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Today the Guild in the Rasata City is busy, a long queue visible from the inside to the outside of the Guild.

The queue is a registration queue to participate in the war that will take place in the eastern part of the kingdom.

The battles over Trase City and the surrounding villages.

“Well, the prize is 10 Gold and will add 5 Gold if we win. This prize is very tempting.”

“But this war will not be easy, I hear the number of Demi-Humans there are five thousand people.”

“We will win, our number will be more than ten thousand people later.”

“We must not lose to the Demi-Human!”

The adventurers talked about different things during the queue, the queues continued from morning till night.

Recruitment is only done today because it needs to be prepared as quickly as possible, making the queue to be very long.

Meanwhile in the Guild Master Raffel room.

“Ugh, it’s so sudden. I must join the war against the Demon Lord Yaura’s force. I’d better contact Zero.” (Raffel)

Raffel contacted Zero using Telepathy.

“Ohh, Raffel?” (Zero)

“Zero, I’m sure you understand my situation.” (Raffel)

“Well, it’s a little difficult. I’ve made a peace deal with Yaura, but this situation forces me to fight Yaura. And I also believe that Yaura has known your true identity.” (Zero)

“Should I ignore the order?” (Raffel)

“No, that will make Guild suspicious of you. Guild will think that you’re on Demi-Human’s side if you do that.” (Zero)

“Then what should I do?” (Raffel)

“Hmm… Just follow this war as Raffel, I will meet Yaura to talk about this.” (Zero)

“Okay.” (Raffel)

“Then the talk ends here. I must visit Yaura soon.” (Zero)

After that, Zero stopped Telepathy with Raffel.

♦ ♦ ♦

Night has arrived, at Raffel’s desk, there is now a lot of registration papers for the coming war.

Ugh, these people are so zealous.

Raffel in the Guild Master room is currently accompanied by his assistant, Roya.

“You look tired Master Raffel, you better get some rest.” (Roya)

Roya who saw Raffel exhausted, advised Raffel to rest.

“No, I’m fine. As a Guild Master, I have to finish all my work right away. And again, the Chief Guild Master asked me to gather troops as quickly as possible because the war could happen anytime soon.” (Raffel)

No one knows when the fighting over Trase City will begin, only Demon Lord Yaura and his Demon General know.

“Hmm, so there are 1253 people enrolled in this city. I only need a thousand people.” (Raffel)

“Would not it be better?” (Roya)

“You are right, we have also made various plans for the coming war. More people are better.” (Raffel)

Raffel agrees with Roya’s opinion that the basic strategy in the upcoming battle is to win by the number, if the participant is more numerous then the possibility of winning is greater.

In the upcoming war, Peria Kingdom will have more than ten thousand troops while the Demon Lord Yaura’s force is only five thousand.

The difference in number doubled, victory in the hands of the Peria Kingdom.

A few days later, the Guild announced that all applicants for the upcoming war could participate without exception.

♦ ♦ ♦

Today, adventurers are gathering in the Guilds of every major city.

In Rasata City, the Guild Hall was full, over a thousand people gathered in the hall.

Raffel stands on the pulpit facing the adventurers who are gathering.

“Long live the Human!” (Raffel)


Everyone in the hall shouted back at Raffel’s shout.

“Currently one of Human’s kingdoms, where we live, the Kingdom of Peria is in great danger. Severely Demi-Human wants to attack Trase City in the eastern part of the kingdom.” (Raffel)

Raffel gave a speech to raise the morale of his army.

“Demi-Human, they are our enemies as Humans. They are cruel, liar, and traitor. They have killed a lot of our brothers!” (Raffel)

Raffel’s voice was loud all over the hall.

“Therefore, we as Humans are required to defend the Human race by fighting Demi-Human. Demi-Human must know their position in this world, they are only imperfect creatures, who must submit to Humans as the most perfect creatures!” (Raffel)

The adventurers in the hall grew more excited.

Haha, I just followed Bung Tomo’s speech that I saw in Rutube and changed it a little bit, it seems like this works, this kind of talking is cool too.

“In the near future, Demi-Human will attack the city. We will jointly protect the city from the Demi-Human!” (Raffel)

“YOOOO !!”

“Let’s go to Trase City. There, our friends are waiting. We will fight together to protect the city!” (Raffel)

“HOOOO !!”

“Long live the Human!” (Raffel)

“Long live the Human!”

“Long live the Human!”

After that, one by one the participants used the Teleport Formation in the Guild to move to Trase City.

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