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After he took off his coat, Lu Tingxiao rolled his sleeves up, "It might take a while. You can go and rest in the next room. You don’t look very well, didn’t get enough sleep?"

Ning Xi touched her eye bags consciously, "I was too excited last night, I spent all night reading the scripts…"

"Go and take a short nap. I’ll wake you up when I’m done."

"The boss works while I take a nap, that wouldn't look too good, would it?" Ning Xi felt that doing so would be inappropriate.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at her, "You couldn’t help me even if you weren’t sleeping, so I’d feel better if you go and sleep for a while."

"Okay! I’ll go now!" She quickly stepped away from the devil’s desk...the devil had lost control of his flirting aura…

Ning Xi went into the resting area swiftly…

Even though the resting room had a simple and cold design, it felt a little warmer, probably because the devil had slept here before…

Eh? Wait! The place where the devil slept?

She was to sleep right here?

As she was contemplating, her phone rang, a new message came through: [Cabbage Lu: The bed sheets are newly changed.]

Did the devil have God’s eyes?


Outside the resting room, Lu Tingxiao was smiling while imagining Ning Xi’s face when she saw his message.

Later, he focused on reading the script, and since Ning Xi did not sleep at all last night, she was fast asleep after a while…

It was nice and peaceful inside the office, but a storm was brewing outside.

As people saw Lu Tingxiao come running back, everyone panicked…

"Crap, things must be really serious this time!"

"What’s our boss like? He’s usually calm and collected, but he didn’t care about his image this time and just blazed through the building!"

"According to the receptionist, he was really scary back in the lobby! Secretary Fang cried in fear!"

Suddenly everyone turned to Cheng Feng…

"Assistant Cheng, if you know anything, don’t hide from us! I’m about to get a heart attack!"

"Right! Tell us the truth! Is the company in an emergency? Are we going to lose our jobs?"

"Please tell us, at least we can mentally prepare ourselves."

"There was a woman just now holding some documents into CEO Lu’s office. Is she here to report the bad news?"

Cheng Feng was surrounded by people and the situation was chaotic, "Please everyone, stop asking, I really don’t know anything! Just wait patiently!"

Actually, he was quite sure that the company had no issues.

But he was still worried even if it was not about the company.

Especially since it involved Ms. Ning, it was, in fact, more worrying!

As time passed, the sun went down and the work day came to an end. No one dared to leave and most workers just waited by their desks.

In the CEO’s office.

Lu Tingxiao looked over the resting room’s direction, it seemed like he had stared at it for quite some time. After a while, he looked at the time and then put the script he had long finished reading down.

He stood up and went towards the resting room, then knocked on the door.

It was quiet inside, not a sound was heard.

Lu Tingxiao opened the door gently and went inside.

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