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Next 4-8 hours.

Year 7446, Month 7, Day 1

I look down at the corpse of the Minotaur with my arms crossed while thinking. The moment I walked outside at the same time as the cage of {Lightning Bolt}s revived the light appeared from the ceiling again. Obviously the moment the Minotaur was believed to have died with the same timing the cage of {Lightning Bolts} disappeared as well. Certainly this could be called a {Sentinel}.

Oh~ guess I should have them gather the magic stone?

"Zulu, take out the magic stone."

After ordering Zulu to gather the magic stone, I immersed myself in thinking even more.

It's necessary to properly investigate things in regarding to the revival of the Minotaur. I'm thinking of leaving the dungeon once, then coming back after making proper preparations to do that including making this room on the 8th floor into a base.


"..I guess so. Ah, I wonder if the monsters are the same?"

"Master, congratulations.  Let's say that master is the number one hero in the Kingdom!"

"Yeah, Bel, go with that."

"In other words I wonder if that means there's another Minotaur as the guard?"

"There is, it would be best to think that's the case. Also we still don't know anything about the monsters on this floor. There's no guarantee that the monsters are the same as the 8th floor. Don't let your guard down until we confirm the status of a corpse."


【Condition: Normal】

【Level: 5】

【Strength: 25】

【Dexterity: 8】

【Special Skill: Super Sense of Smell】

Miduchi and Bel start shooting arrows at the crabs. The arrows are stabbing into the joints between their legs nad bodies but it's not doing much damage. Even in regards to magic depending on the angle it hits the shell some of it seems to be getting deflected. The only effective magic that hit it was the {Flame Bolt Missile} I was using.

The appetizing scent of shellfish types being cooked spread around the surroundings and even if I tried using Identify to check it, it just said 【Red Battle Crab's First Leg】, since it doesn't seem like there's any poison in abandon I took it along with the axe and tried cracking open the shell of the claw.

Since it's raw meat it feels like there's a bit of thickness to it. I need to properly pass it over fire.

I carefully approached the flame of {Flame Thrower} to it and after the half-transparent meat turned white I erased the flame and used a knife to cut off some of the white portion before putting it in my mouth.

The reincarnated people around me were watching over me closely.

After doing it a number of times and we establish the most efficient method to defeat them then I guess we can advance a bit further inside.

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