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Chapter 346: I’m happy because you’re unhappy Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.


He said she didn’t need to come along?

As Han Yunxi watched Long Feiye’s figure retreat into the distance, she suddenly felt like she’d been abandoned. Her heart felt stifled and uncomfortable. Long Feiye had asked her no end of questions in the guesthouse. Of course she knew he disliked what she was doing, and had gotten angry. If she didn’t follow him now, the results might be disastrous, but she was rendered immobile.

There was Gu Beiyue’s life on one side, and Long Feiye’s feelings on the other. No matter what, a life was more important than one’s feelings. She wouldn’t ignore Gu Beiyue’s plight just because of emotions. Long Feiye’s figure had just about disappeared by now, but Han Yunxi was still staring after him. Nobody knew that she felt the worst of all from making such a choice. Zhao mama stood stunned for a long while because she suddenly recovered her wits to tug on Han Yunxi’s sleeve.

“Esteemed wangfei, His Highness isn’t happy! His Highness is actually extremely unhappy!”

Zhao mama finally remembered what Han Yunxi had said before. Wasn’t this esteemed wangfei’s goal? She even said that they’d leave Gu Beiyue here until he fully recovered. If His Highness was unhappy, then esteemed wangfei should feel the happiest of all! Zhao mama rose from the depths of anxiety to pleasant surprise. “Esteemed wangfei, His Highness is really unhappy!”

But Han Yunxi was still too gloomy to hear her speak. At this moment, Chu Xifeng ran out of the room. “Esteemed wangfei, we really don’t need to take out the arrowhead with your method?”

Han Yunxi came back to life and asked hastily, “What’s going on?”

Inside, Imperial Physician Huang had already started using the needles. The arrowhead had broken, and Chu Xifeng had seen black blood seeping out from the wound.

“Esteemed wangfei, answer my question first!” Chu Xifeng asked urgently.

“Were there complications with the needles?” Han Yunxi was more concerned with the situation inside. She’d met with a few exceptional cases in her line of work, but complications always arose when it was time to use needles.

“Everything’s going smoothly, he’s bleeding black blood!” Chu Xifeng’s tone sounded somewhat irritated.

Han Yunxi breathed in relief. “Then that’s good. Everything’s going as expected. As long as all the black blood comes out, we’ll just need to treat his wound and things will be set.”

Chu Xifeng was stunned. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say about his mistress!

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