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19th Meal: The healers of Philimichia

For the past three days, our healer team have been pushed to the limit.

We then received a certain piece of information.
Hero Takaki repelled the hero of western empire [Drobance].

It seems that Takaki got angry after witnessing the hero of [Drobance] empire, assaulting the hero of southern holy kingdom [Militanas].

It appears that the hero of the south is a women. She got knocked down after receiving a surprise attack by the hero of the west.
By the time Takaki discover them, all of her clothes were ripped apart and she was about to be raped.
Takaki then knock down the hero of the west with a slap. Just one slap!?

It seems that the hero of the west is a modern era hooligan with a Mohawk hairstyle.
Should I be impressed that he was even chosen to be a hero? He is still a hero one way or the other.

Due to the reason stated above, [Drobance] empire withdraw from the battle, while the kingdom of [Lungusten] and holy kingdom of [Militanas] fought on the frontline together.
It seems that the hero of the south fell in love with Takaki…or something along this line.
Impressive for a Busamen. Really amazing~!! (Respect) (T.L Busamen = someone really ugly but still sort of charismatic?) 

The problem is whether the diplomatic relationship with [Drobance] empire would worsen…
This is something unrelated to me. It is not as though I could do anything to help it.

Hence, they could finally start the subjugation of the demon king. It seems that the alliance army is currently on a standoff with the demon king army.
It seems that it is to prevent unnecessary exhaustion to the soldiers.

The strategy for this battle is for Takaki and the alliance to win in a quick and decisive manner.
It is not something that could be accomplished without large number of soldiers. Moreover,  considerable number of soldiers had already died in previous battles. Hence, the number of soldier remaining is barely sufficient.

[So that how it is… This is the reason why there are so few injuries today]

[That's right, but the critical part would be just after this]

The ikemen told me this. Speaking of which…

[Do you know when the battle will begin?]

[The preparation would probably take another 3 days… so it would take at least 5 more days]

I just replied with a [I see], and left after thanking the ikemen.
In other words, the healer association would become a fierce battlefield in another 5 days.
Judging from the conversation, the number of injuries that would be transported over is on a scale that we have never seen before.
I must do all the necessary preparation. If not, we would be unable to handle this.

[I…What did I get myself into?]

It is already too late by the time I regreted my decision.


*POV Changed*

[Hey!! Prepare more bandage for me!!]

Saint-sama's order could be heard throughout the healer association.

My name is Tiffany Gullens.
I am a B rank healer. I got promoted to B rank just a few days ago.
It is not just me. Almost all the healer in this association raise in rank with lightning speed.
This is all thanks to the guidance from Saint-sama.
She taught us all the techniques and skills we are lacking.

[The antiseptic has not been replenished! What are you doing?]

Saint-sama is trying to make up the insufficient number of healers with non-healer that knew how to perform first-aid.
Healers would normally feel insulted when they heard of such a thing.
However, those healer that worked in this association would understand the meaning behind Saint-sama's actions.
This is also a battlefield. A battlefield without enemies. Thus, life would also be lost.

[Recruit more people!! It does not matter even if the party is a child as long as they know some first aid treatment!!]

Saint-sama voice is filled with anxiety.
Many citizens respond to Saint-sama's request. Many of the older healer even came out of retirement one after another.
Despite gathering many people in preparation for the battle ahead of us due to the request of Saint-sama, the number is still far too lacking.

We were also desperately trying to do things we could on our own, and begun preparation with all the other young healers.
We tried to suppress the feeling of our uneasiness.

The day for the battle is soon approaching.


*POV changed*

[Desmond-Ojisan! Could I leave the command of the returning group of healers to you!?]

It had been two days since Saint-sama left the command of the returning group of healers to me.
And now, I am doing some refresher course and cooperative training with those healer from my generation.

My name is Desmond Owag.
I am just an foolish old fellow, spending my retired life leisurely.
When I heard the news that Saint-sama had appeared, I wanted to take a look at "What type of child she is' and ridicule her. Unfortunately, it was a bad choice.
I got recruited into the group of returning healer instead.

[Recruit as many people as possible!!]

That's right, I would not even think of returning to my occupation, if its not for her.
Saint-sama is only 5 years old… 5 years old!
5 years old should be at the age when someone likes to play around.
For some reason, she got worshiped as a saint, and bear the burden of leading the battle.
Even if she is a white elf, this should still be something that is done be adults!!

[I beg of you! We are the last hope for those guys fighting at the front line! I do not wish to see anyone dying, so I am trying to prepare as much as I could!!]

…! This is not something a 5-year-old child would say! However, I do not have so much power!
I wished I could train more when I was younger if I knew this was going to happen!!
Unconsciously, I am clenching my fist so hard that my palm started bleeding. I did not even realize it.

[Dammit… I only realized it when I am younger… if only I knew!]

[Desmond… please don't blame yourself]

One of the member of the returning group, Sengran Dortos. He is a good friend as well as rival of mine.

[We are definitely old, and our physical and magical strength is worse than those youngster]

However…Sengran smiled and continued.

[We would however not lose in term of experience and wisdom, right? Hahaha!]

Those words said by Sengran knocked me to my sense.
This fellow had been this way ever since the past. He is optimistic no matter the situation.

[We could only blame that we were born in the wrong generation. However, this is also fate. Well then, we must just work as hard as we could to reduce the burden Saint-sama is carrying]

[Isn't that right?], Sengran laughed after he finished his sentence.
Ah, that's right. Even if we are old, there is still things we could do.

[Saving people life. Once again, I appreciate the importance of life even after retirement]

Looking around me, I could see all the comrade that were gathered into the returning group.
All of us are granny and grandpa, full of wrinkles. I am also the same.
However, everyone gathered here has the same purpose.

[Alright, let's show them! The power of healers from our generation!!]

Ohh! Respond filled with energy.
I will show you, Saint-sama! We are a bunch of reliable old fellows!!



5 days later, we received the report that [The final battle has commenced!]

We were all awake and prepared.
Of course, all the healers, temporary members,
as well as the children in-charge of first aid treatment, are all in battle status.
This is the elite group of members that I spend a lot of effort in forming.
Although all the children came from poor background, I could still guarantee their abilities.

[The battle has begun! The injuries would be send over here soon! All members to their station and be prepared to cooperate with different departments. The worse case scenario would be a confusion in our roles, which causes the battle line to collapse. This would be considered a failure! Everyone, please do your best! I am depending on all of you!!]

Ohh!! A response filled with energy.
From now on, it is time for the decisive battle!!

[No matter whether we win or lose the war, injuries would still be send here… This is the critical point]

[That's right], and the ikeman replied… No, Rayen Gallio Exceed replied me.
He joined the battle despite suffering from illness. The disease name is called [increase mana consumption].
It is a strange disease that causes mana consumption to be increased by 10 times.
It is also a congenital disease that could not be cured.

[I am alright, although I am only recruited for my management skills, I am still considered a healer. Even if it is not much, I would also like to be of use in the battlefield. At least while I am still alive…]

It is only now that I realized, that he looks slimmer than when we first met.
I apologized! However, I still need to depend on you!

[Saint-sama, please lead us]

[Leave it to me]

Finally, large numbers of injuries were sent over.
[Our war] begins here.

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