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Moss screamed miserably.

Several black cup-sized burn traces suddenly appeared on him. His whole body fell heavy back on the ground under the impact from the fireballs.

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

Ayrin successfully dodged five or six times in quick successions within a range of a dozen meters.

The scarlet fireballs seemed to completely cover the air in front of Paul. Yet, against all expectations, none of them landed on Ayrin!


Forcibly resisting his acute pain, already utterly frightened, Paul continued to shoot scarlet fireballs nonstop, fiercely jumping backwards at the same time.

Drawing support from the blockade of the dense fireballs, he was once again more than a dozen meters away from Ayrin.

But just at this instant, he heard Ayrin’s excited shout. “That should be good enough!”

“I probably won’t die if I fight like this.”

At this time, Ayrin lifted his left hand.

Along with the dazzling flash of arcane particles, a huge white ball of ice suddenly appeared between Paul and Ayrin.

This block of ice was still a few meters away from Paul.


But Ayrin’s right fist pounded forward without the slightest pause. Icicles sputtered forward one after another. The white ball of ice suddenly became a crown of ice and snow.


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Destroyer of Ice and Fire Dif Chapter 114 summary

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