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Ren is currently sitting opposite the two Demon Lord. The left side of Ren, Demon Lord Artacuz, an Incubus, his body is not very big, but his magic is deeply felt, basically, Incubus has strong magic, magic power affects the strength resulting from some skill, his hair is dark black, he looks young, hard to guess his age… The right of Ren, Demon Lord Yaura, a female Elf, big chest, blonde hair, her face and body look very mature, if seen from the lifespan of an Elf, maybe she’s over a thousand years old. Ren opened the conversation. “So why do you two want to see me? I do not want to be your subordinate.” (Ren) “Hoho, you dare to speak first.” (Yaura) “Umm, should I keep quiet?” (Ren) “No no, I like your style. Hahaha!” (Yaura) Even though she looks scary, she is also friendly. “Stop it Yaura, do not seduce him. Seduce me!” (Artacuz) Demon Lord Yaura ignored the words of Demon Lord Artacuz. “Ren, Artacuz said, you are strong.” (Yaura) “Ugh, I ignored…” (Artacuz) “Umm, I’m not as strong as you guys…” (Ren) “Hahaha, do not compare yourself to Demon Lord or Hero.” (Artacuz) “Yeah, Artacuz is right.” (Yaura) “So why do you want to see me?” (Ren) Both Demon Lord looked at each other. “There is no special purpose, we just want to see you directly.” (Artacuz) “Right, and, how if we spar? I want to know your strength. Take it easy, I will not be serious.” (Yaura) Hmm? Yaura wants to try to fight me? This is good, I do not have to ask for it. Ren smiled. I know that I will definitely lose, but the experience of fighting with a Demon Lord is very important. “Sure, I also want to know, how strong is Demon Lord.” (Ren) “Wahhh, you have guts too!” (Yaura) “Hahahahaha, I’ve not mistaken you!” (Artacuz) Then the Demon Lords and Ren move to the place where they will practice the match. ♦ ♦ ♦ In a large field, inside Demon Lord Artacuz castle, Demon Lord Yaura and Ren prepare to spar, they stand face to face. “The rules. Do not use Skill and must only attack using the wooden sword that has been provided. Attack with legs is allowed, should not use other body parts.” (Artacuz) Demon Lord Yaura and Ren received a wooden sword given by Demon Lord Artacuz’s men. It seems that they have high hopes for me, I have to fight maximally so as not to disappoint them. If I managed to make them happy, maybe I could make arrangements with them so we would not interfere with each other. Demon Lord Yaura and Ren use the armor provided by Demon Lord Artacuz. “Well Ren, how about we start?” (Yaura) “I’m ready!” (Ren) In an instant, Demon Lord Yaura jumps in the direction and strikes him from the front. She blatantly attacks straight, I can avoid this easily. When Demon Lord Yaura’s attack is almost reach Ren, Ren jumps to the right to dodge. Demon Lord Yaura had predicted Ren’s movement, she turned the sword’s position in his hands then plunged the sword to the ground. Then Demon Lord Yaura turned his body clockwise with a wooden sword as its pedestal. The legs of Demon Lord Yaura lead to the back of Ren’s body. Ren who could not react quickly was hit by both legs of Demon Lord Yaura. Ren bounced about ten feet and lay on the ground. “Do not think too straight, you have to estimate your enemy’s movements. Watch your enemies.” (Yaura) It looks like my spine is broken, the attack is very powerful and fast… Ren stood up, he ran toward Demon Lord Yaura as he prepared to slash with his sword. Ren slashed his sword from the right, leading to Demon Lord Yaura’s head. Demon Lord Yaura bowed, then used her right foot to kick Ren’s leg. Very fast! The difference in their level made their overall physical abilities clearly far different, the power or speed of Demon Lord Yaura far above the Ren, Ren could not follow the entire Demon Lord Yaura movement. In terms of experience, Demon Lord Yaura had already participated in countless wars. Ren forced himself to react as quickly as possible, just before Demon Lord Yaura’s feet touched Ren, Ren managed to jump to avoid her. Good response. But Demon Lord Yaura attack did not end there, Demon Lord Yaura twisted her body forward using her hand as a pedestal, then her feet pointed to Ren’s shoulder from above. Ren is in the air, unable to avoid the attack, finally, Ren decides to hold with his arm. “He held her attack?!” (Artacuz) Ren’s arm holds the attack that aimed to his shoulder, but it did not last long. “But Ren will not be strong to hold Yaura’s attacks for a long time.” (Artacuz) Ren’s feet stand on the ground, while his arms were still holding the feet of Demon Lord Yaura. Demon Lord Yaura continued to press his legs into Ren’s body, finally, Ren was not strong enough to hold and fell to the ground. The violent clash between Ren and the ground made the dust around Ren scattered everywhere. My arm is broken…

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