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One had just burned Raffel’s body into dust, and then came an unexpected person.

The man came to One, standing before him.

Demon General Yosan.

“Hello, Ren. No, One? “(Yosan)

“Hmm? You, Yosan. How do you know about me? “(One)

“Umm? Don’t underestimate the Demon Lord information network, hahaha. “(Yosan)

I already knew that Artacuz was spying on me.

“What’s your business this time?” (One)

Yosan walks toward the big rock then sits on it.

“Hmm, Demon Lord Artacuz invites you to his castle and wants to see you. No, with Ren.


“For? We are busy with our affairs. “(One)

Yosan activated her Aura.

“You’d better not reject it.” (Yaura)

One felt depressed with the Aura issued by Yosan.

“Ugh.” (One)

Yosan turned off her Aura.

“Oh yes, not just Demon Lord Artacuz, but Demon Lord Yaura also wants to meet you.” (Yosan)

“Demon Lord Yaura?” (One)

“She is one of the Demon Lord, his domain is in the eastern part of this kingdom.” (Yosan)

Now I have to deal with two Demon Lord…

“All right, well, it seems I can’t refuse. But, I must contact my main body first. “(One)

“Yes, please.” (Yaura)

One uses Telepathy to contact Ren.

“Zero, what do you think?” (One)

“Well, we can’t deny the request of someone who far stronger than us. I will accept his invitation. “(Ren)

“All right then.” (One)

One stopped Telepathy then spoke to Yosan.

“Okay, we’ll accept Demon Lord Artacuz’s invitation. Where and when will we meet? “(One)

“Tomorrow you can meet me again here, I’ll move you to Demon Lord Artacuz’s place.” (Yosan)

“Okay.” (One)

After receiving confirmation from Ren, Yosan went from there.

♦ ♦ ♦

The next day, Ren and One come to where One and Yosan meet.

Yosan has been waiting in that place.

“Finally coming too.” (Yosan)

“Nn, I told you that I will come.” (Ren)

“I thought you were running away, hahaha.” (Yosan)

“There’s no way I’m running away from Demon Lord…” (Ren)

“It makes sense.” (Yosan)

Yosan holds Ren and One’s hands, then activates a special Teleport Item to move to Demon Lord Artacuz castle.

In an instant, suddenly Ren’s view changed, from the forest into a large room.

“This room is where guests are waiting, please wait here for a while. I will tell Demon Lord Artacuz about your arrival. “(Yosan)

Yosan left the room.

Ren and One sat on the sofa in the room.

“Huh, as expected of the Demon Lord. The guest lounge is luxurious. “(Ren)

Ren saw the entire room, the floor used clearly visible that the floor is made of highly qualified ceramics, the walls are very sturdy, and the various decorations in the room are very beautiful.

“A Demon Lord must have everything, not just strength, political and financial influence is needed to become a Demon Lord.” (One)

“Yes, this world system does not choose Hero and Demon Lord randomly. The system must have certain criteria. “(Ren)

“Do you want to try to fight with Demon Lord?” (One)

“Hee? There’s no way I can win. “(Ren)

“What if the fight does not have to win? Like practicing a match? “(One)

“Maybe we can ask for a spar with one of the Demon Lord?” (Ren)

“Maybe.” (One)

Ren and One chatted until a moment later Yosan back.

“Preparation is done, please follow me.” (Yosan)

Ren and One out of the room follow Yosan.

♦ ♦ ♦

In a room, there is a round table.

There is a variety of food and drinks on the table.

Demon Lord Artacuz and Demon Lord Yaura sit around the table.

“You would be interested in this child.” (Artacuz)

“Hmm, I want to test him, okay?” (Yaura)

“If he wants to. But don’t be too serious, I don’t want you to hurt him too badly. “(Artacuz)

“You said he was talented, he shouldn’t be easily hurt right?” (Yaura)

As the two of them were chatting, Ren and One came into the room.

Artacuz stood up from his chair, welcoming Ren.

Demon Lord Artacuz opened his wide hand.

“Hello, Ren. I am Demon Lord Artacuz the owner of this castle, nice to meet you. And she is Demon Lord Yaura. “(Artacuz)

Ren was initially nervous, but because of Artacuz’s friendly nature, Ren’s nervousness began to disappear.

“Nice to meet you. Thank you for your invitation. “(Ren)

“Hahaha, thank you for coming here too. Please sit in a chair that has been provided. “(Artacuz)

Artacuz (Lv95) and Yaura (Lv97).

Ren glimpsed the status of Demon Lord Artacuz and Demon Lord Yaura, but Yosan stopped him.

“Eiiit, please don’t take a peek the Status of others. It’s impolite. “(Yosan)

“Sorry.” (Ren)

“Hahaha, no problem, let’s go sit down.” (Artacuz)

Demon Lord Artacuz sat in his chair, then Ren followed.

One stands behind Ren because his duty comes here to become Ren’s bodyguard.

Talks between both Demon Lord and Ren began.

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