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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

"Yi Nan, there is only one more hour left before we have to leave for Qiong Dao, where do you still want to go now?" Cang Yu noticed that Yi Nan looked drained, even though he was exhausted, he still dragged himself off the bed in a hurry, he hurried to the point of wearing his clothes without even taking a shower first, Cang Yu was unable to bear it and asked him.

"Damn," Yi Nan looked at the time and then scolded, "If it weren't for an animal in heat like you, I would have already finished sending the money earlier."

"Isn't it just sending money to your father, just tell Zhang Xiaobo to send it for you tomorrow. Ai, didn't you just went home to visit your father last weekend?! Why didn't you leave behind some money? Now you have to send it this week, so troublesome."

"Last weekend? Last month I spent too much money, when I came home last weekend, I only had a few Kuai left over. It's only natural that I have to wait until this Wednesday to get my pay then send it. Also, you can't just always tell Zhang Xiaobo to handle our private matters, he is your assistant not mine, I'm just a small manager in the planning department, I can't just order people to help me whenever I want."

(T/N: The basic unit of money is the yuan (also known as ” kuai “)

"Then it will be alright if I tell him to go right? I'll say that it's money for my father-in-law." Cang Yu looked at Yi Nan's neatly dressed image reflected in the full-length mirror, he was in the middle of wearing the alligator leather belt that Cang Yu gave him as a gift on Christmas.  

Yi Nan didn't respond to Cang Yu's suggestion that was half-serious and half-teasing, he wore his belt quickly and covered himself with a white trench coat then leaned over and kissed Cang Yu: "I'm going to the post office and will be back soon, it'll take 30 minutes at most."

"Yi Nan."

"Huh?" Yi Nan had already opened the door when he was stopped by Cang Yu.

"Last night I had a nightmare, I dreamed that our ship went out to sea and sank, there was only one life saver, at that time I was very worried, say if it were you what would you do?"

"I would give the life saver to an idiot like you who can't swim," Yi Nan immediately said without thinking, "Back in the day, I was the champion of the school swim team! If I go into the water and still need to use a life saver then I will lose face……"

"That time, Xiao Hai also said that,……but, he lied to me——he died." Cang Yu looked into Yi Nan's eyes and said.

"I'm not lying to you." Yi Nan smiled, showing his neat, white teeth.

'Kacha' the door closed but in less than one second it was opened again. "Don't think too much about it, everything we dream about will turn out to have an opposite outcome. Also, don't smoke!" Yi Nan seriously warned.

He knew that every time Cang Yu thought about Xiao Hai, he would smoke nonstop.

This time the door really closed, shutting the whole room that filled with silence.

Cang Yu lit a cigarette, within the hazy smoke he narrowed his eyes.

Twenty-five minutes later, Cang Yu's cell phone on top of the bedhead rang.

"Brother Yu, fifteen minutes ago Yi Nan arrived in front of Hot Pot City in Chengdu and met up with his superior, team leader Huang, he has already handed the item over to that person."

"Humph!," Cang Yu laughed grimly, "meeting in a restaurant, they could even think of something like that, after Yi Nan came out, what else did he do?"

"Oh, when he came out, he also made a phone call, but I don't know who he called, other than that there is nothing else. He will probably be home soon." At this time, Cang Yu heard the sound of the key turning in the hallway followed by the sound of a door opening.

"Okay, I got it." Cang Yu hang up the phone and watched as Yi Nan walked in through the door. His cheeks were slightly flushed from the cool wind outside, despite the fatigue in his dark eyes, his slender body still inadvertently exuded grace and agility.

As soon as Yi Nan entered the room he immediately inhaled the air inside the room, he got angry right away and rushed into the bedroom, shouting at Cang Yu with an expression like a fierce devil: "You're smoking again!  Every time I come into the house it's like an opium shop, making me choke to death, *cough* *cough*……"

Cang Yu quickly opened the window to let the air out, he then gave an irrelevant answer: "You've sent the money to your father?"

"Uhm, there were so many people in the post office today, fortunately, several of the employees were working very swiftly, I only had to wait ten minutes for my turn. I almost thought I was going to be late……" Yi Nan said while packing up his suitcase for Qiong Dao, he completely didn't notice that inside Cang Yu's eyes there had slowly turned ice-cold.

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