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When classes finished, I was spacing out in the classroom, and a unexpected person showed up in the classroom.

Fiona Spencer.

It's Yufilia's senior hero.

Last time, I screwed up a bit, and we haven't had a proper conversation since.

She seemed to be avoiding me a bit, and I never called out to her.

"Can I have a little of your time?"

She must have business with Yufilia and the others again.

Thinking that, I placed my chin in my hands and let my guard down, and she called out to me.


Surprised, I look at Fiona.

Fiona's eyes are serious.

This doesn't seem like a trivial matter.

When I acknowledged her, Fiona took my hand and transferred.

This direction is……the castle?

The place where we transferred to was the castle's outdoors training ground.

There's nobody in the surroundings.

"I have an important discussion."

With a grim look, Fiona looked over here.

"What is it?"

"Please tell me your identity."

It was an amazingly direct request.

"Have you got tired of following me?"

"We're not following you that often. Right now, many other organizations are watching you."

"Well, it can't be helped. I stood out a little too much."

"That was for the sake of this country."

To be exact, that's wrong. It was for Yufilia.

However, it'd be a little embarrassing to say that, so I decided to keep quiet.

"Therefore, depending on this conversation, our country may try to help you out."


I narrow my eyes.

Certainly, I've helped out this country before, so it wouldn't be strange for them to have good will towards me.


"Is it possible for this country to stop other countries?"


To my question, Fiona was at a loss of words.

The Briton Kingdom doesn't have the power to stop the Island Kingdom or the Scottyard Kingdom of the 3 major powers.

In the first place, they're feigning ignorance of their spy activities.

If they were told to stop the spy activities, they'd respond that there are no spy activities.

"It doesn't seem like I can expect anything."

"In the first place, why do you guys not want your identities to be known?"

It's something like a rule.

They can do whatever they want to find information, but we can't give it out so easily.

Normally, that is.

"If you're not even going to answer that, then it doesn't seem like there's any room for negotiations."

"Either way, I can't answer though."

"You can't?"

Fiona seems to be curious about my words.

"I see. You guys are bound by rules or something."

"Good guess."

I praise Fiona's insight.

"Then why does Auretta know?"

Was Fiona Auretta's acquaintance?

Well then, are her actions taken because of Auretta, or because of something behind the scenes?

"She only knows a part of the surface. Even if you ask her, it's pretty pointless."

In the beginning, I didn't want to stand out this much.

That's why I limited Auretta so that she couldn't give out information.

However, we moved too much after that.

By this point, the value of Auretta's information isn't very high.

Rather than that, there was one thing I was interested in.

"Is she safe?"

"What do you mean?"

"She'll die if she gives out any information regarding us."


When she heard my words, Fiona's expression became angry.

"By chance, are you binding her with magic or something?"

She doesn't know of the existence of evil magic.

However, this is easy to guess.

"I can't forgive you……it seems it was a mistake to think we could talk this over."

Fiona readied her sword.

Divine Sword Krau Solas.

I also put up my guard.

Without using jaki, she's a rather bothersome opponent.

Taking my vitality into account, there won't be any problems no matter how many times she cuts me though.

"You seem to have some leeway, but I know your weakness!"

She suddenly attacked me, but my omnipotent barrier(Sanctuary) repelled her.

It was in good condition, and I was able to repel her without any problems.

"Fuu. If you thought I'd just leave that weak point alone, then you're mistaken."

Previously, I'd be in disorder just by confronting a woman, and my fighting ability fell greatly.

However, I underwent strict training and grew.

Don't think I'm the same as I was before.

"Chi, Yufilia and the others did something unnecessary."

Fiona clicked her tongue.

"I have no choice. I have to use my trump card."

She 'fuu', exhaled, and walked closer to me.

Even when she came into the distance where she could attack me with her sword, there was no sign of her trying to attack.

What's she thinking……?

I suspiciously wait for my opponent's move.

Then, Fiona moved her left hand.

She grabbed her own skirt, and raised it.

"Wai, what are you doing!?"

Fiona's slender, beautiful thighs come into sight.

"What, you can put up with my thighs?"

Fiona received a shock.

Apparently she doesn't like that I didn't fall into disorder.

"Do,don't think that I'll lose to temptation on that level."

"Your voice is trembling."

Fiona made her resolution, and pulled up her skirt even more.

What was inside there, which should never been seen, was visible.

They were snow white panties with frills.

"mmみわぁttぐびゃー(Translation: What are you doing?)"


I couldn't win against her panties……

"An opening."

Fiona swung down Krau Solas.


My body was cut up, and my blood danced about.

"This is my win."

Well, this wound will regenerate immediately though.

It I were a human, it wouldn't be strange for me to die immediately when cut by Krau Solas.

She must be convinced of victory from the feeling of giving adequate damage.

Since my barrier disappeared, and I'm not moving, she might feel that didn't lose.

"skゃとどgjあげfくぁ、まrmヴぃすむむtおmgrs(Translation: Raising your skirt and stuff, I think things like that are too shameless.)”

"I don't know what you're saying, but I know what you mean."

With a triumphant face, Fiona pushed her skirt down again.

"You know, these are showing panties."

Showing panties.

Panties that are fine to show to people.

Does that mean that any panties other than those are bad to show? That doubt rises up, but I ignore it.

It's something like putting panties on top of your panties.

They have many designs, and many of them can't be distinguished from normal panties.

Well then aren't they just panties too? That opinion also exists.

Since their panties, even if they're showing panties, most people would rejoice at seeing them.

"Fufufu……it seems like you can't even move anymore."

Fiona stuck the sword in her right hand to my face.

"Well then, what should I do?"

It seems that the blood rushed to her head, and she started a battle, but she didn't think about what to do afterwards.

"For now, how about you release the magic you casted on Auretta? Also, with a definite promise that you won't harm us, you can keep living as usual, just under some surveillance."

Fiona was convinced of her victory, and let her guard down.

However, that was a mistake.

I *niyari* grin, and with lightning speed, I knock away Krau Solas.

"What? You shouldn't have been able to move."

Afraid of me pursuing her, Fiona took a step back.

"You've made one grave mistake."

"What was that?"

"You shouldn't have said that they were showing panties. If they were genuine, I would have bent in front of their power."

In actuality, I fell into disorder, and my barrier didn't activate.

Furthermore, my movements became dull.

"However, do you think a man will rejoice when at seeing what's okay to look at!?"

Those were words that should never be said.

It's exciting to look at things that are hidden.

If you're told that you can look as much as you want, you'd lose interest.


"I won't forgive you since you acted like a slut, now the tables have turned."

I pick up Krau Solas, which had fallen to the ground.

Without this weapon, her attack power drastically decreases.

There's also her magic, but if she used that here, the facilities would be destroyed.

With this, the match is settled.

Well then, how should I return her hostility?

"E,excuse me."

Suddenly, the entrance door opened, and a man walked towards us.

"I should have told you to not come in arbitrarily though?"

Fiona harshly spoke.

While being surprised by our battle, the man gave a pressing report.

"I apologize, but it's an emergency. Auretta-sama was attacked during a momentary gap, and was taken away."

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