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When he heard Liu Ruoxin, Yan Tian's emotions surged. Living with the beautiful chairman? However, once he thought it over, there was also the beauty in his rental apartment that he kept company. If he moved into Liu Ruoxin's villa, wouldn't he have the feeling of being a gigolo kept by Liu Ruoxin? It wouldn’t do, it simply wouldn’t do. If his brothers in the past knew that he lived in a woman's home, wouldn't they mock him to death?

"Hehe, thanks for your good intentions, Chairman Liu, but I think my current dwelling is pretty good. If I suddenly moved into this house, I would feel a tad uncomfortable." Yan Tian thought it over and refused.

"Hmm, OK. I'm done eating, let's go." Liu Ruoxin finished eating and wiped her mouth.

"Very well, Chairman Liu."

After they finished speaking, Yan Tian and Liu Ruoxin left the house, got into the red Porsche, and drove ahead. In about a dozen minutes, the carried in the company's underground parking garage.

Since Liu Ruoxin began work so early, there weren’t many people in the company. It seemed especially lonesome.

Liu Ruoxin entered her office and immediately sat down at her office desk to process a great quantity of documents without a bit of consideration to Yan Tian at the side.

Yan Tian watched the workaholic Liu Ruoxin and could only helplessly shrug his shoulders. He was left without option but to sit on a chair and fool around with the cell phone Sun Yue gave him.

Since he had just received the cell phone yesterday, there weren’t many apps on it. WeChat wasn’t even available. If he downloaded it, there was going to be an expense fee rate. To Yan Tian, this was a complete money burner. Currently, he had no spare change to hand over for such a cost.

Yan Tian thought for a bit, then asked embarrassingly: "Uhh…… Chairman Liu. Is there WiFi?"

"There is, the password is the company name in all lowercase." Liu Ruoxin's sight was firmly affixed to the document as she spoke softly.

After Yan Tian heard Liu Ruoxin, he entered the password only to find it was wrong. Thinking about it, it was possible that he had mistaken it before. However, if he embarrassingly asked Liu Ruoxin again, it would be as good as letting Liu Ruoxin know that his diploma wasn’t anything but a fake. He wouldn't have any choice, but to fold up his bed clothes and quit, even if he had no bedding.

Yan Tian tried quite a few more time, but he was still wrong. Half way through the day, Yan Tian was still didn’t know what was wrong. He was forced to type in the characters and look at the proper pinyin. In the end, Yan Tian looked at it and cursed. Why had the people who designed pinyin made it so confusing?

Yan Tian only looked at the Liu in Liu Family Conglomerate and had wrote it as lui. Such a pinyin standard could be set against with that of a kindergartner.

After he connected to the wireless internet, Yan Tian registered an email account and began downloading all sorts of apps. Browsing the list of games, he discovered several seemingly good game and started downloading them.

After the downloads finished, Yan Tian leisurely opened a game and went into a match. Yan Tian roughly knew the rules of the game, as it appeared similar to a battle arena game. If one side was destroyed by the other, than that party would lose.

Yan Tian didn’t have anything to do. Seeing that the time was still early, he played another game. He noticed that there was a good selection of free-to-play heroes, so Yan Tian casually picked one as an assassin. He himself was an assassin, so was it only natural for him to play as one, no?

After he entered the game, the fourth-class Yan Tian prepared to commence a massacre in all directions. As an assassin, Yan Tian had never failed to seize an assignment. Furthermore, all assassins alike employed the use of all kinds schemes and plots. When confronted with the enemy, one needed a sure-kill blow. If you miscalculated once, it was hard to find the opportunity for a second time.

Yan Tian hid in the underbrush and began to understand the lay of the land. After a good amount of time passed, he saw people pass across from him. Yan Tian chuckled and immediately entered stealth to begin his approach for a one-hit kill. However, who would have imagined that the opposing party was so beautiful? Reality was cruel.

Just as Yan Tian rushed out and unleashed a skill towards his opponent. Surprisingly, though, the opponent didn’t do anything. Yan Tian looked at his opponent strangely, then prepared to retreat before his opponent could unleash a skill. Two to three beheading strikes from his opponent would kill Yan Tian.

"Fourth-class idiot, did you grow up not learning to attack with your teammates?" Not even waiting for Yan Tian to speak, his teammates cursed him at the side.

However, they weren’t done. The three of them went so far as to continue insulting him. Yan Tian's violent temper suddenly burst and he immediately began to curse them back, sending line after line of all types of insults. However, he found that a great majority of his words were surprisingly censored as ***. The furious Yan Tian immediately withdrew from the game and uninstalled it.

After a while in the office, Yan Tian was unable to sit and wanted to go out to stretch his legs. It was only because Yan Tian had piteously implored Liu Ruoxin was he finally able to obtain her permission.

Consequently, Yan Tian happily drove the red Porsche around Fengan City. Since he had come home, Yan Tian had not taken a good walk about in Fengan City.

Summer in Fengan City was blistering hot. It seemed that the sun's fire would give birth to an explosion of heat. If the sun was fire, then earth would be considered a dumpling steamer. Such heat made it so that people were unable to breath.

Yet in such sizzling weather, in a factory within the western outskirts of Fengan City, there stood ten people. At the moment seven people encircled two men and one women. It seemed as if they were discussing over some matter.

"Zi Qi, you should know. Today you don't have any other choice." A man looked at the woman closest to the center and said.

The man appeared to be around forty-years-old with a shaven head, sword-like eyebrows, and particularly shining eyes. Due to the sweltering heat, the man's forehead was currently slick with beads of sweat,

"Hmph, Flaming Ma, you're despicable." The woman looked at the man before her and grit her pearly teeth.

It could be seen that the woman was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of short shorts. They revealed her fair-skinned, slender, enchanting legs, and on her feet, she wore silvery-white sandals. From afar, it appeared that she was a highschool student. Presently, her fair-white hand held a small dagger. Her forehead covered with sweat and her two eyes were fixed in attention to the bald man in front of her. It seemed that was preparing to fight at any moment.

"Hahahaha, little girl, you can only blame yourself for being too naive. In exchange for the Violetlight Dagger, I'll let you walk, ok? Flaming Ma looked at the dagger in her hand and laughed heartily.

"What do you want?" Zi Qi clenched her teeth and asked.

Flaming Ma used his hand to wipe it free of sweat and looked at the Violetlight dagger in her hand. He thought it over, then looked at Zi Qi greedily and said: "You really want that dagger?"

"Yes, this dagger was originally my older sister's."

"Alright, You can have your sister's dagger. It's just that…… there's a teeny tiny condition."

After Flaming Ma finished speaking, he avariciously looked at Zi Qi's bosom, licking his lips.

"What condition?" Zi Qi had not discovered the slightest trace of the greedy light in Flaming Ma's eyes.

"The condition…… is quite simple. As long you sleep with me, I'll give it to you." Flaming Ma smiled evilly.

Zi Qi saw Flaming Ma's sinister smiling face and subconsciously recoiled two steps back.

"Dream on." Zi Qi naturally wouldn’t agree to such an excessive request.

"Flaming Ma had long anticipated that Zi Qi wouldn’t agree, so he coldly smiled: "Hmph, then it can't be helped. Catch her for me."

As soon as he finished speaking, the six surrounding man immediately made a move. The two bodyguards at Zi Qi's side noticed that the situation was abnormal, so they promptly took out switchblades to protect Zi Qi in the middle.

"We'll carve out a path of blood, then you take the young miss and get out. I'll hold them off." Just as the bodyguard finished speaking, he engaged in close-quarters combat with the people at the side with his switchblade.

After the other bodyguard heard his words, he wordlessly agreed and made a move at lightning speed.

These two bodyguards were like death guards, using the flesh of their bodies to protect Zi Qi. Simultaneously, their opponents fought as well. At the same moment, Zi Qi wasn’t idle. Although she was only a young woman, her fighting support was extremely courageous. Her own strength wasn’t as vigorous as the two bodyguards, but she was able to endure against an elite commando.

Yet in the end, the opposing side had too many people. Their target was Zi Qi, so a short moment later, a dagger had flown at breakneck speeds towards Zi Qi's thighs. Without enough time, she was simply unable to avoid it.

Although the bodyguard at her side was busy fighting the enemy, he was still able to pay attention to Zi Qi at the rear. As he saw Zi Qi was in danger, he shouted: "Young miss, carefull!"

As he finished speaking, the bodyguard caught the blade headed towards Zi Qi's thigh in a flash barehanded. Yet in the end, he had caught the blade barehanded. In an instant the bodyguard's four fingers were severed.

Since the bodyguard had absorbed the majority of the blade's strength, the residual strength in the blade only left behind a superficial wound on Zi Qi's thigh.

"Ah~ I'll take you guys down! Quickly protect the young miss and leave!" The bodyguard who had his fingers chopped off roared loudly, then engaged the six men like a fierce animal.

The other bodyguard didn’t dare to dawdle around for the least bit. He immediately took Zi Qi and headed outside. Right now the protection of the young miss was the most important matter.

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