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So tired..

Year 7446, Month 9, Day 12

It sure does have some intensity behind it with that deep voice of his.


Magic trick? What's he saying?

Basu was focused on me as if he wasn't going to overlook any lies as well.

You're loud~ really. I know of one. At the very least one that let's you go from the 3rd floor to what's probably the 14th floor in less than one minute. If I were to teach them they'd probably gladly jump right in. Shall I let them go for a dive? Though it'll  be a one-way trip.

"Ha~ ..There's no way I would know right? If I did know then I'd like you to tell me."

I shrugged my shoulders in an exaggerated way and said while sighing. Additionally I made a face like "What is he saying, this guy" as if I was making fun of them.

"Chi..Making such an irritating face over every little thing.."

Viruhaima looked like he had just swallowed several bugs while making a grim face and cursing and, "In that case..mumble~mumble..even if he knew..mumblemumble.." and whispered something in a low voice. But, I wonder about that? This time I figured it out thanks to the matter with {Black.Topaz} but after revealing information I could just wait for reckless adventurers to self-destruction all on their own, that sort of hand exists as well. However...

"..Even if I knew I'm sure I wouldn't say it. If I did then it would just increase the meaningless deaths."

"Shut it. Stop acting cool and saying things that sound natural. In what world is there that sort of good-natured person?"

"I'm sure that's the case. If it were us we'd happily sell it to other people after all."

Aaa~ Adventurers who have weak origins and a bad upbringing sure are bloodthirsty and unpleasant~

It's a world that isn't suitable for a refined noble-sama like myself.

At this point, whether it be the 7th floor or others I can't imagine it being laid waste even if low level adventurers start appearing there.

That itself makes it possible for things to be invaded after all.

"It can't be, did you say that seriously?"

I stood up from my seat leaving behind the two speechless over the words meaningless deaths will appear. I've already taken what I can get, there's no more business here.


"Right...A funeral for those who died I guess."

It was easy to guess the reason they went through the trouble of carrying their remains to the surface without taking out the magic stones was to perform a funeral. As expected just taking out the magic stone is a final means.

In order to make it easier to burn there's something called a wooden "funeral pedestal", you surround that with firewood, and place the remains on top of there surrounded by plants that are easy to burn as well as Sotomu oil and then light it on fire.

The "funeral pedestal" is made of a combination of a thin nonburnable tree called Rarukku. Even though it's called nonburnable it's still normal wood so it's just a bit more difficult to set on fire. It never gets very big so it's not used as normal lumber. It's not as if it's sturdy either and it only ever reached a diameter of 5 cm or so.

If you just keep adding firewood as fuel then normally in the 2 hours it takes for the funeral pedestal to burn also thanks to the Sotomu oil, the remains will turn to just the bones and magic stone. Of course, it's not like an incinerator in Japan so the force of flames aren't all that strong and while the bones might crack a bit even if they're from an elderly person they'll still remain their shape.

It seems that their funeral was already almost over.

Since it seems like there's a good chance they noticed us as well(The riverside is at best~ 3~5 meters wide and the road is right besides it after all) so we just tried to nod and pass by them.

"You went to the trouble of coming?"

The Laios battle axe user Baru called out to us with a facial color like a zombie. It's a coincidence...Who in the world would choose to come~


Anderson lowered her head with an apologetic expression.

""I give you my condolences.""

Miduchi and I both spontaneously said that and lowered our heads. It's ordinary but there's nothing else to say about it.

"Thank you for going to the trouble."

Kaku started talking to us as well.

"Rotto was almost like a little brother to me. I've been friends with Gary since we were brats. Thanks."

Vikkusu lowered his head as he thanked us as well.

"Even if Marin was like they she had become quite reliable..I'm glad you came."

Roru blinked with her eyes red from crying as she said said.



Somehow the mood has gotten strange. I already want to go but it feels like I can't as well.

Miduchi and I returned to the inn disheartened and split to our own rooms before sleeping in bed until dinner.

Year 7446, Month 9, Day 13

Tomorrow we're going to the dungeon so fundamentally we have one day off. Just, we're still young and recover our stamina quickly so after running today we entered the 1st floor of the dungeon to train spells.

Excluding the Basutoral coupld who seem to be working on a new menu and Giberuti who's busy shopping for our consumables starting tomorrow all of the {Slaughterers} joined us. Also Rodrick and his combat slaves, Binsu, Misu, and for some reason even Jeru. We ended up reaching a total of 19 people. Since it couldn't be helped I had Zenom and Jeru who can't use magic take along my 5 combat slaves excluding Mekku and Rodrick's 2 combt slaves to look after them as they perform combat training and earn some small change.

The members on my end ended up as Miduchi, Ralpha, Bel, Toris, Gwine, Mekku, Binsu, Misu, and Rodrick these 10 who can use magic.

"I want to be able to use the Cloud type attack spells but I can't even use {Wind Cutter} after all..Is it no good if I don't practice using {Air Bash} and {Air Hammer}? I haven't practiced using wind magic attack spells almost at all.."

"Hey, Greed-kun. If we're using {Javelin} would it be better to practice using Ice as the spell bullet?"

You all are too noisy~ going on and on.

But for Binsu, Misu, and Rodrick to participate, I wonder what brought about this?

That night we were told by Bastuoral and the others to come to Murowa so it's not any different from usual but we decided to eat dinner at Murowa. I wonder if it's a new flavor of Baldoggie? and everyone was expecting it but that wasn't the case.

It was rolled cabbage. The ingredients were just pork seasoned with salt and pepper and onions, is what I thought, but what is it? I feel like there's a slightly nostalgic taste.

Ah, is this shiitake?

They must have wrangled it out of Miduchi. There's bacon wrapped around the surface of the rolled cabbage and it's been cooked in a consomme soup, the cabbage was simmering. It's good but as expected compared to the ones served in restaurants of our past life it's hard to call it superb. Well, it can't be helped though.

"I'm amazed there was cabbage in this sort of season."

When I was showing a bit of admiration and they said that while they're a bit expensive, the capital imports crops that are shifted from their normal season so purchasing them itself is possible. Come to think of it, they do say that if you just have the money there's nothing you can't buy in the capital after all. It seems they went to the trouble of having Cathy bring some when she was returning from the factory.

"This, it's shiitake {Rosurujji}. You're using dried shiitake {Rosurujji} as well right. I'm amazed you got your hands on it."

Huh? For Miduchi to say something like this means the origin of these shiitake wasn't Miduchi? Come to think of it I think it was about last month, she said she ran out of shiitake so she wanted to go to Tukerin's place in the capital.

"Yeah, as thanks for the Baldoggie Tukerin-san shared some of it with us."

Hee~ though we were just giving them to him thinking of it as thanks for previously and the preservatives. It might not be a bad idea to start seriously using him as a point of contact to do business with Lail Kingdom. Come to think of it he was addressed as "Leader of Foreign Business" by the King. Miduchi said he was the point of contact for the assassination business or something like that but isn't that all there is to it?

Ah..It might be good to request for Lail Kingdom to take care of the investigations as well. According to Miduchi, Lail's caravans don't just deal with Rombert but they also go peddling with mushrooms and drugs in Devas as well so, what did she say the guard was again? It seems that warrior class or whatever go along as well so if they just send along a few extra members then it could be possible for them to investigate along the way.

Thinking I had come up with a good idea when I tried consulting with Miduchi that night I was told, "our internal conditions would become known to them." However, there's nothing that can be done worrying about something like that. Also, there's no internal conditions that we'd be troubled for them to know about. In the first place aren't there a lot of out foreign spies around? There's also the example of Myun. I'm sure there's no one who wouldn't investigate the opponents territory when they've been in conflict with them for a long time, it could be that outsiders like Lail Kingdom or a different country have already sent in spies to investigate.

It's not like I particularly want to hide the fact that I'm investigating it. I'm just simply lacking in people to do it. Rather that way we just might able to get by without a long investigation and I can continue training everyone where I can watch over things. I tried asking in the case that I have someone of Miduchi's skill level go to investigate, how much would it cost and I was told, "It's different from assassination so I don't know. But, in the case of assassination it sometimes costs in the hundreds of millions."

As expected the level of difficulty is different so it's difficult to think it would be that expensive. However, they might decide the price based on cutting out their superior forces for a fixed period of time. Though I say that, it's different from assassination, and the degree of danger is different as well so I'm sure it'll definitely be a good bit cheaper.

If along with that I have Kuro and Mary investigate things then make comparisons between the results then I can get an idea on Lail Kingdom's investigation ability as well. Additionally, I can make the pipe between us thicker, depending on the details it could be good material to help decide whether they're friendly to us, there's a fear of opposite, or neutral.

I'm sure the estimate is free and it's nothing to hurry over so the next time I go to the capital I'll stop by once to discuss it over tea I guess.

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