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Chapter 54.1

 Part 1 ~

“One of your friends, is gone … you say?”

At chieftain Bergel’s house, Ryuzaki had just finished conveying Inugami missing case.

The one grabbing Ryuzaki’s tail was Satomi Yamako who reincarnated as a satori.
If one was to speak of reading the opponent’s heart, it would be a considerably convenient ability in battle, but what Satomi could do was only telling the veracity of what the opponent was saying. It had been arranged that Satomi would pull Ryuzaki’s tail to notify him when there was any falsehood in Welkano or chieftain Bergel’s words.
Because the monster called satori had a figure close to that of human’s, and they weren’t confirmed to be inhabiting in Albadanba and the Continent, people wouldn’t be particularly vigilant of her.

Satomi’s ability was basically always active. She would instantly know if anyone lied within her perception range. Because Satomi herself hated that, she had always been reluctant to cooperate in matters like these, until now. This time only, she had willingly volunteered. Ryuzaki wasn’t going to ask the reason for her change of heart, but he was very grateful for it.

Now, in front of Ryuzaki were both Bergel and Welkano.

Today was the day after the welcome party. A few days later, the trade fair would be held. Each representative had gathered under the pretext of discussing matters concerning that trade fair, but Ryuzaki had started by broaching the subject of Inugami.
Satomi who was grabbing his tail show no reaction. That was obvious. The other party hadn’t said anything yet, there was nothing to judge its veracity.

This will depend on my art of conversation. Ryuzaki continued.

“Chieftain Bergel, I think Inugami disappeared during the welcome party, do you know something?”
“No…. I, don’t know…”

∗Twitch∗, Satomi pulled Ryuzaki’s tail. Got a hit right away?
Without revealing it on his face, Ryuzaki turned his gaze to Welkano.

“How about Welkano-san?”
“I also don’t know anything.”

Satomi didn’t pull his tail.

Chieftain Bergel seemed to know ‘something’ about Inugami’s disappearance. But it was still premature to judge that he had connection with the enemy vampires. There was also the case that he was hiding that ‘something’ just because he was vigilant of this side, in that case, Ryuzaki had to remove the origin of that vigilance first.
But in case chieftain Bergel was in cahoots with the vampires, he needed to uncover that fact, and fast. If he just let the chieftain escape like this and report to the enemy vampires, Inugami’s live might also be in danger.

Ryuzaki first considered: What information could he reveal?

In the chieftain Bergel was connected to the vampires, he would have known that Inugami Hibiki was a survivor of the werewolf already. There was no need to keep that a secret.
On the other hand, in case chieftain Bergel had no connection whatsoever to the vampires, he likely wouldn’t know of her existence itself. Thrusting the fact they this side knew yet the other side didn’t, would be effective to shake them up.

And the same could be said about Welkano as well.

“…Actually, Inugami has the ability to sniff out the scent of vampires.”

First, Ryuzaki broached the subject. So it’s Welkano-shi who shows reaction to his huh.

“Do you know about the vampires called Red Moon that are causing troubles on the continent?”

Both of them nodded. Welkano naturally knew of it as he was a merchant, stocking up information was a mat

ter of course to him, but apparently, chieftain Bergel seemed to know of it as well. Albadanba was supposed to be isolated, but perhaps, there were more people coming and going than one might think.

“In fact, last night Inugami has told me that there may be vampires on this island.”

Chieftain Bergel raised his voice before anyone else.

“Why have you guys stayed silent about that until now…!?”

His tone wasn’t exactly filled with anger, but there was a slight criticism in it. This was natural, thinking of his standpoint, and there was no positive proof that this was simply acting, at least not yet. Ryuzaki — knowing that it would irritate the other party — purposely asked this:

“Chieftain Bergel, you didn’t know about it…?”
“Naturally. I don’t want to speak like this, but if vampires were known to be lurking on this island, our correspondence with you would have been different as well.”

Satomi, didn’t pull his tail. Chieftain Bergel truly didn’t know about the vampire existence.

Ryuzaki sorted the information in his head for a moment.
Chieftain Bergel is hiding something from us about Inugami missing case. But he didn’t know that vampires are lurking on this island. Although I can be relieved knowing that he has no connection to the vampires, the problem now is why he needs to keep secrets about Inugami missing case?
It will be difficult to get the information out of him. Since the other party is intentionally lying, it’ll be most difficult to expose it. Not that I can’t point out his lies and forcibly make him speak, but that’s too risky.

“I apologize to have kept silent about the vampires until now.” [Rants]

Ryuzaki politely bowed his head and apologized.

“Ryuzaki-dono, may I ask one thing?”

The one who asked that question was Welkano-shi of the maritime caravan.

“What is it?”
“May it not be possible that you are a part of that Red Moon? It may be impolite of me to ask this, but there are voices worrying about it even among us. So taking the opportunity, I want you to make it clear.”

Ryuzaki hesitated for a moment.

Of course not, it was because he couldn’t say this. Akai Asuka was a vampire, a part of the blood clan.
If he revealed the truth, the story would become considerably complicated. But if he lied, he would lose their trust when that lie was exposed.

But Ryuzaki’s hesitation was but a moment.

“We are not related to the vampires of Red Moon.”

He looked his opponent in the eyes and clearly declared. Satomi pulled his tail with all her strength. That hurts.

“That was wrong of us to not inform you of the vampire’s existence last night, I guess there’s no merit in revealing the information at this point. But it’s a fact that we’re troubled because of Inugami’s missing.”
“And what of the possibility that Inugami-dono’s missing itself is untruth?”

Suspicion fills Welkano-shi’s eyes less than his attempt to test us.
I don’t think it’s ‘suspicion will raise bogies’, it’s probably something comes from a merchant’s instinct — always keeping in mind a safe choice.

“I mean, what good is there even if I give false information here? Welkano-san.”
“Well, I guess you’re right.”

Welkano easily accepted Ryuzaki’s complaint.

The one making a grim face was chieftain Bergel. He was probably examining Ryuzaki’s words — Vampire is on this island.
As long as one believed in yesterday conversation, he was a virtuous human, not too suitable for outwitting one another. That in itself might be an act, but that wasn’t case if one just looked at Satomi’s reaction. Right now, he probably was earnestly thinking whether or not the information Ryuzaki had told him was true.

It seemed like he would speak the concealed information with just one more push.

“However, it won’t be so calm now if there are really vampires on this island.”

Welkano continued without changing his expression.

“The missing case that occurred periodically as well, could these vampires have been the cause? Chieftain.”
“Yea…. I also thought of that possibility.”

Chieftain Bergel groaned deeply.

“Chieftain Bergel, I shall ask again,”

Ryuzaki peered in to his eyes and said.

“Inugami disappeared during last night welcome party. Do you know anything about it?”
“…I, do not know anything, about her disappearance itself.”

After a slight delay, he spoke in a strangely full of implication manner. Hitomi didn’t pull Ryuzaki’s tail.

“…Then, you know something else?”
“I cannot answer that.”

Saying so, chieftain Bergel looked at Ryuzaki. Evident distrustful emotion dwelled in his black eyes.
Chieftain Bergel was doubting Ryuzaki. No, not just Ryuzaki, he was doubting the entirety of 2nd year class 4. At least until last night, he hadn’t shown this kind of response. It certainly wasn’t because they left the welcome party midway through, probably.
In just one night, his attitude had made a violent change. If one was to say that Ryuzaki had bought his distrust because he had been keeping secrets, that wasn’t the case either. The chieftain attitude even before that wasn’t much different from now.

Is Chieftain Bergel hiding matters about Inugami’s disappearance because he’s doubting us?

Then what has made him doubt us this much?

“Chieftain Bergel,”

Ryuzaki kept a steady gaze on the chieftain, he had decided to ask a bit of a leading question.

“Could it be, you have heard about Inugami missing case from someone else?”
“Such a thing…, didn’t happen.”

Satomi tautly pulled Ryuzaki’s tail.

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