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Aside from Imperial Physician Gu and esteemed wangfei, nobody else knew how Han Yunxi was planning to get rid of the arrow. But everyone knew that any wound located three inches below the navel would require closer treatment than just stopping the blood. That meant…they had to take off Gu Beiyue’s pants!

Important things needed to be repeated three times. Something like that definitely, definitely, definitely couldn’t happen! Especially inside the Duke of Qin’s estate! Zhao mama was in a frenzy. She rushed right back to push at the door, but a sudden gust of wind beat her to it and violently burst open the door. Before anyone could react, Long Feiye had already entered the guesthouse, leaving a strong sense of killing intent in his wake.

Zhao mama finally expelled a breath as she was freed from her fear. But she was quick to suck in a breath in its place. This isn’t right. Wasn’t that His Highness Duke of Qin? He actually came back at just the right time? There’s something fishy about it!

The people around Zhao mama were equally stunned. Nobody expected this reclusive, icy duke would show his face at a time like this. Because Han Yunxi was situated behind a folding screen, she didn’t see who came in. Currently, she was carefully weighing the quantity of poison in her hands as she prepared to prepare her toxin. The one thing she hated the most was being disturbed in the middle of her treatment process, especially at a time like time. Gu Beiyue wasn’t poisoned, so there was no way for the detox system to give her an accurate dose of ingredients she should use. Han Yunxi had to calculate the dosage based on the depth of the arrow in his body. It was a complicated calculation that needed meticulous work and no interruptions!

She was distracted as soon as the door flew open, the numbers jumbling themselves up in her head. Gloom! Disregarding the visitor, she roared, “Get lost!”

Long Feiye’s steps halted as everyone outside gaped dumbstruck at the scene. They were frightened out of their wits! So…so there actually exists someone who dares to speak to His Highness Duke of Qin like that…no, not speak, but ‘shout!’

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