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Chapter 220: The Great Battle

At the same time, however, they were bathed in its killer’s instinct!

A fatal attack!

At the most crucial moment, two shadows sliced across the sky and speedily dashed towards the ready-to-attack phoenix.

The other was Ling Xian.

The Demonic Fairy was already floating in the air and was closer to the battleground. The moment she saw Zi Dong Lai displaying his weakness, she made her move, fast like the wind, striking like thunder.

Ling Xian surpassed her from behind. Like a shooting star, his lightning speed made the Demonic Fairy fall far behind.

Instantly, the sky darkened.


Luckily, Ling Xian has been quietly training for three years, and his capabilities were the strongest they’ve ever been. It was only because of the past three years and the fact that he used the strongest guiding law, was he able to block this attack.

"Please, Headmaster, rest for a bit. Let me buy you some time."

When he was observing the battle from afar, he simply thought the phoenix was strong but didn’t have a clear idea as to just how strong. However, now that he was within close proximity, Ling Xian could clearly feel the phoenix’s completion leveled training. What rose out of this realization was his undefeatable mentality.

"Okay. But Ling Xian, please be careful. I will order someone to activate the array my ancestor set centuries ago. Just hold on for a little longer," Zi Dong Lai knew Ling Xian’s capabilities well, and he knew that stopping the phoenix by himself was unrealistic. However, buying some time for the House was doable.

"A foundational ant dares to challenge me? You sure do not recognize your own limitations." The phoenix remained standing tall as its red feathers fluttered slightly. The lovely movements raised the temperature again.

The phoenix finally expanded both of its wings. Staring at Ling Xian with its red pupils, it sneered, "Since you desire death, I will grant you your wish."

"You cannot take my life."

He wanted to fight the phoenix head on!

Remember that the phoenix was one of the most ferocious beasts in the mortal world. With its anc

ient majestic blood and steel-like flesh, it exceeded human cultivators of the same cultivation level. Based on the fact that Zi Dong Lai lost the battle within a few hundred moves, one could tell just how horrifying this phoenix’s abilities were!


Ling Xian’s body slithered like a swimming dragon. With all the energy he could muster, he thrusted both fists forward and forced himself through the heated air and cloud!

Last time, he used the four transformative qualities of his Eyes of Execution to become the first to fight against a completion leveled cultivator!

"A cockroach tries to block a moving vehicle, you sure do not know what death is."

Boom, boom, boom!

In the blink of an eye, the two opponents have exchanged many rebuttals. Every single time they crossed paths, the river and the land shook, the Sun and the moon quivered, even the caves around the place was blurring.

Everyone’s gaze was concentrated on the white-robed silhouette. Their eyes were full of disbelief.

Remembering that it is next to impossible for a foundational to challenge a completion. This was an agreed-upon iron law in the community!

The impact of this on everyone’s mind was not hard to imagine.

"Unbelievable. Who is this person? Such horrifying abilities!"

"He sure is strong! I did not believe it when people said someone defeated the Demonic Fairy. But now, I believe what they have said."

Chatters began to surge, full of awe.

Today’s battle has stunned everyone!

To the people on Shi Ao Island, Ling Xian was merely a nameless cultivator. However, after today, the entire Zi Yang House will know of his name!

Though he was feeling a tinge of fatigue, his bravery remained. Every punch he threw made the place shake.

Immediately, Ling Xian found himself in a sea of fire. His body was bright red and the pressure he felt on his chest multiplied.

After another 10 rebuttals with the phoenix, the boiling blood in Ling Xian’s chest was beginning to simmer down. His weakness was starting to show.

Now that she saw Ling Xian getting tired, her beautiful eyes flooded with passion. She was ready to take Ling Xian’s place.

"Why? You think I can’t suppress that phoenix?" The Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow, her stare threatening.

The Demonic Fairy frowned, not wanting to resign, "Let me fight it for a little while before you activate the array. What do you say?"

"That’s okay I guess. You can make your move," the Demonic Fairy agreed in a low voice.


Honestly speaking, with his level of training, fighting against this beast really was a little out of his capabilities. If the battle dragged on any longer, he would’ve died in the claws of the phoenix.

"Ling Xian, thank you for your help." Zi Dong Lai smiled genuinely before his expression turned rigid again. "I will take care of the rest."

To have been able to last 50 rebuttals with the phoenix without using the Eyes of Execution really was heaven-defying.

Famous after one battle!

"Headmaster, please make your move. I sure want to see the array the Zi Yang House created to protect this mountain," Ling Xian beamed, curious.

"Haha, you will not be disappointed."


"The ancestral array, activate!" Zi Dong Lai’s expression was serious. His hands moved up and down and finally activated the array.

The purple misty fog dissipated, though looking soft and gentle, they were hidden with killer instincts!

During that period of time, when the Zi Yang House was falling into an abyss of failures, this array defended the House against opponents from all directions. It was because of this ancestral array, was the Zi Yang House able to survive.

It was apparent how powerful this array was.

"If this was the Purple Cloud Array from ten thousand years ago, I would leave without uttering another word. However, after the war that changed everything, how much dominance is left in the Purple Cloud Array?" The phoenix snickered, "Less bullsh*t. I sure want to see if the legendary ancestral array can stop me!"

Immediately, a thousand-miles-wide sea of fire emerged out of thin air and torched the earth until all was barren!

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