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Year 7446, Month 10, Day 21

Just as expected from veteran adventurers Kamu and Kimu made almost no sound.

If it's from here then there's no way to accurately determine their location as they approach while crouched down.

"Hmn, after all putting aside Kimu-san, as expected of sis Kamu.."

Miduchi whispered.

She sure is amazing~

"Right now around where are the two of them?"

He must have heard Miduchi's whisper. Basutoral whispered as he asked Miduchi.

"Kimu-san is about 30..27~28 meters from the ogre on this side. Sis Kamu is on the right side..about 20 meters away I guess..It's easier to tell Kimu-san."

Are you serious.

Zenom looked at Toris's face while still holding the clock magic tool but Toris just shook his head.

Well, whatever.



I see now. If it's mentioned while looking then even I can somehow tell.
Over there and there.

Kimu is just about 15 meters from the ogre.
Kamu is just a bit closer to Kimu on the right side about 15 meters away.

It seems everyone else has noticed as well as they aren't making a sound just focused on them.

There's probably not much meaning in using {Detect.Life} or keeping watch with our eyes for a short while longer.

Kamu stood up and just as only her head appeared for a moment and a bow came up soon after as well.

And then an arrow was fired.

Since it was from a bit to the rear-side of the ogre it didn't notice until it hit the back of it's head.


The moment the arrow stabbed into it the ogre jumped up as if it was hit and stood up while turning around at the same time.

It's probably picking up it's weapon.

Kimu wasn't so slow as to miss that opening.

The only difference is that she's holding a long spear.
Also, she has a long round tail which is the same gold and black stripe color as her hair.

Kimu charged at it without making a sound going in a straight line with her spear.
The moment the crouching ogre noticed Kimu I think there was already almost no distance.

The ogre raised it's body in a hurry just as Kimu's long spear stabbed deep into it's right chest.

"Goo!!? Gaaaa~!!"

As the ogre screams in surprise and pain it seems to have already forgotten that it was just hit by an arrow a moment ago.

Kamu is running through the grass after throwing down her bow, it doesn't seem to have realized that she's approached aiming for the back of it's knee.

Kamu is making use of her short height as a gnome as her head isn't showing out of the grass.

Normally the spear should be immediately pulled out.

Particularly when there's multiple enemies the chances of the ogre breaking it are high.

However, no matter how stupid ogres are, it seems it's not stupid enough to break the spear while it's still stabbed into it's chest(although, I don't think this is related to intelligence. Not just limited to ogres, I think anyone would first reflexively try to pull it out) so just limited to this situation where there's only one enemy, Kimu's method is correct.
It also can act as a cover to keep the ogre from noticing Kamu's approach, or rather that's probably the aim.


Kimu puts some fighting spirit into it as she yells.

It's easy to tell the muscle of the arms holding the spear is swelling as strength is being put into it.


Kamu cut the back knee of the ogre with her short sword.
The short sword she uses isn't quite at the level of the type-64 bayonet I made in the past(though it was mostly father and Arnold that made most of it) but even then it's quite high quality and a sharp blade.

While the ogre showed an opening as it fell to one knee Kimu pulled the spear out and it seems this time she's just trying to keep it in check.

Even as blood was coming from it's left knee, the ogre is showing some decent movements as it picks up it's club and twists it's face as if laughing.

It looks as if it's saying that it can do anything as long as it has it's weapon.

Kimu is skillfully holding the ogre back so it can't approach Kamu.


Other than how Kamu approached the ogre at the start I guess they're fighting quite carefully.

However, the ogre won't be finished off with just that.


Just from stabbing your spear into the left upper arm of the ogre you thought it did some good damage right?

But, that's a big mistake you know.

As proof of that it tensed up the muscle in it's left arm so the spear can't be pulled back out.
And then soon after it swings the club in it's right arm.

However, Kamu managed to shoot an arrow into the ogre's face at just the right timing.
At the moment it flinched from that Kimu seems to have pulled her spear out.

In just a moment longer it was about to destroy the spear.

Right now, she's not fighting with power but speed and timing.

Kamu is skillfully following up with that.

And then as they injured the ogre, weakened, and defeated it.


Zenom said.

Since they used over 1 minute to approach the ogre, I guess that means they were actually fighting for about 4 minutes and 30 seconds?

They were too careful.
Well it still depends on how much time it takes for them to take out the magic stone.

It took almost just 15 minutes for them to take out the magic stone.

It's incomparably fast compared to the first time entered the 7th floor and gathered magic stones from the ogres.

I guess they're not losing any face as veteran adventurers.

Now then, next up is Basutoral and Angela's turn. Shall we return once and then teleport back into the 7th floor once more?
Shouldn't they be able to win?


Even more conveniently it was in the middle of some plains surrounded by tall grass again.

Just like Kamu and Kimu, Basutoral and Angela said they wanted a bit of time to go over things so I let them.

After having a simple discussion of some things they soon told me they were ready.

Zenom lightly tapped on me from the side.


At almost the same time as I declared that Zenom said the current time.
Reflecting on just before, Zenom looked for a good chance while holding the clock and then gave me the signal at a good time.

Hearing my statement, different from Kamu and Kimu, Basutoral and Angela ran off without hiding themselves.

I can tell that at the same time it started running towards Basutoral holding it's club.

"I guess they intend to earn even just a bit more time..It means fighting it head on but I guess that's a method as well."

Toris whispered.

"I'm sure it's possible for them right now after all."

Zenom said after hearing that but hearing his words Kamu and Kimu made a shocked expression before asking Miduchi.

"Fighting that ogre..head on.."

"Nn~ they have quite a bit of experience fighting against ogres after all..I've seen Maruso and Saji fighting one on one against ogres a number of times as well."

Miduchi replied without taking her eyes off the backs of Basutoral and Angela.

Basutoral ran to the left while holding his spear on guard and Angela is running while holding up her broadsword as well.

I thought that Basutoral would make use of the momentum from his charge to stab it with the spear but it seems he's being a bit cautious.

Angela is moving to circle around behind the ogre.

The ogre doesn't want that so it's trying to stop her with it's club but Basutoral is efficiently holding it down.
Their movements show they've completely read the actions of the ogre.

Angela is keenly circling around the ogre and creating openings.
Basutoral is making good use of those openings to land thrusts with his spear.

After taking two clean hits from Basuotral when the movements of the ogre dulled a bit Angela quickly went in to cut the nape of it's neck.


Zenom said.

While it might look like that they ended up acting quite cautiously.
Is it because it's the first match?


A total of 19 minutes and 30 seconds huh?

Even then they were slower than Kamu and Kimu.


Kamu and Kimu were making sullen faces.


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