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Year 7446, Month 9, Day 14

This time when we enter the dungeon Angela is accompanying the {Butchers} and Toris is going with the {Exterminators}. Excluding them the remaining 9 of us in the {Slaughterers} will be exploring the 9th floor. Midway through next month we'll be performing a test for switching out members for those who want to try it and if it seems like a member will be able to change then after that we'll bring them into the dungeon once then if there's no problem on the next time we enter the dungeon we'll try to clear the 9th floor. If there's no members who get switched out then shortly after the member change battle when we enter the dungeon again just the same we'll head towards the center area of the 9th floor and try to clear it.

Hearing this everyone's motivation seems to have gone up but just as expected of the former {Sun.Ray} members, there was no one among the veterans getting restless. However, Sanno and Ruttsu who hope to enter the {Slaughterers}, and also, Rodrick's combat slaves Denda and Karimu who want to get promoted along with their master, the four of them seem to be quite motivated to the point there's a bit too sharp of a gleam in their eyes.

Sanno and Ruttsu are just the individuals so putting them aside, why in the world are Denda and Karimu is what I was thinking but it seems, "A slaves earnings are the masters earnings. If the amount the master is earning increases then naturally our earnings will increase as well" was the reason. I see, I thought there was various ways of thinking about it.

Rodrick has the role of calming them down. Of course, Rodrick himself wants to enter the {Slaughterers} as well but among the tension he seems to be moderately relaxed. Just as expected from someone who's received investiture as a knight of the Faruergaz Knight Group he's calm. After all those who properly trained here and there seem to have some composure. They might understand that this composure will reduce the chances of a mistake.

Year 7446, Month 9, Day 19

After returning to the surface I heard a slightly unexpected story. It seems that all of the remaining survivors of {Black.Topaz} cleared out of their inn and returned to their home town. Since I was a bit interested I tried gathering the rumors but it wasn't anything at all though. It was just that they were returning to return the magic stones of the members who passed away to their families.

Supposedly Viscount Anderson's territory is in the Northern Royal Territories so it will take them a considerable amount of time to go and return so they just cleared out of their inn for the time being. Although, my relationship with them is nothing more than friends so it doesn't particularly matter even if they don't come back just like that. It seems the reason they didn't go back right away after that was because they were looking for a caravan escort job that's going towards their home town.



【Manufacture Date: 28/9/7446】

【Durability: 30】

【Effect: Invalidates {Evocation} type spells that are combination of only the Earth and Void Magic types that target the wearer at a fixed probability. Also, it can invalidate single type elemental magic of Earth at the same probability.】

It's in the shape of either the top of a small pendant or brooch.

This, I think it will easily go for several billions.

Though my mind is already made up.

"140,000,000 is once again a considerable amount."

Zenom was sipping on some tea Miduchi made while saying. For sure.

"Certainly, wasn't it a condition of the sale that they teach us what kind of ability is has and how they figured that out?"

Toris said with his arms crossed but it's a bit different. The condition was, "After selling it for an amount that I can accept" they teach me that. If that wasn't the case then I could end up just hearing the ability and how they verified that and then decide not to sell it so I wanted to avoid anyone thinking that would be the case. However, even that seems difficult in the case this time. They're already in possession of a {Magic.Item} with the same name, but whether it's a legend from their ancestors or anything else, if the person thinks, "It has an ability" then even if they say "It's said that it has this sort of ability" then there's no problem with that reply itself.

Even on the point of how they verified then and, "It has the same name so we didn't see a need to verify it" or, "We already knew the ability ahead of time so we put the ring on and tried suffering a minor injury" if they say anything like that then I can't respond with anything.

In any case I wasn't predicting a case like this. I couldn't think of the possibility that there was already someone with an item of the same name and that they would want another one of it.

Miduchi explained the fine details of the condition being after the sale to Toris.

"However, this is quite troubling. If it's come to this then we can only decide based on the amount.."

Toris said while hitting his right thumb against his left elbow with his arms crossed.

"It seems they're willing to tell us the ability so if it's over 100,000,000 I think that's fine though..."

Miduchi said it simply like that but even if it doesn't have any significant ability, it's a magic ring you know? The only ones who know it doesn't have any significant ability is myself and you, so we need to convince everyone else..Zenom was surprised at how high the amount was hearing it, is that fine? But you know..somehow I feel like it's a waste as well. Nevertheless, 140,000,000 Z is a huge amount of money. Other than that there's also another reason that qualifies for why we would need to sell it in a hurry right now. Alright, won't someone quickly realize it?

"Toris what do you think? Certainly 140,000,000 Z is quite something. However, we won't know anything but the ability. Even that's, "it's got the same name so I'm sure it's the same ability" just the ability the buyer believes it is. It's unknown if they'll tell us in regards to the method used to verify that as well.."

I said with a somewhat sullen face as if I hadn't made my decision yet to Toris.

"Isn't it fine to sell it? Precisely because it's something where the method of confirming it is unknown, even if we use it wouldn't it be nothing more than a charm right? After all it's 140,000,000. Even in regards to the amount if it's a company managed by Duke Sandak then it's difficult to think they'd have bargained for the price to be too low as well right? They're your relatives right?"

While Toris was spending a bit of time thinking about it, Zenom replied in his stead. It sounds like Zenom isn't thinking too much about it before replying but the things he's saying make sense. However, a charm huh...If it's said like that then that's certainly true.

"Normally if you mention a {Ring.Of.Protection} then it would slightly recover {HP Hit.Points} or rather, life force by just a bit, or increase defensive power, that sort of item. Even assuming that ring has an ability similar to that unless it's considerably strong it's certainly an ability that isn't very disappointing without. Also.."

After saying that Miduchi looked at Toris to her side as he uncrossed his arms and hit his knee while continuing after her.

"Al-san! I forgot something important! It's already been determined that there's a magic ring with the same name. Let's think in the case that one other ring with the same name comes out again. Would the price at that time be the same? Right, Miduchi-san you thought the same thing!?"

That's right. Things that happen twice will happen a third time. Just as Miduchi said, putting aside if it was something considerably strong, if it's just that level of ability then it's

"Certainly that's true. Toris, you noticed a good point. It seems that Zenom doesn't mind either so we're selling the ring."

I said that finishing the conversation.


Thinking that was suspicious I guess Bel tried asking, "What is it?" but there was no reply from either of them.

Does it have a curse or something in regards to elves?


【Condition: Normal】

【Value: 1】

【Ability: Body Restriction Rate: 5%】

【Ability: Armored Protection Area Average Damage Reduction Rate: 18%】

【Effect: Half-Damage.From.Fire Breath】

【Effect: Noise.Reduction】

【Effect: Auto.Mending】

There's no curse factor anywhere to it.

What is it?

"That explains it..Ah, it's a considerably high quality {Magic.Item}, this."

That's only obvious right.

"That's right, it's just as Miduchi-san said. Though I don't know how to put it into words.."

It seems that Miduchi and Toris feel some sort of aura or something being given off by this armor. Judging from the name it is called the {Elven.Chainmail} after all...

"And, this, if it's something considerably good then..Toris, you wear it. Since Miduchi already received the rubber protectors that's fine right?"

"Eh? Is that okay!?"

Furthermore, Miduchi didn't show any particular sentiments towards it.

Now then, we'll be returning to the surface tomorrow but I wonder what happened with the ring?

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