numbers is cowardly!"

That's unfair!

Looking behind again, adding onto the bear with white fur were several more blue bears. They seemed to be on good terms with each other and started chasing after me in a line. Before I noticed it, they multiplied!

Are you a matryoksha!?3

"Shit! This rucksack is a hindrance!"

However I can't drop this. There should be necessary survival tools inside.

The weight should be around 100 kg. I'm slightly worried about what's crammed in there since it's this heavy, but it's Rose after all. Surely there's something, I'll believe in it.


"How long am I going to be running for…"


Or perhaps I should say, I wonder if I can live and make it out of this forest.


1. Kichiku means brutal or demon-like.

3. Russian nesting doll. >>>Matryoshka doll Wikipedia

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