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Young Master Qin’s gaze towards the mighty Yun Yang was full of admiration.

He had never seen something like this; the stunned man had experienced something new today.

Yun Yang felt that he was incredibly fierce… and a little cheap. If he had never met Dong Tianleng, he would never have thought to use such a cheap reason and method! It was too violent, there was no way to put his wits and elegance on display.

“I must steer clear of that cheap fellow in the future! I have been unduly influenced.” Yun Yang made a solemn resolution in his heart.

“What are you looking at me for? Is there a flower on my face?” Yun Yang glared at Young Master Qin.

“No… Young Master Yun, you are terribly fierce today!” Young Master Qin was babbling with nervous flattery, bootlicking to the point that Yun Yang was all smiles again.

“Grovel all you will, you’ll still have to give me the best jade.” Yun Yang asked after relishing in the praises, “Where is the warehouse?”

Young Master Qin rolled his eyes and said, “Here… I knew you wouldn’t forget your jade.”

“I can forget it, I can leave now too.” Yun Yang was unfazed.

“Lord… Big brother…” Young Master Qin was frightened as his face was drained of blood. “Don’t…”

After opening seventeen or eighteen locks, they had finally entered the small warehouse. Boxes containing high-grade jade filled the large space as they were placed neatly all around.

Once they entered, Emmie was twitching even more vigorously in agitation.

“This is marvelous!” Yun Yang’s eyes gleamed. “I want them all!”

With a plop, Young Master Qin fell to the floor. “Have mercy, big brother. These are all the treasured collection of my family for some three hundred years. I’ve only brought you here to show my sincerity but father has reminded repeatedly that Young Master Yun can only, at most, take ten pieces! Please, don’t put me in a tough spot… if you take them all, our family…”

“No!” Yun Yang rejected without hesitation. Should I believe you just because mention ten pieces? Your bottom line must at least be twenty items if you can mention ten pieces right away!

There are several hundred boxes here! You let me in once and allow me to take only ten of them? What sincerity is this?

“At least one hundred!” Yun Yang said decisively, his demand exorbitant.

“Oh my God…” Young Master Qin cried in despair. “Why not take my life straightaway? I can give you, at most, eleven pieces!”

“At least ninety?!”

“No! Absolutely not! At most, twelve!”

“At least eighty!”

“No, at most 13.”

“I don’t wish to bargain anymore.” Yun Yang had lost his patience. “I don’t care what your bottom line is. I’ll give a number, I’ll take them and pay you if it’s a deal; if not, I’ll leave right away and not pester you anymore. What say you?”

Young Master Qin asked anxiously, “Then how many do you wish for?”

“Fifty!!” Yun Yang said coldly, “Forget it if you can’ meet my demands.]! I don’t want yours anymore.”

Young Master Qin’s face was as bitter as a gourd.


The bottom line his father had given him was no more than twenty-five pieces. This lord was simply being generous by doubling the amount directly.

These treasured jades here were not from an ordinary jade; each piece was a priceless gem that could be turned into the highly treasured revival jade.

“Is it so hard to decide?” Yun Yang gave him a sidelong glance. “Actually, even if I said I want them all, you have to give them to me too. I only want fifty now, and I’m paying for them.”

“Deal!” Young Master Qin said through gritted teeth.

“How much? In gold?”

“They would cost at least five million gold taels.” Young Master Qin held his bleeding heart and gave his cost price.

“No problem!”

Yun Yang agreed easily. “If it’s only five million gold taels, you’ve got yourself a deal.”

“How about the payment?”

“Put it on my tab.”

Young Master Qin had no tears to cry even if he felt like weeping.

“I’ll pick them then,” Yun Yang said.

“It’s easy to damage them while moving them about. Besides, all the jades here have a similar quality. Young Master Yun can simply take any fifty boxes,” Young Master Qin reminded him kindly.

“Don’t worry, I shall then choose fifty boxes at random.”

Yun Yang laughed, “I’ll depend on my luck then.”

Emmie was all prepared to strike in his subconscious. It was already clear which box was would be the most useful to it.

In a short time, Yun Yang had picked out fifty boxes. The process took less than half the amount of time taken to burn a joss stick.

“I’ll take these.” Yun Yang said, “If I pick and choose carefully, it would be hard for you to explain to your family too.”

Young Master Qin was greatly touched. “Young Master Yun is sensible!”

Finding the traitor from the Four Seasons Tower was only one of the objectives for Yun Yang’s visit. The other goal was to find nourishment for Emmie. Since he discovered that Emmie was especially needy of jade, Yun Yang had targeted the Qin Family.

There was only Qin Family that could have such a large jade reservoir in the entire Tiantang City. He had rushed to come over when everyone else was also going. It was so he could enter this secret chamber.

However, he would not go over the line. Their deal was only fifty boxes so he would only take fifty boxes; nothing more, none of those in the dark tactics as well.

he Qin family had no choice but to transact with Treasure Pavilion then and committed disloyalty to the emperor. Although Yun Yang held this as blackmail, he knew that the Qin Family was compelled to at that time.

After using this as a form of coercion for a few times, Yun Yang would naturally return the favor. He would never really drive someone’s family to a corner.

Young Master Qin could vaguely tell this too, which was why he had allowed Yun Yang to blackmail him without a care and even allow him to take advantage in giving him the lowest price.

He knew that Yun Yang had never mentioned it but he would never really take advantage of those without the means for repayment.

It was enough that they knew this tacitly. Some of the things were never supposed to be said out loud… At least, when someone tried to find fault, he could say righteously that he was being coerced…

When the royal parties were still making their selection, Yun Yang had left the jade farm in his carriage.

Emmie could no longer hold it in and was already twisting here and there like a spoiled child, asking to be fed.

Yun Yang was determined to reject it. He wanted to go back and have a good look at what he took… it would be good for him to have a price estimation when he was preparing in the future.

At the same time, he had sent the several names he had gotten back. Those who could be sent to the jade farm by the princes were definitely among the top five if not the top one figure in each prince’ residence.

Yun Yang wanted these five names as a breakthrough.

As for Eunuch Wu, Yun Yang kept it in his heart after much thought, not sending the name for investigation.

Someone who was near death by just one slap… Four Seasons Tower would not want to even look at him right?

Just when Yun Yang was approaching the Residence of Yun, Yun Yang’s heart jerked as a sense of warning suddenly appeared. Fang Mofei who was beside him raised his head thoughtfully as well.

The dangerous aura was gone in a flash.

Yun Yang and Fang Mofei exchanged a puzzled look.

“Was that the assassin previously.” Fang Mofei passed the message without moving his lips.

However, Yun Yang’s cultivation base could not allow him to do the same. He could only nod his head and spoke, “The feeling is familiar too. After all, assassination attempts on me aren’t frequent. This fellow has received the same threat, twice in a row; he feeling is the same.”

Fang Mofei sighed and said, “Young master, I have a premonition that you will have a lot of similar experience in the future.”

Yun Yang glared at him speechlessly.

“Catch this man tonight,” Yun Yang said.

Fang Mofei’s lips were still not moving. “This should be a real assassin. Once his attack missed, he retreated completely, faraway too. After some time, when his target is relaxed, he comes back for a peek and finds his opportunity to strike.”

“Very experienced despite his ability being utterly mediocre.” Fang Mofei commented.

“It’s just that such experiences are not applicable on me,” Yun Yang replied.

Fang Mofei misunderstood what Yun Yang meant as he nodded in agreement and said, “Because the more people young master has offended, the more alert you will be. Therefore, each night this assassin come, people who wanted to kill young master would increase so naturally, young master would be more on guard day by day. It is indeed inapplicable.”

Yun Yang was speechless.

Could they still carry out a proper conversation?

On the same night. Yun Yang took three boxes out, keeping the rest somewhere Emmie could not reach. Emmie was too young now, Yun Yang was afraid that this tender shroud would overfeed itself…

Opening the box, an emerald glow shone brightly. Emmie danced happily with glee.

“Emmie, why are you especially fond of jade?” Yun Yang questioned.

Emmie fed itself joyously answering the question with a sway of it’s; although the idea was vague, Yun Yang could still understand it.

Jade was originally an ordinary rock. It was only formed after hundreds and thousands of years of precipitation and continuous absorption of spiritual Qi. Therefore, jade was the purest form of basic Qi from heaven and earth; the higher grade a piece of jade was, the purer the Qi was.

“Mystical stones and mystical crystals can’t compare to jade?” Yun Yang still did not understand.

“Mystical stones and mystical crystals are specific products that are only available at certain places that could cultivate mystical Qi while jades are spiritual hearts of the earth that are available on any continent and any space. Although mystical stones and mystical crystals seem to have higher practical value than jade, in reality, jade is purer.”

”I see.”

Yun Yang finally understood.

Amidst the questions and answers, Yun Yang could distinctly tell that a sense of danger was approaching. The assassin was here again!

He was not afraid though.

I’ve waited for you long enough. Come, don’t be afraid to strike. Big brother shall make you an opportunity.

Yun Yang sighed with leisure as he walked out, pushing the door open. He looked as if he was soothing his boredom that had accumulated in this night by going out for a stroll.

Behind him, thee Eclipse Panthers tailed him closely like three tiny fur balls. However, they did not fool around together but was each located at the back, left, and right.

Walking to the plants in the courtyard, Yun Yang could not help but exclaim as he looked at the plants’ swaying silhouette under the moonlight, “What alluring scenery of the night…”

He stood at the side, his head lowered as he watched the plants’ shadow with his arms on his back and recited softly, “What mystery it is to know how long the moon in the ninth heaven has shone upon the worldly realm for?”

“Reunion and separation, defeat and victory, generations of heroes and warriors of the worldly realm… whose life could compare to the eternal bright moon in the sky?”

Yun Yang raised his head in a sigh, “Moon, oh moon, won’t you age?”

The moonlight was serene like water as it shone down coolly.

As Yun Yang raised his head, his throat was clearly shown under the moonlight. His entire being was relaxed as he was immersed in melancholy. Both of his arms were behind his back…

If there was to be an assassination, this would be a perfect time!

Indeed, an icy glow flashed in the night sky. A ray of chilling air shot over from another rooftop outside the wall about a dozen meters away! It was extremely fast and soundless; there was absolutely no noise from piercing the air!

The cold radiance had just gleamed but it had already arrived at Yun Yang’s throat!

The killer was confident that this Young Master Yun would never ever escape from his assassination this time around. This time, he had only come back to check and did not intend to strike. Neither did he expect to come across such good opportunity! This fop had actually come out to heap praises o the moon in the middle of the night.

If he did not strike when given such an opportunity, he would feel bad for himself!

Besides, he would only need to use the plant beside him as leverage and flee right away after killing him.

The cold glow was approaching, streaking through the air.

Yun Yang’s throat could feel the lethal chill as goosebumps rose on his throat, frozen with malicious intent.

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