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18th Meal: Peachy Sensei

In a battlefield without enemies.

Hello, I feel that white elf is a rare creature desu. I am doing fine. Probably.

[Hey! Let those who are dying come forward first! Those that are already dead, move them behind!]

The voice of me shouting angrily spreaded within the treatment room.

Amazing! People with injuries are rushing in like water.

There are some that passed away while waiting for treatment… Dammit!

[Bastard! What is going on!? Those fellows who are not healer, help by doing some first aid treatment! It should extend their survival time!!]

Ahh!! Time, manpower, both are insufficient! Kami-sama, please help me!

[Saint-sama! Tiffany collapsed!!]

Kami-sama is dead! She does not have any compassion! I am experiencing never-ending despair!


Overuse of magic.

Tiffany is the best among the new healers but she fainted after over-exerting herself.

Not good! This is really bad!

What to do?… There is no other choice!
Even though it might be rash of me, let's try using an area of effect magic [Wide Heal]!

Curing many injuries within a short span of time should relief some of our workload? This is an original magic with extremely simple construction. Furthermore, it is unexpectedly easy to create this magic. As long as you have a strong image of your magic during chanting, the spell would most likely be able to succeed. I just have to tune its efficiency at a later timing.
As I have not mastered the no-chant for this spell, I chanted the chunnibyou-like spell with eyes of a dead fish. (Roll white eye)

This was how I created the magic with an area of effect heal, which did not exist before.

The issue with wide heal is that it requires huge amounts of magic power, roughly 50 times the amount of normal heals.

Hence, this is something that still requires constant improvement.

If I could extend the range of the healing, the patients that Tiffany is in-charged of could also be cured. There is probably a way out of this. I must do it!

[I will take Tiffany-onee chan's duty as well, so bring them over here!]

Hence, I entered into a battle which I have not ever experienced.


Judging from the results, it could be said that we managed to survive the day.

One of our healer have fainted, while the other three healer… it feels as though their life is on the edge of danger.
Although I tried casting another [Wide heal] quietly on them, I got stopped by them.

Later on, as the battle in the frontline stopped temporary, the number of injuries also decreased. Thank god, the day is finally over.
Despite having talent in using healing magic, I still could not handle the sheer number of injuries… *Panting*

However, well… what, if this also happen tomorrow?

I could not find any good ideas so I felt so troubled…

Peachy-sensei, what would you do in this situation…!?

I stared at peachy-sensei and asked this question.
[Wouldn't everything be finished if you give up?] It seems that peachy was saying that.

[That's right, I hate for it to be finished. I must not give up!!]

The only thing that I am proud of is my healing magic.
This is also the only thing I can rely on, so if I can't even heal, what else could I do!?

Mogu~Mogu~, and I started chewing peachy-sensei.
The sweetness of the fruit cured my broken heart. I must do my best for tomorrow.

That's right, lets treat everyone to peachy-sensei. Such a delicious tasting fruit would definitely give strength to others. In order to restore my physical and mental fatigue, I got onto my bed.

Those stray Nyanko and wanko that are worried about me, cuddled into my futon together. As a result… a giant lump of ball is formed under the futon, and the ikemen who came to check on me became surprised. (T.L Wanko = cute way to call a dog)

Fukyun! Nya~! Wan~! And various voice overlaps to indicate that I am fine.


Before I came to the treatment hall, I gave Miranda-san a large quantity of peachy-sensei.

I requested of her to bring them out during the break, so that it could slightly lift their spirit. Miranda-san casually agreed to it, and decided kept peachy-sensei inside her [Free Space] magic to prevent a drop in its freshness.

Amazing~! She is so familiar with the magic~! So the storage is a fridge~!

Would I be able to do such a thing?… I must practice even more.


Well then! They came! A mountain of people with injuries!!!

[You guys! Let's go! The battle just begun!!!]

I gave a command in an effort to raise everyone wittered spirit. The number of injuries is comparable to yesterday. Despite this being difficult, it is still something that we must do!
If we don't do it, who else can do it!? Immediately! Lets start the treatment!

It is roughly about three hours later.

Subsequently, a young healer by the name of Vivito also retired from the battle. They withdrawn easier than expected!

It became a hard battle for then on. One more hour passed and we managed to endure the workload. Then, Tiffany-oneechan collapsed. She pushed herself over her limit again!!

[Dammit, this situation is the worst! Bring those injuries over to me!]

In a hurry, I casted [Wide Heal] to cover the gap that appeared. This is no good, I really felt very desperate. Sa~ve~me~please~!! Kami-sama~~…Shit! A death god appears instead! What should I do!?

Then… For some reason, Desmond Oji-san and Vivito came back! Just maybe, Kami-sama revived!?

[Hey… are both of you, alright?]

Their face was pale when they retire, but it seems that they returned to normal now.

[On the contrary… I felt that my magic power is even more than it used to be! The fruit that is call (Peachy-sensei), it is unexpectedly effective!!!]

Desmond-ojisan excited talked about how amazing peachy-sensei is.

[I could still continue after eating it!! Please let me continue!]

Vivito said with determination.

[I am depending on you two!!]

Looking at the two of them being so reliable, I unconsciously felt my something warm in my eyes.

However, is peachy-sensei really that effective? I did not know.

It would be extremely bad with those two leaving! The frontline would not be able to sustain!!

[I am back! I am sorry for being so late! I will return to job!]

How did Tiffany-oneechan who faint a moment ago, manages to come back?

[Fukyun! Are you alright?]

Tiffany-oneechan look at me while smiling.

[Thanks to (Peachy-sensei) provided by saint-sama! My magic power is also refilled!]

While saying such strong words, she used her healing magic. Have the hidden potential of peachy-sensei finally been discovered? No, Its my fault that I did not notice it.
Un…this, won't we be able to continue!?

Peachy-sensei! Thank you very much! We could still continue saving those with injuries!!

Just when I reached my limits, Miranda-san told me to take a rest.

Despite the case, the continuously healing still took a toll on our mental strength. We are walking on a thin thread now.

And such situation carried on for a long period of time… the day is finally over.


[Thanks for your hardwork. We need to think of our strategy from here on]

With peachy-sensei, everyone understood the intermission is the same as today.

[Does Saint-sama not have a rest day?]

Even though I do not have much physical strength, I still have plenty of magic power.
I would not collapse so easily. There is definitely no problem here.

[Would there be anyone else that could replace me, if situation such as today happen again?]


Well, the discussion is finished with this.

I understood what they are trying to say and also feel grateful that they are worried about me. However, this is the current reality. It sure is tough being a Saint.

But, do not worry about me. I still have an ambition of [Conquering the delicious food in this world]. It would be terrible to die if I act too rashly. Probably.

I returned to my room and crawled into my bed, eating peachy-sensei at the same time. I could see some hope now.

As soon as possible! Really please!

As I pray, I begun falling in deep sleep… or not.

Those stray Nyanko, wanko and even the blue bird stick to me.


They must be worried about me. I am so happy.

[Aaa… I am alright. Definitely]

The stars shone through the window, and bought illumination to my dark room.

Despite being so late into the night, injuries kept being send into the healer association.
The battle will definitely continue throughout the night.

[I did not work hard enough]

I am resting for the sake of tomorrow. Tomorrow would be another tough battle.
I cuddled together with all the animals, and slept peacefully.

T.L End of Chapter 18 ~~

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