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4 – Simplified Primary Troop

Nr.3796 can theoretically, as long as there’s an abundant source of energy, create any material out of nothing. Furthermore, it’s documented in the database what can directly created by consuming energy. However, the required energy consumption to create a material by far exceeds existing reserves. Thus to create large amounts of tech still requires all kinds of materials.
Note: Idiom: 无中生有 – to create something from nothing

“Not enough iron ore?” Yang Feng’ eyebrow slightly creased.

Although these days Yang Feng made great progress, not sparing any cost, he still needs to urge those businessmen from all over to transport the iron ore towards Autumn-leaf village, moreover wantonly milking dry Autumn-leaf village’s ironware and still far from able to satisfy the mechanical Factory’s production requirements.

Yang Feng’s eyes a flashed for a moment as he said in a deep voice: “There’s nothing to be done, we ought to expand! Regarding the currently capable battle Robots, move out!

< primary="" shielded-troop="" robot…………equipped="" with="" level-1="" protection="" cover.="" general="" appraisal="" at="" level-6.="">

Yang Feng saw messages about different types of battle weapons, slightly creased eyebrows and said in a deep voice: “The highest is only level-7, is this not too weak? There’s no higher level battle weapons?”

Since he received the inheritance, Yang Feng saw a lot of terrifying battle weapons. Every one of those battle weapon’s power is not something to which a trivial level-7 Robot can compare.

“However my current energy limit lies by 100 Kun. I’m only capable of producing parts under 100 Kun! The production of a lot of parts and materials, for Level-8 or higher battle Robots, exceeds 100Kun. Currently I’m unable to produce those parts, therefore unable to produce level-8 or higher battle Robots.”

“There are three kinds of solutions to this issue, the first one is to produce a Fortified Stronghold, utilize the Fortified Stronghold to collect large quantities of energy and material and then transform those materials into a higher grade. The second one is to search for suitable materials. The third one is to do things conventionally, that is to promote the territory’s technology and produce even more soldier factories, right up to the moment when the territory’s technology capable of producing those parts and materials.”

“A Fortified Stronghold?” Yang Feng’s mind moved to the bottom most to look.

“Fuck!” Yang Feng cursed in a low voice.

That 10000t requirement of steel is equivalent to 20000t to 30000t iron ore. 1t of iron ore costs approximately 2 gold coins, so 30000t of iron ore is equivalent to 60000 gold coins. If purchased by normal means, then even a century of Autumn-leaf village’s income wouldn’t be sufficient.

As for the energy aspect, Solar Umbrellas can on a daily basis absorb 0.01Kun of energy. Currently 2000 Solar Umbrellas can only absorb 20Kun of energy. According to the present rate, in order to obtain the energy necessary for  portable stronghold would require a full 50000 days. About the dimensional crystal, Yang Feng haven’t even heard of its existence.

Yang Feng spoke after contemplating for a moment: “The Bladed-Troop, Gunner-Troop, Cannon-Troop, first produce a batch of simplify versions for me to employ.”

Nr.3796 somewhat suspiciously said: < p="">

Yang Feng put forward a more exact demand by reducing all kinds of attributes: “My current enemy’s are only medieval people without guns. The Bladed-Troop only need the use of their Bladed arms to behead a knight in their way. The Gunner-Troop can employ 12.5mm caliber heavy Artillery to advance. The Cannon-Troop only need to equipped 1 hatch 120mm caliber heavy Artillery to clear the way. The combat radius can be shortened to within 200Km. There’s no need to for the large frames. A human sized shape is more than enough. In the case it’s not possible to install a layer of human-like skin, make them appear like humans.”

According to Yang Feng’s demands, Nr.3796 quickly begun to re-design and modify and came up with new designs that met Yang Feng’s requirements for battle Robots.

Yang Feng was completely pleased the huge order: “First produce one for my safety, then produce a 100 of every type.”

Nr. 3796 said:

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