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Vagrant Gangbang Part:1

【Thursday, August 10, 2017 13: 30】

What should I do?

If what the old woman said is true, then the world won’t care what happens to me, and with the curses of "prohibition of suicide", "recovery". "no madness" I won’t even be able to die

It is also possible that there are no such curses

Like the poor four victims before me, will I also be violated and killed?

Even though it is summer I feel a chill when I think about it

I should go home soon, even if I call the police they won’t believe me

The shortest way is through the big park, with half anxiety I decide to walk

"You girl…"

While trembling I turned around

I know that vagrant's live in the area near the park

"You dropped this"


It was my wallet that I had in my hand

Due to my upset mind I dropped it on the floor

"Thank you very much!"

I thank him while bowing at 90 degrees

The reason he called was due to the kindness he was showing me

I was filled with shame and guilt that I received kindness, while suspecting that old woman

I apologized in my mind again and again

That old woman was wrong, there’s no such thing as she said

However just as Runa was about to take the wallet away the vagrant grasped her hands

"Oh…….is there something else?"

"Well, I’ve decide to have you her, so be patient!"


I blanked out for a moment

And then I understood what the man just said to me

I tried to run away but it was already too late

For a petite girl of 143 cm and 33.5 kg, a man in his 50s can easily overcome her

She was thrown on the ground and the man sat on her like he was riding a horse

"Someone help me!!!"

As the old man stroked her body Runa screamed for help

She didn't have a cellphone so she could only scream and hope for the police to come

"Please call the police!! Please!!!"

As she was screaming a house wife was walking towards them

But she didn't care about what was happening, she looked at them like they were trash and kept walking away

And while she was screaming a few more men gathered around her

They too all came from the tents beside the neighborhood

They too were vagrants

"Hey, let us join too"

"Yeah yeah I never fucked an elementary kid"

"Yes let's rape this bitch"

Six more people came this time they were university student

They held down the girl

The old man ripped her clothes exposing her bra and panties

"Surveillance cameras are here!!!"


I do not know if it is true

However there was no effect

"Who cares?"


The curse is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The police won’t care even if they raped me in front of the police station

"You better be prepared little bitch! The six of us will fuck you till we are happy!"

Saying that the vagrants hold all her limbs stopping her from moving

Runa couldn't believe that she will be raped by vagrants

She couldn't even stand the stench that was on their bodies

As they haven't taken a bath for many years their hair is full of dandruff, weird powder is covering their faces

They smell like sewage

I will be fucked by homeless people on the street……………I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

I started scratching on his face to try and run away

But he hits me on the stomach very hardly

"Stupid meat toilet! You dare resist! I will break all your bones you slut!"

"Don't worry with all of us here she can’t run away"

Now everyone starts tearing at Runa's clothes

Her uniform is completely torn, and rashes and shoe marks are all over her body from being hit

Occasionally a few people walked by them, but never stooped or cared

No matter how much Runa begged they treated her as air

Sometimes a few men even joined in hitting her

As a result Runa's first experience began to increase from six to ten people

"Now do you understand! If you dare resist I will hit you even harder!"

The man says while feeling exhausted

"Answer bitch!!!"

This time the man kicks Runa's secret place like kicking a soccer ball

Slowly Runa's conscious comes back with all the pain she was suffering from

She did not think he would actually kick a junior high school girl's that place!

"Gou…..runa ……is bad……I’m sorry for rebelling…."

I start apologizing while crying

My heart breaks as I apologize

"Good, the pain would only increase if you resist"

A man was laughing looking at Runa's appearance

What is so funny?

But the real nightmare was about to start

My virginity will now be scattered by these 10 men

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