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Chapter 1085:

“Fiercest is here.” Someone shouted once Li Qiye arrived, attracting countless gazes.

Li Qiye was standing on top of a distant hill and gazed at the platform with the rest of the girls.

He was in quiet contemplation after seeing the profound light being emitted from the guillotine. He was once a devil king back then during his long stay in this world.

Outside of searching for certain things, there was one question that beckoned his focus. It was whether dark cultivators could go to a new world after coming to the Evil Slaying Platform.

“What are the requirements for a dark cultivator to go up there?” Chen Baojiao inquired.

Li Qiye shook his head gently: “Nothing. Any dark cultivator can do so. However, their strength does influence the result.”

“In what way?” She asked once more.

He glanced at the blade and answered: “Wait a bit for when a dark cultivator goes up there, you will understand right away.”

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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 1085 summary

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