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"Hehe, it's nothing much, nothing at all." Yan Tian promptly laughed and waved his hand.

"Sure, I enjoy european styles because I grew up in Europe. Thus, I've become accustomed to them!" Liu Ruoxin watched Yan Tian's expression and rolled her eyes.

"Ah, so it was like this."

"And you? How do you know these are european items? Liu Ruoxin curiously asked.

"Same as you. As a child, I grew up in Europe." Yan Tian shrugged his shoulders and said.

After about ten minutes in Liu Ruoxin's home, Yan Tian drove away. After Yan Tian agreed he was going to serve as Liu Ruoxin's bodyguard and driver, Liu Ruoxin's Porsche had currently been loaned to Yan Tian for his use.

Just as Yan Tian drove through the area where he had killed Hua Nanhu, he saw there was already a police cordon. It looked like that the area was being treated as case.

Yan Tian didn't really care. Right now, he was only thinking of finding where Vice Chairman Zhang was. Fengan City was large. In any case, he couldn't dawdle and search under each carpet.

"How about I call up that London girl? Her agency's forces should be able to find him pretty quickly." Yan Tian thought to himself.

Mulling it over, Yan Tian dismissed the thought. If he asked for their help for such a trifling matter such as finding someone, would they not laugh at him to death?

After thinking about it for half the day, Yan Tian still hadn't come up with any ideas. He was forced to drive back home and take the matter of looking for Vice Chairman Zhang slowly. He would first find Sun Yue to lend him some cash to buy a cell phone. This was currently his main goal.

Just as he arrived at the house door, he saw that there was a light on inside. Yan Tian thought, it's done, she agreed to cook. Yet right now, it was already past nine o'clock. He didn't know if the beautiful Sun Yue had eaten.

"Heehee, I'm home. Did you miss me?" Yan Tian entered the door and yelled happily.

However, no one replied to Yan Tian. Thinking to himself, she shouldn't have gone to sleep, right?

Sure enough, as soon as Yan Tian changed out of his shoes and headed towards the living room, he saw the television on, playing a historical drama. Tilting his head, he saw Sun Yue surprisingly sleeping on the sofa.

Yan Tian looked at her for a moment, then lightly tip-toed to turn off the television. Scared that he would startle the sleeping Sun Yue, he then took out a blanket from his bedroom and carefully covered it over her.

Despite Yan Tian's soft movement, he still woke up Sun Yue who was lying down on the sofa.

Sun Yue blearily opened her eyes and saw Yan Tian watching her attentively. He had revealed a wretched smile, causing Sun Yue to suddenly become clear headed.

"What are you doing, you…… What are you doing?" Sun Yue immediately hugged her chest and said.

Once Yan Tian heard Sun Yue's words, his originally gleeful expression suddenly stilled. It seemed that in his good intentions to give the girl a blanket, she had mistakenly thought he was going to act immorally towards her? Although he was a little lecherous, he was by by all means not so obscene.

"Hello, pretty girl. What do you mean by your words? Even clutching your chest?"

"Ah, I…… You what are you doing here looking at me? Your hand……" Sun Yue bashfully lowered her head.

As soon as Yan Tian heard her, he immediately stopped. Without the blanket, his hand that was holding half of the blanket seemed to give her a misunderstanding. Indeed, he was a man of honor.

"Beauty, I'm helping you by putting a blanket on. Just as I was halfway through putting it on you, you woke up. You've wrongly accused me." Yan Tian promptly acted as if he had suffered a cruel injustice.

In reality, this couldn't be blamed on Sun Yue's misunderstanding. It could’ve happened to anyone. If you woke up and saw a man watching you with his hand holding the blanket covering your body, who wouldn't think something was strange? At the crux of it, didn't Yan Tian also show a wretched smiling expression? This made it hard for Sun Yue think she had misunderstood.

However, Sun Yue carefully thought it over. It was was true that she had fallen asleep watching television and didn't have a blanket. But due to Yan Tian's lascivious expression, she skeptically asked: "So it was like this?"

"Indeed, it was like that. If you don't believe me, I'll have no other choice but to be a true scoundrel." Yan Tian said, preparing to take the task.

Yan Tian had never been one to take a loss. If Sun Yue unequivocally believed him to be a ruffian, then Yan Tian would act as a true scoundrel at once. In any case, you couldn't let other people accuse you for nothing, right?

"Don't, I believe you." Sun Yue saw that Yan Tian was ready to make a move and immediately replied.

"That's good too."

Sun Yue saw that Yan Tian had retracted his hand, so she lowered her guard. Looking at the time she asked: "Yan Tian, when did you come back?"

"I just came in and saw you watching television and sleeping. I was scared you would be cold, so I prepared a blanket for you. Who knew that you would misunderstand." Yan Tian said, then flipped on the television.

"Why did you get off work so late? You worked over time on your first day?"

Yan Tian thought about it and said grievously: "Yup. On the first day of work, they made me work over time. Poor me!"

"It's OK, it's OK. You don't have to do overtime." Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian's expression rather speechlessly.

"Hehe! Oh yeah, did you eat anything yet?" Yan Tian recalled that Sun Yue had slept on the sofa and asked.

"I ate. No thanks to you. If I counted on you, wouldn't I have starved to death?" Sun Yue rolled her eyes and said.


Yan Tian laughed and no longer said anything. He sat down on the sofa with Sun Yue and watched the historical drama.

"I'll go to sleep first. Go to bed early too, OK!" Several minutes later, Sun Yue yawned and said.

Just as Sun Yue was getting ready to enter her bedroom, Yan Tian suddenly said: "hiccup, uhh…… pretty girl, can I talk to you about something?"

"About what?" After Sun Yue heard Yan Tian, she turned her head and asked.

"Ehh, could you…… could you lend me some cash to buy a cell phone? As it is, I don't have any money at hand, hehe!" Yan Tian scratched his head embarrassingly.

"Ah alright, I just so happen to have a cell phone I was using for two days. I'll hand it to you." Sun Yue spoke and turned to enter her bedroom.

"Great!" Once Yan Tian heard Sun Yue, he instantly spoke emotionally.

How awesome was that? A personal cell phone free of charge? And a beautiful woman had used it? Think about it, his emotions fluttered.

"Yawn, I'll give it to you. Tomorrow I'll go get a SIM card. I'm gonna sleep." A short moment later, Sun Yue took out a case and held it in her hand.

Yan Tian took the cell phone case and took a look it over. His eyes instantly glimmered, believing that such a cell phone was already quite good. However, he didn’t expect that the cell phone he would get would be the latest model to hit the market. In China, this cell phone could be bought for 5,000 to 6,000 RMB. Likewise, it seemed to still be very new, the battery charger hadn't even been torn open.

"This phone is too big. When I hold it, it's inconvenient, so I'm going to exchange it for a smaller one." Sun Yue looked at Yan Tian's glowing expression, then then entered her bedroom and locked the door.

"Hehe, I got to save my phone money." Yan Tian finished speaking, then hugged the cell phone and happily returned to his bedroom.

After Yan Tian returned to his bedroom. He efficiently stripped himself of his clothes and grabbed a pair of underpants to take a hot path. As soon as he was done, he laid down on his bed sound asleep.

The next day, as the first light dawned, Yan Tian opened his eyes. He lazily got up and stretched. It had long become habit for him to swiftly wash himself. Afterwards, he entered the kitchen and made the same tasty meal he had yesterday.

Since he had to pick up Liu Ruoxin to take her to work early in the morning, Yan Tian finished eating dinner and packed Liu Ruoxin's portion in a pot, so that when the time came for her to eat it, it wouldn’t become cold.

After he had finished doing everything, Yan Tian left behind a slip of paper for Sun Yue. He put on his suit, grabbed the phone Sun Yue had given him yesterday, and started the car.

Yan Tian saw that the time was still early, so he went looking for a mobile retailer to get a SIM card. About a dozen minutes later, Yan Tian arrived outside Liu Ruoxin's villa door.

"Ding Dong, Ding Dong."

Since Auntie Sun currently wasn't here, Liu Ruoxin who was in the middle of eating breakfast heard the doorbell, she scampered to open the door when she heard it. After she saw it was Yan Tian, she opened the door at ease.

"Hmm, you've come rather early. Come in." Liu Ruoxin said quite satisfiedly and nodded her head.

"Hehe, I didn't think Chairman Liu was an early riser as well. My old maid is still snoring away." Yan Tian said, then sat down on the sofa.

Once Liu Ruoxin Heard Yan Tian, she was quite confused. Who was his wife? Could it be that Yan Tian had already married? However, Yan Tian didn't look like someone who was married.

"Who is your wife? You're married? I don't see it!"

Liu Ruoxin had thought Yan Tian grew up abroad, so she was relieved. Abroad, there were many places that married early when compared domestically.

"Nope, it's a tenant. A renter that I live with." Once Yan Tian heard Liu Ruoxin, he promptly explained.

"Your rental apartment? I have a lot of space here. How about you move in? It would be more convenient." Liu Ruoxin suggested, since she heard Yan Tian was renting an apartment.

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