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09-51 Side Story 13: The Efforts of a Certain Quinta

‘Quinta’ seems to have originally been a Spanish word.

In other words it had the meaning of a betrayer, a spy, or a covert operative behind the enemy lines.

Unconcerned with that, the Quinta were sent from Hourai Island as observers to various places.

“This is Deneb-20, I have just arrived at the base in the ruins of the eighth subdivision. No people are around”

Deneb-20 was an adult female type Automata. For her goals she looked just like a human from the outside.

“I suppose I’ll prepare clothes first.”

Deneb-20 headed to the town Laojin had instructed her to. She had been given ten thousand Torr to use.

Anyone could freely come and go during the day. Despite that Deneb-20 was standing near the entrance, watching the clothes of the people going back and forth.

She walked the streets while looking for a second hand store. Unexpectedly she found one quickly. There she bought the clothes she needed.

Her skirt was bright light brown and the vest was gray. It looked like colors that weren’t too flashy were popular.

“Now then, how should I go all the way to Kemai I wonder?”

The first question was how to cross River Torres and River Azul.

She could cross it on a boat like a normal person. This was impossible for Deneb-20 who had no identification papers.

“So it’s got to be swimming after all.”

“It should work out if I bring some weights with me.”

She took off all her clothes and securely packaged them. She then carried them on her back. She held a stone as a weight with both of her hands. If necessary, she could let go of the stone and double her swimming speed.

Possessing nearly unlimited stamina, Deneb-20 was able to effortlessly swim across River Torres. Actually, more than half of the trip was done by walking at the bottom of the river.

There was someone who noticed the naked Deneb-20 come out of the water. It was a soldier going on patrol around the river bed.

Deneb-20 had been careless as she hadn’t seen even the shadow of a soldier from the opposite side.

“B-bastard, what do you think you’re doing!”

Her light brown hair was drenched and dripping with water. Her white skin was glossy as if it was repelling water, and her pair of bulging plump breasts were completely uncovered.

The soldier licked his lips while talking.

While saying so the soldier pointed his sword at the back of Deneb-20’s neck.

The soldier seemed to misunderstand the meaning of Deneb-20’s question.



“What a vulgar fellow.”

Heaven and earth were reversed.

The soldier’s back hit a stone on the riverbed and he fainted.

A soldier or two were no problem at all.

“This is just a guess, but that soldier surely isn’t a very earnest person. And so it’s not a problem to leave him there as he is.”

“Instead leave the scene quickly. Make sure to not leave behind any evidence. And pay attention from now on.”

In the middle of the night, Deneb-20 ran the100 kilometers to Lake Azul as fast as a horse, and no one noticed her.

A town on the shore of Lake Azul, Rok.

Even so, Deneb-20 whose hearing was multiple times better than a human’s was able to gather some fairly useful information in a day.

2. The Unifiers appear to have even dug into the central figures of Celuroa Kingdom.

Numbers two and three weren’t really rumors, but since she had heard the same information from multiple sources their credibility seemed to be high.

“I see, very interesting news. We’ve also got something to tell you. First of all, we’ve established a way to recognize people who are under mental manipulation.”

“When detecting the Magic Energy pattern, in a normal condition it’s flat and in times of agitation the normal response is that the pattern peaks. But a mentally manipulated person’s pattern is constantly flat. However, it’s at the level of an agitated state.”

“Although that’s only limited to people who have Magic Energy.”

This discovery was the achievement of a Quinta sent elsewhere.

Deneb-20 immediately tried detecting the Magic Energy patterns of the townsfolk. In so doing she found out that two people –someone who appeared to be the town mayor and their assistant– were unmistakably being manipulated.

At the ruins of Keuwan, when returning Rucall who had been affected by [Hypno] back to normal, it was said that a shock needed to be administered to him during a state of agitation. However, experiments afterwards showed that just the [Shock] magic was enough to dispel the affected person. That was also according to the report of a Quinta working in another area.

After doing that, to get to her assigned area of Kemai she once more got naked and swam across river Azul.

This time Deneb-20 crossed the river without being found out and arrived at Kemai that same night.

During the days she listened attentively to gossip, and during the nights she snuck into the houses of suspicious people and used the [Shock] magic on those who were confirmed to be under mental manipulation.
She also listened behind the tavern during the nights. As you might expect, there was the possibility of someone seeing through that she is an Automata were she to enter the tavern, so she had to avoid that.

However, on the night of the third day. Two men stood in front of Deneb-20 who had been listening to gossip behind the tavern.

“Didja drink too much and start feeling ill? If that’s the case then we’ll take care of you.”

“Might you two know about the Unifiers?”

“What? Why did that name come out now?”

“I also want to join the Unifiers so I came to this town.”

“Hmm, if that’s true, then it’s not impossible to tell you.”

“However, there’s a condition.”

She had begun to grasp an important clue. Deneb-20 hung onto this critical moment.

“Keep us company all night tonight.”

“I see, how unfortunate. I don’t have a body that can do such a thing, you see.”

“Now then, these people doubtlessly have some information, but what should I do with them?”

“Deneb-20, there’s something to talk about.”

“We’re constructing a ‘submersible base’ in Lake Azul so go help.”
“Roger that.”

Laojin had decided to build an advance base in Lake Azul which was a central location to the group of small nations. The giant golem his master Jin had made could be sent out of it.

Deneb-20 had confirmed that it wasn’t in sight of people.

All the materials were thrown to the water and the construction took place underwater.

Deneb-20 was on the lookout and would deal with any people if they came close. Deneb-21 and Deneb-19 were also there.

Various Magi Devices were stored in the lower half, but the vast majority was ballast (weights).

After seeing it finished, Deneb-20 reported to Laojin about the captured two.

Laojin praised Deneb-20 and collected the two prisoners. Having been left alone for over a day they were quite obedient.
They weren’t certain of just how to question them, but with this as the start surely the location of the Unifiers’ headquarters would soon become apparent.

Today and tomorrow too, Deneb-20, nay, all the Quinta continued collecting information for Jin’s sake.

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