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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Qiong Dao

At night, on Cang Yu’s large luxury yacht, Yi Nan ate barbecue while drinking carbonated water with ice, Yi Nan wasn’t a picky eater but he could be very difficult when it came to drinks. He didn’t like to drink alcohol, however, in some cases, he had no choice but to drink and because of that Cang Yu found out that Yi Nan’s drinking capacity was not small at all. He also didn’t like drinks such as cola or orange juice, he said that they were too sweet, he couldn’t drink it. Yi Nan usually only drank carbonated water, he would also add salt to the water, his reason was that when a person drank a large amount of plain water, it would dilute the salt inside their body, he said that it was bad for your health, that was why he added some salt. Every time Cang Yu heard these arguments of his, he would laugh at him for paying attention to some groundless information.

“Cang Yu, help me get another carbonated water.”

Yi Nan was chewing on the Brazil kebab while he said to Cang Yu, who was currently looking down at the sea, “the barbecue today is salty.”

Cang Yu faintly smiled at him: “Rest assured, today the water pipe will have enough for you to drink until you can no longer drink anymore.”

When Cang Yu handed the water to Yi Nan, Xiao Le came in with a compass and said to Cang Yu: “We’re almost there.”

Cang Yu nodded his head then he turned around and said to Yi Nan: “Do you know where this is?”

Seeing that Yi Nan shook his head with a puzzled expression on his face, Cang Yu continued to say: “This is the place where Xiao Hai died.”

Yi Nan knew that Xiao Hai who was Cang Yu’s only younger brother and also his only relative, had drowned at sea.

Cang Yu looked at the pitch-black sea in the night, he had a deep and low voice that was slightly hoarse as he said: “That day the wind was very strong, the ship of the narcotics police division was chasing right behind us, Lao Zhao was already killed by a stray bullet, there were only Xiao Hai and me. We poured three boxes of heroin into the sea, from below the deck I also found a lifesaver, Xiao Hai said that he had already learned how to swim with A Sheng last month and told me to quickly put on the lifesaver and escape, as I jumped into the sea he was exercising his muscles before going into the water……” Cang Yu’s bright and sharp pair of eyes were like an eagle, suddenly shifting from the sea surface to Yi Nan, “but……he lied to me. A Sheng simply never taught him how to swim.”

“A week later Xiao Hai’s corpse was found, he had choked on a lot of water……his stomach was full of water and his whole body was covered in blisters……he was swollen to the point that I could hardly recognize him.”

“Yu,” Yi Nan held Cang Yu’s chilly hand cooled by the sea breeze, “It’s all in the past. Don’t blame yourself too much, in fact, it was the drugs that caused him harm, it has harmed so many people, even Xiao Hai. Now you are no longer doing drug trafficking, nobody in your group of brothers will have to end up like Xiao Hai anymore……”

“Who said that I’m no longer doing drug trafficking?” The voice of Cang Yu followed the sea breeze as it blew over, both were equally cold.

It took half a day for Yi Nan to react, his eyes were wide open, he looked as if he couldn’t believe what he just heard: “Aren’t Hai Yu currently doing legitimate business……”

“All the information you received is fake and the business records inside are of course legitimate, I still need to thank you for helping me get rid of the police’s suspicion of me.”

Yi Nan lowered his head, perhaps it was because of the cool air of the sea breeze, his body was slightly trembling, Yi Nan’s left hand was placed on the railing, because he gripped it too tightly, it had now turned pale white: “When?! When did you know I was……”

“From the moment you first entered Hai Yu.”

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