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Chapter 1131: “Getting a Wife (1)”

How could a girl like her now have the cheek to even see Jun Xie?

Qu Ling Yue had cooped herself up within this tiny room because she had not wanted to see anyone, nor speak to anyone. The approach of any male would disgust her, even when Jun Xie had ordered for people to bring her to see her father just some time ago, her very spirit had involuntarily felt pangs of fear.

It could be said that Qu Ling Yue now, towards any male person, held a deep innate fear, a result from the horrendous ordeal that she had gone through.

Outside the room doors, Jun Wu Xie's voice continued on.

Qu Ling Yue listened quietly, the tiny face buried between her knees tear streaked.

"I am a girl."

In that moment, Jun Wu Xie stated a fact that shocked Qu Ling Yue right to the bones. Her head snapped up suddenly, and upon the tear streaked face, was an expression of pure incredulity.

"Back in the Fire Country's Capital City, the person who cured you then, was the real me. I am Jun Wu Xie."

[How can this be…..]

[How can this be…..]

Qu Ling Yue felt her whole body turn cold. The very "he" that she had been so crazy about, was in reality a "she"!

"I came here today, to tell you that three days from today, I will be taking you as my wife in the Thousand Beast City. But rest well assured. I am a girl just like you, and I will not be able to do anything disrespectful to you. Hence, three days later, I hope that you will be able to walk out from this room."

Standing outside the doors, Jun Wu Xie made all her intentions known, and was aware that all her words, would be hard for Qu Ling Yue to digest fully. Hence, she had not pushed for a reply from Qu Ling Yue immediately, but turned to leave after she said her piece.

Upon hearing the sound of steps gradually retreating outside, the tears Qu Ling Yue's wide incredulous eyes breached the dam once more.

The chaotic upheaval of emotions within her heart were impossible to capture. Despair, shock, pain….. All these highly conflicting emotions caused Qu Ling Yue to find it more and more difficult to breathe…..

After departing from where Qu Ling Yue's room was, Jun Wu Xie immediately went to the third floor where Hua Yao and the others were staying at.

On the third floor, Qiao Chu was holding Hua Yao by the shoulders and gasping loudly to take his breath. Fei Yan and the others were smiling widely to themselves at Qiao Chu's highly flustered self. When they suddenly saw Jun Wu Xie approaching them, the youths immediately went over to her.

"Our Dumb Qiao said you are going to marry Qu Ling Yue? Are you doing it for real?" Fei Yan asked smilingly as he came before Jun Wu Xie, the news having given all of them quite a shock.

It must be said, within their group of companions, there were two girls among them. One of them was Rong Ruo, graceful with highly handsome features, having won more girls' hearts than the pure and real boys among them, and the other one was Jun Wu Xie, who was always cold and indifferent, who in the end….. was about to take a little wife!

That had really crushed the little fragile hearts of the boys among them.

Having had to watch Rong Ruo who was always surrounded by a gaggle of girls, and now seeing Jun Wu Xie about to "take a wife", the swinging bachelors, suddenly found their lives a whole lot darker.

Jun Wu Xie shot the smiling Fei Yan a glance and then her gaze turned upon Qiao Chu and Hua Yao still clumped together and called out in a very calm voice: "Brother Hua."

"Hmm?" Hua Yao answered as he looked up.

"Three days later, you will marry Qu Ling Yue in my place." Jun Wu Xie's voice was as calm as could be.

"….." Hua Yao froze in place, unable to move.

Qiao Chu almost lost his balance in that most of shock and very nearly fell onto the ground right before Jun Wu Xie.

"What are you saying! ? You want Brother Hua to wed Qu Ling Yue! ! !" Qiao Chu was staring with his eyes so wide in utter disbelief. Did he really hear what he thought he just heard? He clearly remembered before he left earlier, he was very sure that his ears had definitely heard….. that Jun Wu Xie was going to marry Qu Ling Yue!  

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