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Chapter 1104: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (6)”

"Ha ha! I'm afraid you do not even know this. When I captured that little lass, all that her little heart was thinking was about you! When she was being tainted, she was weeping and crying out your name at the same time! Ha ha, but what a pitiful thing, no one came to save her at all." Qu Xin Rui's face was twisted up and tinged with a little bit of madness, as she stared venomously at Jun Xie, feeling unjustly aggrieved.

"Do not blame me for being so hard hearted. Who asked you to reject my advances so callously but was being so friendly with that little slut. Whatever is denied to me, nobody else can dream of getting it."  

Qu Xin Rui seemed like she wanted everyone present to know about what Qu Ling Yue had been put through, as her voice spread to the outside of the Thousand Beast City's gate.

Everyone who stood there, had all heard of what Qu Ling Yue had gone through, loud and clear!

They all stared wide eyed and incredulous, unable to believe the fact that their Young Miss had been treated in such a manner by Qu Xin Rui!

The chastity that women treasured the most, had just because of one tiny bit of jealousy from Qu Xin Rui, been mercilessly destroyed by her!

Qu Wen Hao had already lost his mind. He did not hear a single word of what Qu Xin Rui was saying, but only silently sat upon the ground, tears of blood flowing down his face, all light faded from his eyes.

Xiong Ba and Qing Yu gritted their teeth and hung their heads.

Previously, when Qu Wen Hao had wanted to use the Spirit Taming Bone Flute to gain control over Lord Meh Meh, they had been all prepared to protect Lord Meh Meh at all costs, even if they had to run away with Lord Meh Meh, they would not regret it in the slightest.

But when Qu Wen Hao told them about what happened to Qu Ling Yue, after they recovered from the shock, they chose to give in.

They would not have chosen to give in even if Qu Xin Rui had used torture on Qu Ling Yue, but she had used the method that was most intolerable to women throughout the world, crushing a person's dignity and their spirit, bit by bit.

At that time, Qu Wen Hao had been grabbed by Shen Chi to go to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and forced to witness his most precious daughter being tainted by the group of men who were worse than beasts. He had struggled and begged, but was not a match for the power of the Purple Spirit. He couldn't even manage to make himself close his eyes to avoid seeing the heart wrenching scene.

Qu Xin Rui had ordered for men to pry his eyes open, forcing him to witness the entire process…..

Xiong Ba and Qing Yu really could not imagine the kind of trauma that Qu Wen Hao and Qu Ling Yue were made to undergo, and they had no other choice at that time but to succumb.

Hidden within the crowd, Qiao Chu's face showed shock. With the betrayal by the Thousand Beast City, he had lost the confidence he had with this city, and felt that Qu Wen Hao's actions had been unacceptable…..

But he had definitely not thought that Qu Xin Rui would employ such a cruel and disgusting method to force Qu Wen Hao to submit!

Qiao Chu subconsciously looked up at the silent Jun Wu Xie…..

Jun Wu Xie stared, her gaze fixed unwaveringly upon Qu Xin Rui, and her cold eyes seemingly froze in that instant.

She had tried to guess at the reason for Qu Wen Hao's betrayal, and had reasoned that Qu Xin Rui might have used Qu Ling Yue to force Qu Wen Hao to submit. But she had never once ever thought that Qu Xin Rui would actually commit such a maniacal and heinous deed!

And all of that….. had actually been linked to her!

Just because she had rejected Qu Xin Rui, and spoken a few words to Qu Ling Yue, Qu Xin Rui had actually done such a thing that angered both mortals and gods! !

Jun Wu Xie could feel a unidentifiable fire suddenly light up within her heart. She had always despised and abhorred those who bullied and humiliated women. Even against her own enemies, she had never cared to employ method that tainted the chastity of women.

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