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Today is a day off.

I was pestered by Tiraiza, so we ended up going out today.

We'll meet a little before noon.

When I headed to the meeting place, Tiraiza was already waiting there for me.

She's fidgeting a lot.

I raise my hand from the distance, and call out to her.

But before that, a frivolous looking guy called out to her.

"Hey, you seem free. Wanna get some tea with me?"

"Eh, what is it? I'm waiting for someone."

"But you've been waiting for around and hour right? You were stood up right?"

"Th,that's not it. Ah."

At that time, Tiraiza found me and ran up to me.

Seeing that, the man clicked his tongue and left.

"Sorry, I guess I kept you waiting."

"It still hasn't reached the meeting time, so it's fine."

But still, to wait for an hour—-"

When I pointed that out, Tiraiza panicked and denied it while shaking her hands.

"Th,that didn't happen. That guy's sense of time is just weird, that's all."

Tiraiza was in a black dress with frills and laces on it.

I wonder if this is what's called gothic loli style?

And for some reason, there was an eyepatch over her right eye.

It had the design of a black umbrella.

"What's with the eyepatch?"

"It's fashion."

Tiraiza answered my question seriously.

"You don't normally wear it right?"

"Well, I'd have to be an idiot to wear this for battle. It'd ruin my sight."

"Well, that's true."

When I try to remove it and reach out, Tiraiza quickly took distance, and ran away.

"What are you doing?"

"Er, I just wondered what'd happen if I took it."

Being rejected even more than I'd thought, I answered apologetically.

"Not today. My right eye is dangerous."

"I always see it though."

"Today is different. It's a dangerous day. My right eye is an evil eye today."


I get surprised and stiffen up.

"Fu, do you understand? Today I'm a little different."

I wonder if it's because she was put into a good mood by my being surprised, but Tiraiza made a prideful face.

"My eyes are Evil Eyes too."

I never thought that Tiraiza would have such eyes too.

"Evil Eyes. That's a cool way of calling them. I like it."

She might have an eye from a different type as us.

I don't really understand.

"But why do you need to hide it?"

"My right eye seems to be of a different rank than yours. The ones I see with this eye die."

"Th,the effect goes that far."

What terrifying eyes.

She holds eyes much superior to us evil gods.

"Anyways, please don't be concerned with this eye."

Since Tiraiza said all that, I could only nod.

It's not something I be unreserved about.

"Well, where should we go?"

When I held out my hand, she jerked a little.

"Ah, aah, we're transferring, right."

Tiraiza timidly stuck out her hand.

Then, I transferred to the Island Kingdom's capital, Dubram.

"I see. The wind is strong."

As soon as we arrived in Dubram, Tiraiza seemed convinced somehow.

"It's because the ocean's near here."

When I agreed with her, Tiraiza looked at me as if she was looking at someone suspicious.

"Well then, how about we just hang around?"

I took Tiraiza shopping, and then we had lunch.


We should have been proceeding without any problems, but for some reason Tiraiza was in a bad mood.

"Is there something you're dissatisfied with?"

"If I had to say something, that this is proceeding smoothly."

"Is there something wrong with that?"

"It's unpleasant seeing that you're used to these kinds of things."

"You're denying my entire goal!?"

That's equivalent to telling me never overcome this problem.

"Also, this isn't becoming training for you."

"That might be true, but that's not something that'd make you frustrated."

"That's why, let's move."

Tiraiza suddenly used transfer magic.

Huh? Where are we going?

This is completely in the direction of the sea.

My sight was blurred, and when it returned to normal we were on a small island.

"This is an uninhabited island."

"I see."

I'm convinced.

So, what are we going to do here? As I thought that, Tiraiza suddenly started taking off her clothes.

"にゅぇ、いgまcくぁmv(Translation: Nu,a, what are you doing so suddenly?)"

I hurriedly avert my eyes.

"I'm not a slut, so it's not like I'm going to get naked. I'm wearing a swimsuit."

When I looked back, Tiraiza was staring at me, taken aback.

Apparently she planned this all along.

She was wearing a swimsuit under her clothes.

It was a separated-type white bikini.

She usually wears a loose robe, so it's hard to see her body shape.

Since something that's usually hidden was revealed, for some reason I became curious.

Her body was small, and so were her breasts.

When compared to that, her butt was slightly bigger.

A beautiful girl who exposed her skin was standing, embarrassed.

"Hey, whatever the circumstances are, you're looking too much."

Tiraiza covered her body with her arms.

"Even though you stripped yourself."

"It's in order to enter the ocean."

"Even if you suddenly do this, I don't have a swimsuit though."

"Men can just wear anything, right?"

Well, it's just like that.

I guess it's fine if I just take of my upper half of clothes.

It's not like I have to seriously swim.

We enter the ocean.

It had already entered fall, but this is a subtropical island.

It's possible to enter the ocean for most of the year.

For a while, the two of us played in the water.

After a while, when I was being careless, Tiraiza took an action that I couldn't predict.


Tiraiza suddenly hugged me from behind.

"ぢgぉ。まふぃヴぉ(Translation: Wai, what are you doing?)"

"You can't be careless. You're back is open."

She must be making a triumphant face from being able to upset me.

In that case, take this.

I grabbed Tiraiza's hand, and threw her over my shoulder.


*Zabaan* She fell into the ocean.

"Wh,what are you doing?"

Tiraiza stood up, and voiced her complaints.

However, suddenly she stopped her movements.

She might've noticed an unpleasant feeling, and looked down.

The top of her swimsuit had come untied, and *pukapuka* was floating in the ocean.

Her small, cute, slightly swelling chest.

I could clearly see her bumps.


She panicked and turned to the other direction, and excitedly put her swimsuit back on.

Then, she faced me.

Her face had become dark red.

Was that because of embarrassment, or because of anger?

"gっt、くぉvはgcrぁ(Translation: Wait, this was an accident.)"


The sage's punch exploded on me.

Her face is still red, but now that things have calmed down, I timidly spoke to Tiraiza.


"I know. That was an accident."

Tiraiza looked at me.

"But I won't forgive you. This was an accidental, fatal sin."

"Those are the words you use when you kill someone."

I just made a mistake, it's not like I need to die.

"That was my weak point, something can't absolutely can't be seen."

"Then hide yourself more."

In the first place, their size was obvious by the time she wore her swimsuit.

However, Tiraiza didn't listen to me.

"Take responsibility—-please make them bigger."

While fidgeting, she said that.

Wait a bit.

I feel like I had a dangerous exchange like this before.

Well last time it was much more straight though.


"Just like Yufi and the others always say, massage them to make them bigger."

They always say that?

Regardless of my will, I ended up having to massage them.

"Nn, right there."

When I timidly massaged her, Tiraiza let out a charming voice.

"It’s amazing right there……just keep going there."

Just as I was told, I put more power into that spot.

"Stronger……yeah, it feels good. Haa, haa……"

Tiraiza’s breathing gets rough.


Yes. I’m massaging her shoulders.

Why am I massaging her shoulders?

Woman with large breasts often massage their shoulders.

Apparently they get stiff because they’re large.

That’s why, Yufilia and other others seem to massage their shoulders often.

There’s also a superstition that massaging your chest makes it bigger.

This is the result of mixing it up with that.

Tiraiza-san seems to think that massaging your shoulders makes your boobs grow.

Well, I guess it’s okay.

If I can be forgiven with this.

When I finished massaging her, she was lying on the sandy beach with a trance-like expression.

It seems she has been satisfied.

"Haa……I'll be looking forward to continued support."

It seems like once wasn’t enough.

"Ah, also keep this a secret. It’s embarrassing."

"Since it’s just massaging your shoulders, I think it be fine even if you soon about it though."

I retorted, but kept it a secret just as Tiraiza told me too.

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