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Chapter 423 - Danger High in the Air

It was only when Yun Yang had been reunited with Whitey Two and was leaving Zilong City at the fastest speed possible towards freedom, was Yun Yang's high-strung heart finally able to be a little more at ease. He could finally afford to be relieved now; the enemy experts were still far behind, as no one could keep up with them after Whitey Two had reached its fastest flying capacity. What was more, Shangguan Lingxiu and her squad were waiting outside Zilong City. Everything seemed to be in order.

Unfortunately, it was also when Yun Yang's guard was down that an unexpected turn of events occurred. Somewhere from the ground, a ray of sword light surged into the sky. The beam was hundreds of feet long and locked itself onto Yun Yang, robbing him of any chance to avoid the attack.

The sword light's speed outrageously exceeded Yun Yang's imagination. Within the blink of an eye, it had reached the dangerous proximity of his feet.

Seeing the dire threat, Whitey Three howled in consternation. The mystical beast, constantly alert against all forms of danger, leaped forward to protect its master, attempting to block the fatal strike that was meant for Yun Yang with its body. When Yun Yang finally realized the danger and hopped up with Divine Edge in his hands, the incoming sword light was too close for him to do anything about it.

Yun Yang only saw a splash of red, the color of freshly spilled blood.

Whitey Three's two feet had been neatly cut; blood was gushing out, as pain coursed through its body. It had never felt such agony. Since the Whiteys had acknowledged Yun Yang as their master, their lives had been smooth and safe, and they had never been so heavily wounded. It stung Yun Yang's heart!

With a long howl, Yun Yang's saber waved in the air, fast like lightning strikes. He did not care what happened next, as all three forms and six styles of the Divine Edge were executed simultaneously in deadly unison.

Merciless Saber!

Merciless Dao!

Saber Laic!

Life and Death in a Thought!

Upended River of Blood!

Reincarnation under the Saber!

All three forms of the Destiny Blade Saber Truth had been unleashed.

This was something that not even Venerable Lord Ice would have enjoyed. In the space of a heartbeat, brilliant saber light filled the sky, spanning thousands of feet across.

The sword light was executed first and was at its most dynamic stage, meeting the strikes fearlessly as they collided in a display of sparkles. A strange snort could be heard before another beam of white light flared out. It was oblivious to the immense power of the Divine Edge and had broken through the saber light that emanated from the three forms of Destiny Blade.

Yun Yang held his saber with both hands and blocked the death that was coming for him with all his might. He felt his opponent's overwhelming force immediately, a fierce tide that refused to be stopped. Yun Yang grunted, coughing up a mouthful of blood as he was flung hundreds of feet away.

He was astonished.

His opponent's cultivation base was terrifyingly high!

Whitey Three, already heavily wounded, retaliated with finality; it opened its mouth wide and sprayed wind blades accompanied by a light ball that was already formed in its mouth, causing a sharp crack in the air that resounded with the sound of thunder.

The person that had been struck skidded a dozen feet back from the collision, but he was impressively able to stop himself from flying off further. With a long howl that relieved him of cooped-up air, his sword light flared again, as he got ready to give chase again. This was when Whitey Three's light ball flew directly at him.

Well aware of what the light ball could do to him, he quickly countered the attack with a wave of his sword. The collision gave birth to a booming cry, the powerful impact erupting in a gush of endless energy. The person was flung thousands of feet away with no way to gain any leverage since he was in midair.

On the other side, Whitey Two had taken the opportunity of the gap to sneak in an ambush as well. It was hovering under Yun Yang earlier, and its vision had been obscured. This unfortunate position caused it to be a beat slower to realize that they were being ambushed and Whitey Three had been wounded. Whitey Two was not harmed, though, and its light ball was a high concentration of its entire strength; the blooming power contained within was much more impactful than Whitey Three's counterattack.

Seeing that another light ball had been hurled at him again, the attacker swept up his sword to block it once more. It still did not deal any damage to him, but he was already more than three thousand feet away from his original position. It struck him that he was like a ball that was being kicked increasingly further away.

It was infuriating.

If they had been on the ground, these two light balls would not have been an obstacle to him. However, in the air, they had pushed him thousands of feet back!

Furthermore, his triple strikes had gone against the lethal light ball twice – that meant that his well-preserved mystical Qi was expended. He had to go down to get a breather, meaning he that could only watch Yun Yang as tried to flee. The person descended swiftly, but his eyes stayed locked on the direction Yun Yang had headed in.

It was obvious that the moment he landed and managed to regain his composure, he would give chase again right away.

He already knew the secret to Yun Yang's extended hovering in midair. It was the two tiny mystical beasts' doing but now that one of them was heavily wounded and there was only one left, the expert was sure that Supreme Cloud would not be able to run from him, seeing that Yun Yang's ability itself was merely ordinary.

However, when he was about to land on the top of Zilong City's highest building and gain his footing to obtain leverage, a deafening roar resounded. The Niello Bear beneath that was close to his landing point began going berserk!

It let out a hopeless growl as its massive body expanded again, hundreds of feet tall. With an extremely menacing stature, its paws, as large as two small houses, whipped about while its hind feet stomped on the ground. Ziyou soldiers that were standing around it were shocked to see this unbelievable scene – the Niello Bear's gigantic body that rose into the sky!

There was a riddle that said, "I can jump higher than the mountain because the mountain can't jump. But what would happen if the mountain could jump?"

It was not particularly important to know how tall it was, but it was more critical to know the amount of damage it could deal by jumping. Its sheer size was unimaginable, somewhat beyond the realm of an ordinary person's creative capacity.

Right now, the bear had expanded to its maximum size and rose up menacingly into the air. It was akin to seeing a mountain jump.

The Niello Bear topped out at approximately three hundred feet and let out another terrifying growl. Its large body then made half a turn and tossed the Moire Python that had been wrapped around the bear's wrist out and towards where Yun Yang's direction.

This mystical beast king that was known for its strength had made the hardest choice in its entire life. It directed the most powerful force it could unleash into this one toss. The toss was absolutely majestic as the Moire Python traveled tens of thousands of feet across the sky.

Yun Yang was daunted by the attacker's tyrannical strength and was retreating with blood leaking from the sides of his mouth. His vision had grown dim, as his opponent's sword energy had cut into his body when it had broken through the Destiny Blade's forms, causing Yun Yang to feel like countless of tiny blades had slashed repeatedly across his torso. Just as he was about to drown in agony, the Moire Python, that was in a tiny snake form, had appeared in front of his eyes.

Yun Yang took the snake into his hands almost instinctively, but the Moire Python that was coiled up began twisting away, disregarding the fact that its body was about to break, its eyes staring at a distant point in the horizon.

Two drops of tears actually formed in its cold, snake eyes and dropped silently to the ground.


The Niello Bear let out a third thunderous growl after tossing the Moire Python away.

The sound shook Yun Yang's core as the growl was filled with a farewell that lingered in the sky.

Yun Yang focused his gaze quickly to observe the situation. The Niello Bear's gigantic size finally stopped its growth as it took a heavy swing, knocking into the building that the attacking swordsman was about to land on with a deafening blow.

The swordsman was about to land; just as the tip of his feet was about to touch the tiles, the building was suddenly gone. It had vanished entirely!

The rapidly falling figure's initial plan crumbled into dust. Not only did his feet step on nothing, the direction of his force caused him to fall like a broken kite.

His inopportune descent sent him right into a muscular embrace.

The Niello Bear growled tyrannically, hugging the person in its deadly embrace with all the force it could muster while its paws dove in, ripping away with a murderous frenzy!

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