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Chapter 58: My Heart's Addiction

It's already 8pm when Han Chen and Bai Jin Xi return home.

They've set up cameras and stations to monitor the three suspects, and tomorrow, they will both start working in rotating shifts.  Whether or not they can find a breakthrough in this case, they'll have to see how things go.

It's been two days since they've returned home.  Coldness seems to fill the whole place.  Han Chen must be exhausted.  He takes off his jacket, change into his slippers, sits on the sofa and doesn't move.  Jin Xi looks at the side of his face and feels her heart ache, so she doesn't go over to bother him.  She has had time to sleep in the last two days, so she's still quite energized.  She thinks for a minute before walking over to the balcony and turning the water heater on.  The washing machine is just below the water heater.  She takes off her jacket and sweater, leaving just a round neck t-shirt on.

When she walks back into the living room, she sees Han Chen still sitting on the sofa with one arm on the armrest and looks to be thinking about something.

It's actually already quite a breakthrough for the investigation team to be able to lock down on the suspects in just two days under the supervision of Han Chen.  And it also confirms the rumors that Jin Xi has been hearing——whenever he's on a case, he really does go all out.  He hasn't slept for two days and whenever he has a headache, he just takes his painkillers.

Many feelings of softness and emotions brush across her heart.  Jin Xi stares into his chiseled face.  Is he thinking about the case again?

Although he usually has some young master temper, when it comes to work, he is a completely honest and tenacious man.

Just as she's thinking about this, she sees Han Chen lift up his eyes and look towards her.

Their eyes meet.  His gaze clearly starts to move downwards, falling onto her tight fitting black shirt.

"I'm planning to take a shower.  Or do you want to go first?" Jin Xi asks.

Han Chen's eyes return to her face.

"Together?" he asks softly.

Jin Xi feels as if her heart skipped a beat, "……In your dreams."

He leans against the sofa and smiles at her.  Jin Xi turns around quickly, pushes open the bathroom door, closes it and locks it from the inside with a crisp click sound.  She stares at the woman in the mirror with her face slightly red and lets out a laugh.

What honest and tenacious man!?  He's already so tired and yet he's still being so impudent towards her.

The sound of water splashing comes on.  Jin Xi washes herself quietly.  She doesn't hear any noise coming from the living room, so she assumes that he must be taking a nap.

She finishes showering very soon.  She dries her hair with a towel, walks out of the shower and is stunned suddenly.

She didn't bring any clothes to change into.

When she was teased by Han Chen just now, she was quick to react by dashing into the bathroom, but completely forgot about her clothes……

She stares at the pile of dirty clothes that she has taken off.  She sweated a lot today, so there's no way that she's putting them back on.

She stands quietly for a while.  She has no choice but to open a small slit with the door, "Han Chen?"

"Hm?" a voice says coming from the sofa.

Jin Xi's face flushes, but she says rather calmly, "I didn't bring any clothes to change into.  Can you get them for me?  They're on the very right side of the chest in your room."  She then closes the door.

Han Chen doesn't answer.

After a few seconds of silence, Jin Xi hears him get up.  She hears footsteps walking towards the bedroom.  After a while, the footsteps come near.

Jin Xi's face is red.

"Open the door," he says in a low voice with his shadow reflecting on the ground.

Jin Xi opens a slit with the door again.  He doesn't say anything and neither does she.

And then she sees his arm reaching inside, handing her a few pieces of clothes.  Jin Xi takes them right away and his arm retreats.

Jin Xi closes the door again.  She feels relief and says smiling, "Thank you."

Han Chen doesn't respond.

He's standing outside of the door with the image from just now occupying his mind.

Through the narrow door slit, he reached inside to hand her the clothes.  The woman's arm reached over carrying dampness and was especially fair white and soft.  He clearly only saw a bare arm, but it was enough to tickle his heart.

Jin Xi is in the middle of pulling up her pants when she notices that something isn't right.  She turns around and realizes that Han Chen's shadow is still reflecting on the door.

He's still standing by the door and hasn't left yet?

Jin Xi's heart starts pounding quickly.  She reaches out her hand and locks the door out of reflex.

She then hears his voice penetrating the door, "You think that locking the door will help?  I have the key."

Jin Xi is speechless, "……"  She has never seen a scoundrel like him!

"Why are you still standing at the door?"

He keeps quiet for a while.

"Jin Xi, I admit my defeat regarding the bet, okay?" his deep and low voice says in the most gentle way.

Jin Xi is surprised, "Why?"

This really doesn't seem like something that he would say.  What is his real motive?

She then hears his voice crisp and clear:

"It's because I want an answer now."

Jin Xi is stunned.

A certain dense heat wave starts to cover her face and spreads slowly over her whole body.

It's because he said……

I want you to dream with me.

I want an answer now.

His words are like the waves rippling in her heart.  After keeping silent for a long while, she pulls the door open with her face red and walks out of the bathroom looking straight.

"You wish!" she says as she walks past him.  And then she senses his gaze fixed on her face.  She feels her waist being grabbed and is pulled into his embrace, making her unable to move.

He lowers his head to look at her.  His dark brown eyes are glowing.

"I am wishful."

Jin Xi feels nervous, but his words make her want to giggle.  Looking at his half opened collar and a dirty spot on his shirt that came from somewhere, she feels saved.  She pushes him away in disgust, "Hurry and go shower.  You stink!"

Her words seem to have an effect.  Han Chen looks down at himself, then glances at her, gives her a hard squeeze on the waist and lets go of her finally.

"Wait for me," he turns around and goes into the bathroom.

Jin Xi watches the bathroom door close while her heart beats faster.  There's no way she's going to wait for him.  She walks around the room blushing.  She ends up going to the study room, turns on the computer, and sits down.

She must get him some gastrodia elata…..and some pig brains.

Han Chen dries his hair with a towel.  When he walks out of the bathroom, he sees her sitting straight in the study room with her eyes concentrated on the screen.

The fire burning in his body seems to have subsided after the shower, but the impulse in his heart hasn't decreased one bit.  He walks behind her quietly, places his arms on each side of her and looks at the monitor with her, "What are you doing?"

His body has a fresh scent of body soap.  Through the thin layers of clothes, she can feel the warmth coming from his chest.  Every inch of Jin Xi's body becomes sensitive.  Her neck stiffens and she answers without turning her head around, "Didn't I tell you before?  I'm trying to order some gastrodia elata for you."  She doesn't dare to tell him about getting pig brains right now.

Han Chen stares at her for a while.  He bends down and starts kissing on her hair, her face, and continues kissing downwards.

It's an especially long and gentle moment of kissing.  Jin Xi doesn't remember when she dropped the mouse and moved the laptop to the side.  She can only feel Han Chen sucking and licking her from the contours of her neck and moving down.  Her clothes have been unbuttoned by him.  His warm hands travel across her body.  She leans on the chair staring at his black hair while her body feels as if it's not hers.

After a while, he takes a look at her, and then picks her up over the threshold and walks towards the master bedroom.

The instant she touches the bed, he presses himself against her.  His clothes are still on, and hers are half open.  They hug, caress, and kiss each other.  They cuddle with their bodies against each other quietly.  The air is filled with restlessness, intertwining with the tips of their fingers and skin.

A certain feeling and desire that have been suppressed for a long time seem as if they are about to be ignited.  And the feeling of longing for each other's bodies is the strongest that they have ever felt.

"Aren't you really tired?….." Jin Xi asks softly.

"Mm……" Han Chen is indeed exhausted.  He lowers his head to look at her, "Let's kiss for a while.  We'll continue after waking up, is that okay?"

Jin Xi doesn't answer.  Her eyelashes twitch slightly as she stares at his chest.
He lowers his head and kisses her again.

Just before they lose their senses, her cell phone beside the bed rings.  Han Chen releases her, breathes out long breaths, and falls on the other side of the bed.  Jin Xi curls up like a hedgehog and reaches over for her phone.

It's Xu Nan Bai calling.

Jin Xi steadies her breathing and sits up.

"Hello, Senior."

She then senses Han Chen, who's lying on the bed, staring at her.

Xu Nan Bai's voice carries his usual gentleness and cheerfulness, "Junior Classmate, have you learned about polygraphs (lie-detector tests) before?

Jin Xi answers, "No."

"That's perfect.  I can get prepare one with you.  I've already designed a set of questions.  I'll send them to you.  Are you in front of a computer?  Take a look."

"Oh, okay," Jin Xi glances at Han Chen; he's looking at her too.  Their eyes meet, and his eyes are carrying a hint of a smile.

His smile makes Jin Xi feels as if something is knocking on her heart lightly.  She gets up absentmindedly, fetches the laptop in the study room and opens her email.

Xu Nan Bai waits for her patiently.  He asks after a while, "Did you get it?"

Jin Xi responds, "Yes."

"Take a look.  Can you reply me tonight?" he says, "I want to use these questions on the three suspects."

The professionalism of the content captures Jin Xi's attention immediately, so she answers, "Okay.  Thank you so much."

She hangs up and hears Han Chen's voice from behind, carrying a bit of laziness, "Junior Classmate?"

The corners of Jin Xi's mouth curve upward, "What?  Something wrong with that?"  Her mouse scrolls down slowly as she says, "What do you want to call me?"

Xiao Bai?  Xiao Xi?

"Honey (wifey)."

Jin Xi freezes.  It's such a common way of calling someone, but her heart shakes from hearing it.

Did he call her this in the past?

It's because they've long considered each other as their other half.

Han Chen watches her quiet and still back.  The instant he says the word "honey," he feels a surge of heat burning in his heart.

It's because the person he lost has finally returned.  She's right before him; in reachable distance every day and every moment.  And just like in these few days, she can stay by his side, let him touch her, let him watch her, and let him kiss her.

Han Chen raises his arm slowly and puts it on his forehead.  He stares at her back and starts laughing.

After a while, he says, "Let Xu Si Bai end his thoughts soon, otherwise, I won't be able to tolerate him."

Jin Xi never thought that he would mention this all of a sudden.  He must have been unhappy the day Xu Si Bai joined the team.  It has also been a headache for Jin Xi.  She thinks for a moment before saying, "He probably knows already."

Han Chen doesn't respond.

After a while, Jin Xi finishes reading the questions and replies an email back to Xu Nan Bai.  The moment she turns around, she sees that he has already fallen asleep lying on the bed like this.

Jin Xi doesn't move.  She watches him sleep quietly for a long while before getting up to cover him with a blanket.  She then lies down beside him and hugs him.

They actually sleep past 8am and almost arrive to work late.  Jin Xi wakes up and gives him a schadenfreude smile for no reason.  Han Chen glances at her and doesn't say anything.  He gets back at her underneath the blanket.  This makes Jin Xi so mad that she even starts kicking him while they brush their teeth.

The instant they step into the office, they hear Cold Face report an important news, "We've found it.  All three suspects are VIP members at a certain nightclub in the city."

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