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“Move! Why are you not walking?” Yun Yang asked curiously from behind him, “Are you going back on your word?”

“No, no, no…” Young Master Qin was pasty white with horror. “How can I… Young Master Yun, after you.”

After inviting Yun Yang in like serving a lord, Young Master Qin had led like a shot rabbit.

He needed to quickly inform his father about this. Any mistake could cost the entire Qin Family…

None of those who had come were people they could afford to offend.

Yun Yang sat drinking tea by himself. He was in no hurry, a warm smile hung by the corners of his lips – he looked like a piece of jade himself. He was elegance and grace personified, with no trace of irritation or impatience.

The palace’s jade was about to be used up and the purchase was today; of course, Yun Yang knew about this.

The jade used for rewarding or other purposes at the residences of the crown prince and the other princes were about depleted as well. Besides, the crown prince and princes were all grounded, they could not go out, so naturally, they would need more things to keep themselves occupied. They could not go out, what could they use to do what they had to? In this world with the community that highly valued jade, it was natural that they needed good jade.

It was today that the crown prince’s residence and the other princes’ residences began purchasing the jade at the same time. Obviously, Yun Yang had been privy to all of this.

If had not known, he would not have come at this time!

He drank his tea quietly, his good looks complemented by an otherworldly aura; he resembled a serene portrait, putting the maids by the side in a trance.

What a quiet, beautiful man!

They had not the slightest clue that this quiet, beautiful man was plotting a series of earth-shattering events. Today, this quiet Young Master Yun was about to set off a humongous wave in this jade farm!

After a short while, Young Master Qin came running with sweat dotting his head. “Sorry, Young Master Yun, I’m sorry. You have waited for too long.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Yun Yang was gentle. “Should we go pick the jade now?”

Young Master Qin’s expression was bitter. “There are men from the palace and the princes are choosing their jade now, Young Master Yun.”

“What you mean is that I should choose the remains of what they’ve picked?” Yun Yang asked with a smile, “In your eyes, do I look like I enjoy eating leftovers?”

“No…. No, no, no…” Young Master Qin’s face began to resemble a bitter gourd. “What I mean is…”

“What you mean is that we should all join in the fun.” Yun Yang stood up and headed outside. “Let me see for myself what is called the royal flair, the descendants of heaven.”

“No, no…” Young Master Qin’s frowns were about to turn into wrinkles on his face. “Father’s meaning is that Young Master Yun need not be impatient. We shall go straight to my family’s secret treasure chamber later. Everything inside is treasured for generations in my house, they are all absolute gems, much better than the so-called special grade outside.”

This was the last resort. Father Qin had reminded him over and over to never mention it unless forced to.

However, just Yun Yang standing up had already coerced Young Master Qin’s into desperate new heights. Yun Yang stroked his chin and looked at Young Master Qin suspiciously, saying slowly, “Really?”

“Really! Truthfully and genuinely real!” Young Master Qin swore.

“Then I shall go over to see. I won’t fight with them, I’ll just watch together with you. This would be alright, wouldn’t it?” Yun Yang said.

“Yes, it’s alright. It’s just that... your status…” Young Master Qin heaved a sigh of relief.

“Just tell them my status. Would it be so scandalous?” Yun Yang looked at Young Master Qin oddly. “I’m here to buy jade and I’m letting them pick first. I’m just looking from the side. I just wish to experience it, can’t I do that?”

“Yes, you can.”

Being the top jade farm in the Empire of Yutang, it was only logical that the Qin family’s jade farm was humongous!

It was Yun Yang’s first time here. Along the way, the courtyards around the farm were all functioning workshops, the noise loud in their ears.

“This is the first level warehouse. All the stones that could produce good jade are here. After mining them from the mountain, not one piece would be discarded as long as they were found to be of high quality.”

“This is the second level warehouse. All the unprocessed jade rocks are here.”

“The most inner part is where the displays are.”

Young Master Qin introduced the place as they walked.

Once they entered, Yun Yang could feel Emmie in his subconscious getting excited; its leaves along with its stem and tendrils were all twisting around madly.

A velvety soft and tender thought kept urging Yun Yang on.

“Good stuff!”

“A lot of good stuff!”

“Quick, let me eat them!”

“I want to eat them!”

“There is so much… good stuff!”

Its cajoling bothered Yun Yang so much that he hollered out loud with a dark expression, “Shut up!”

On the side, Young Master Qin shut his mouth at once and looked over in fear. ”Young Master Yun, are you alright?”

Yun Yang felt a bead of sweat drop. “I’m not talking to you.”

Young Master Qin was befuddled.

There’s only two of us here… You’re not talking to me, then who is it that you’re talking to?

What did I say wrongly that I’ve made him impatient again?

“Please go on…” Yun Yang looked at him oddly. “Why have you stopped talking?”

As Yun Yang entered the foyer, he saw several groups of people there – a total of six groups of people who were clearly divided.

“Why are there six groups?” Yun Yang questioned in his heart. A group from the palace, one from the crown prince, an underage prince… even if the rest of them were included there would only be three groups, how were there so many?

“The last group was sent by the consort who has just given birth to His Majesty’s young prince last year…” Young Master Qin whispered in Yun Yang’s ear.

Yun Yang was speechless.

The prince was not even a year old and the consort had already wanted to build a team of followers for her son? Was this not too early?

A soft feminine voice was speaking, “I’ve come this time with royal orders. It’ll be good for Master Qin to show me anything of better and higher quality. I will take them and leave lest I cause any more disturbance to you.”

On the other side, Young Master Qin’s father was sweating profusely.

Show you? Do I dare show you? If I give you all the good ones… it’s fine for you to leave after picking them but for the rest who requests to have the same quality as yours… where do I go to get it for them?

And the rest of them… which one can I afford to offend?

However, Master Qin was someone already used to handling sticky situations like this.

“If so, why don’t we go to the third floor together, Eunuch Wu? The entire third floor contains high-quality good jades.” Master Qin was rather direct as he said, “There is enough for everyone.”

“Very well.”

Eunuch Wu’s voice was soft and feminine. He had brought along four young eunuchs who were all actually very good-looking. He raised his hand and tapped one of the young eunuchs’ head and stroked his neck as he said, “After you.”

As he made his move, he caught a glimpse of Yun Yang from the corner of his eye.

Warm radiance shone from his pair of eyes at once and he stopped moving. Walking over, friendly but with reservation, burning with internal heat, he asked delicately, “Who is this young master? So handsome. I absolutely love this sort of look...”

His gaze on Yun Yang was exactly like a satyr who had seen a beautiful, naked woman!

Hungry and depraved!

Without stopping to think, Yun Yang smacked him across the face.

Initially, Yun Yang would have endeavored to find out more about this man even if there had been no ruckus. Now that this fellow had disgustingly brought himself over, it was impossible for Yun Yang to restrain himself!


A concussive boom rocked the place. It was strange that a slap could actually make such a loud sound.

Eunuch Wu’s body sprung up like a gunny sack as he spun some seven to eight rounds in midair; before he could land, he had flown out like a gyro and landed heavily against the group of crown prince’s men, knocking two of them out.

As he opened his mouth, a big mouthful of blood spewed out along with seven or eight teeth. His gums had turned to mush from the force of Yun Yang’s strike as well.

“How dare you!” A young eunuch shouted shrilly.

The foyer was in chaos!

Yun Yang stepped forth but a leader from crown prince’s group who was obviously an expert blocked him. “Insolent fool! Trespassing in public, do you not know we have laws?”

Yun Yang snorted as the tip of a sword dropped onto the floor with a twitch of his hand.

On the royal yellow sword grip, sixteen tiny words formed two rows, lining the top clearly, “The sword transcends mountains and rivers, as though I’ve personally come; regulation of officials, decapitate then report!”

The guard from the residence of crown prince widened his eyes. “It’s the Sword of Dominion bestowed by His Majesty to Marquis Yun!”

At that time, the Sword of Dominion bestowed by His Majesty to Marquis Yun was supposed to read “lambast vacuous monarch above, decapitate deceitful officials below!” but Marquis had objected to that, so the lines were changed to these sixteen words.

“Can I not beat him up?” Yun Yang asked coldly.

“You can, you can.” The man was pale as he took two steps back.

Yun Yang hopped on and walloped Eunuch Wu on the floor. Just a while later, the eunuch was badly beaten up; his cries growing louder first before it gradually turned weaker.

“Young Master Yun…” Young Master Qin came forth to persuade him to stop with an ashen face. “Stop beating him up, you’re going to kill him if you go on!”

“What if I do?” Yun Yang said angrily.

In the end, he gave another three or four kicks even as he was being pulled away by the crowd. He began to scratch his arm. “How disgusting… Look at these goosebumps on my arm…”

Everyone exchanged looks of exasperation.

A single sentence and you beat the person in charge of purchasing sent by the palace to this place?

No one else could have this sort of temerity.

While Yun Yang was walloping the eunuch, he had prepared countless hidden tactics as a precaution. If this fellow were to be from the Four Seasons Tower, he would definitely not be someone to trifle with.

He must be an expert, there was no doubt about it!

If it was necessary, even Fang Mofei had to strike.

However, he did not expect to finish him with just a slap. Even Yun Yang was a little stupefied at that. It would seem like this fellow was not from the Four Seasons Tower.

Since this one was eliminated, how about the one from the crown prince’s party?

Yun Yang raised his head. Looking at the leader of the crown prince’s party, he asked provocatively, “What is it? What are you looking at me for? Do you disagree with me?”

The person was speechless.

I didn’t do anything… Why are you suddenly targeting me? You’re holding the sword given by His Majesty that allows you to decapitate first and report later, what can I disagree about?

“What is your name?” Yun Yang wore a look of absolute resolution. “Speak up.”

“I am Han Wufei!” The man said with a cold expression, “Although I work at the residence of the crown prince, I am not an official. Young Master Yun, what do you want?”

“Bullsh*t!” Yun Yang chided, “Does this land under the sky not belong to the emperor? Are all the people in this land not the emperor’s officials and people? Do you feel dejected that you’re not an official?”

Where had all this come from?

Han Wufei felt like he was about to burst from rage.

He had never seen someone so illogical.

“The rest of you, tell me your names as well.” Yun Yang looked at the other leader figures. “If I’m ambushed walking at night.”

Remembering everyone’s name, Yun Yang sheathed his sword into the scabbard leisurely and told Han Wufei with a tilt of his head, “Han Wufei, be good and alert next time!”

He then rolled his eyes and left unhurriedly.

Since he knew their names, he now had a direction for his investigation.

He was content but Han Wufei who was behind him had sparks flying from his eyes!

This is really an undeserved disaster! Eunuch Wu from the palace has some unique… preferences, everyone knows this. It’s his fault today to have provoked someone he shouldn’t have… everyone was clear about this too. Yun Yang could not take the humiliation and had gone berserk… everyone expected it.

But the problem is… are these relevant to me, Han Wufei?

What is the relevance? What is the relevance?

On what grounds has this mess ended up with me? He even wanted me to be good and alert the next time!

Listening to his words, those who did not know better would have thought that they had offended some sort of thug or ruffian.

The other fellows were even more innocent. “Why did he ask for our names? What is it for? What did we do?”

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