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Chapter 64: Birthday Gift

Following Qiao Yichen's post on Weibo, many friends in the industry reposted it and sent their blessings.

Amongst them was Gu Xin. When Qiao Yichen saw Gu Xin's repost, he grinned with relief.

It was unlikely that this love rival would be able to make a comeback.

After staying in France for a week, the MV filming concluded without a hitch.

Once Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen's wedding photos were edited, they would be sent to their mailbox. Ding Meng carefully packed away her wedding dress and brought it back in her check-in luggage.

By the time they got off the plane, the day was already late. Instead of returning to the office, Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen went straight home. After unpacking for a bit, Ding Meng pulled a present from her suitcase and held it out to Qiao Yichen, "Goudan, this is for you."

Qiao Yichen was in the middle of hanging up clothes in the closet. After hearing her, he turned around to take a look, "What is it?"

Ding Meng blinked a few times and said, "You'll know when you open it."

Qiao Yichen laughed and put away the clothes in his hands. Then, he came over and took the present she was holding.

The present was wrapped exquisitely. Qiao Yichen was able to vaguely guess what was inside the box.

Sure enough, when he opened the box, there was a name brand men's watch inside.

Qiao Yichen's eyebrows raised, and he proceeded to look up at Ding Meng, "Why did you suddenly think of buying a gift for me? This was probably really expensive."

Ding Meng pursed her lips. While she was picking out a gift for Qiao Yichen, she had hesitated for a long time because it didn't seem like he lacked anything. She had also finished helping him record the album that he had wanted so badly so she really didn't know what to get him. Even though she had previously gifted him a watch band, she had become taken with this mechanical watch at first glance. Not only that, she could have bought several tens of that watch band for the price of this watch.

She looked up to glance at Qiao Yichen, "I just wanted to give you something. Do you not like it?"

Qiao Yichen laughed out loud and put away the case, "Of course I'd like anything given to me by my wife, but it's not necessary to get me something that's so expensive."

Ding Meng sulked, "You were the one who gave me such an expensive gift previously."

Qiao Yichen continued laughing, "That's different. I was happy to do it."

"I'm happy to do it too. Even though it hasn't been very long since I made my debut, I've made a few commercials and earned a bit. Wait until my album comes out and I make real money. I'll buy you something even better." Even though she enjoyed watching the number in her bank account climb, she had discovered recently that buying gifts for Qiao Yichen was equally as enjoyable.

Qiao Yichen couldn't help but smile at Ding Men's rationalization. He reached out and trapped her in his arms, grinning as he looked at her, "Does this mean that you plan on providing for me?"

Ding Meng rolled her eyes at him and spoke with slight distress. "But I feel that you lack nothing."

Qiao Yichen raised an eyebrow and pressed Ding Meng down onto the bed behind them, "Actually I still lack a child. How about we have one sometime?"

Ding Meng, "…"

She really felt like giving him a good kick.

"Are you always thinking about this kind of stuff?" His breath made Ding Meng's ears blush.

Qiao Yichen softly kissed her lips and then spoke while smiling, "You clearly seduced me first."

"When did I…" seduce you.

The last two words were swallowed by Qiao Yichen.

The next day, Qiao Yichen put on the watch that Ding Meng gave him and went to work.

On this day, Qiao Yichen checked the time extra frequently.

Since May 20th was Ding Meng's birthday, the company decided to hold a fan meet on that day to publicize the release of the album.

Ding Meng didn't really want to celebrate her birthday. In fact, she hadn't looked forward to her birthday since entering her 20s.

But since this was her first birthday with Qiao Yichen, he was particularly meticulous.

The fan meet took place in the afternoon. There, Ding Meng received a big pile of presents. The Little Lemons were all especially enthusiastic. When Ding Meng performed an excerpt of the songs in the new album, everyone cheered with joy.

Probably due to overexcitement, Ding Meng accidentally sprained her ankle when she left the stage. Even though she was still able to walk, each movement was painful.

"Applying a cold pack for a bit should relieve the swelling, right?" The person-in-charge of the event had hurried over upon seeing that she was injured. Ding Meng nodded her head and stood up, "It isn't very serious. Since the event is over, I'll be heading out first."

"Ok." The person-in-charge helped her over to the parking lot just as the assistant pulled up in a car.

Upon seeing Ding Meng's foot injury, the assistant was also concerned, "It's a little swollen. It should be fine after applying a hot compress for a bit."

Ding Meng blinked several times and let out an 'oh' in response.

The two of them returned to the company first to find Jiang Man. When Jiang Man noticed Ding Meng limping and hobbling into her office, she shared her concern as well, "How did you twist your ankle?"

Ding Meng replied, "I missed a step when leaving the stage."

Jiang Man looked at the injury and said, "No big deal. First ice it, and then use a warm compress. Then apply some Yunnan Baiyao, and you'll feel all better."

T/N: Yunnan Baiyo is a traditional medicine typically used to decrease bleeding

Ding Meng, "…"

So should she be cooling it first or warming it first…?

Once Qiao Yichen caught wind that Ding Meng was injured, he immediately went to Jiang Man's office to find her. When he saw her swollen ankle, he frowned and squatted down next to her, "Does it hurt?"

Ding Meng replied, "It doesn't hurt if I don't walk."

Pursing his lips, he lifted her directly off the ground.

Frightened by the sudden movement, Ding Meng subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck, "Where are we going?"

"The hospital."

…Sure enough, her Goudan was the most reliable.

In reality, Ding Meng's ankle injury wasn't serious. Even though it looked rather scary after getting wrapped up, the doctor had simply applied an herbal plaster to the injured area, "In the next few days, you'll want to avoid getting this wet. Walk around as little as possible and come back tomorrow to reapply the medicine."

"Ok, sounds good."

After listening to the doctor's instructions, Qiao Yichen carried Ding Meng back to the car and helped her fasten her seatbelt.

Ding Meng chuckled and said, "Goudan, I injured my foot, not my hands."

Qiao Yichen knocked her on the head gently when he heard her, "How could you be so careless? Today is your birthday, yet you ended up twisting your ankle."

Ding Meng pouted, "That step was really low so I didn't notice it. Next time I'll be more careful."

Qiao Yichen put on his own seatbelt and then turned on the car, "Originally, I had planned on taking you out to dinner, but we don't need to go anymore."

Ding Meng, "…"

Her heart really ached.

Even though they weren't able to go out for dinner, Qiao Yichen still managed to cook a table full of dishes on his own.

"Luckily, I picked the cake up earlier." He lit the candles and turned off the living room lights, "My darling Meng Meng, make a wish."

Ding Meng laughed as she looked at him through the warm candlelight, "You're so nauseating."

Qiao Yichen shrugged his shoulders without a care and started laughing too, "Hurry up and make a wish."

Ding Meng closed her eyes, clasped her hands together, and quietly made a wish, "I hope that the album sells well. After that, I hope that I can give birth to a handsome little Goudan."

Once she made her wish, she blew out the candles. Qiao Yichen sat across from her and asked with curiosity, "What did you wish for?"

"As if I'd tell you." The corners of Ding Meng's mouth curved upwards slightly as she picked up the knife to cut the cake.

As if he was performing a magic trick, Qiao Yichen produced a small box and offered it to Ding Meng, "My birthday gift to you."

"Thanks Goudan!" Ding Meng happily received the gift and lifted the lid.

Inside was a ring; a diamond ring.

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