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Chapter 162 - Moon Essence Absorption

The sword silk snuck towards Zhong Yue silently and he twisted his body, exposing 'Shui Qingyan', using her as a shield to fend off the sword silk. Suddenly, the sword silk burrowed into the ground and prepared itself to launch a sneak attack from the ground. Zhong Yue then pressed the girl onto the ground and used her body to block the attack again.

'Shui Qingyan''s alluring yet powerful legs wrapped around Zhong Yue's waist, immobilizing him and she raised up her beautiful fingers before thrusting them towards his eyes.

"【 Thousand Dragons' Descend】 !"

Zhong Yue humphed and a flurry of Jiao Dragons rushed out from his body. Half of the Jiao Dragons' body remained hidden in Zhong Yue while the other half hooked onto the ground. As the Jiao dragons used their strength, a loud noise was heard and Zhong Yue's body became immensely heavy, crushing towards the girl's body and creating a huge hole in the ground! With the crazily heavy body pressuring her from above, 'Shui Qingyan' felt difficulty to breathe and her legs grew numb, allowing Zhong Yue to unshackle himself from her bindings.

"【 Howl of Water Dragons】 !"

'Shui Qingyan' 's voice could be heard and from the crater, water dragons breached through the ground, one after another, crushing everything in their path as they charged towards Zhong Yue. Zhong Yue evaded the attacks and clasped his fist, shooting out innumerable sword silks that eviscerated the water dragons into pieces!

Then, 'Shui Qingyan' could be seen flying out from the crater as she rode on the waves, hair flapping behind her as she looked at Zhong Yue coldly.

So many people?

Zhong Yue looked around, seeing more and more Qi Practitioners gathering around them and he tried to restrain his own killing intent. On the other hand, 'Shui Qingyan' also stopped her assault upon seeing so many Qi Practitioners gathering around them. From an imperceptible angle, her sword silks flew back to quietly hide back in her hair.

The two then quickly tidied themselves and covered their exposed bodies.

"The Zhong Shan Clan's mating bull is indeed very ferocious, no wonder he dared to intrude on the female house at night!"

The Qi Practitioners gathered there and looked around as a moment of realization struck them, "He intruded on the cave dwelling of Junior Martial Sister Shui! She must've been trying to resist him as he planned to rape her with force!"

"Thank god Junior Martial Sister Shui is very strong as well, stymying his mating bull efforts, or else there would have been another beautiful flower that got planted in cow dung…."

"There were already quite a few beautiful flowers that were wasted on Tan Zhen, that huge pile of cow dung!"


As the majority of the inner house disciples were preparing to seek justice for 'Shui Qingyan', she suddenly smiled and walked towards Zhong Yue as she said, "Senior Martial Brother Zhong is indeed powerful and I admire you greatly. Senior martial brother, there's too many people here so why not I head over to your place and we shall have our own private talk happily together. How's that? I have nowhere else to go except for your place since you've destroyed my home." 

When they heard 'Shui Qingyan''s words, blood could be seen gushing out from the mouth of the surrounding inner house Qi Practitioners as they were unbelieving of what they were hearing —— The brightest pearl of Shui Tu Clan had openly volunteered to spend the night over at Zhong Yue's place!


Zhong Yue shook his head and he said with a cold expression, "Don't even think about it! No matter how good you are at persuading people, no means no."

'Shui Qingyan' then laughed and replied, "Are you not afraid of …."

"But not as afraid as you ...!"

Zhong Yue walked away and his psyche gushed out and transmitted a message to 'Shui Qingyan''s brain. He said, "Don't forget that I can expose you just as easily as you can expose me. If the god's messenger wants me dead, he could've spread the news about me killing Xiao Chuqing and you will have to die along with me! Your and my identities must not be made known to others lest the both of us die together!"

'Shui Qingyan' gritted her teeth and stomped on the ground as she barked from behind him, "Why don't you reconsider? I can go to your place and we can have our own sweet talk!"

Zhong Yue, however, maintained his cold countenance as he walked away in silence, leaving her behind alone.

'Shui Qingyan' stomped again and said, "Are you really that cold-hearted?"

The jaws of the surrounding Qi Practitioners dropped onto the ground and their eyes almost popped out in shock.

Initially, they thought Zhong Yue was the one that had tried to coerce 'Shui Qingyan' into indulging his carnal desires; but who would have known that it was 'Shui Qingyan' requesting to go to his private abode to continue their private talk! It would require little to no effort to guess the kind of things a lonely man and woman would get up to at this hour. And yet, Zhong Yue had rejected her in the bluntest terms possible!

He had actually rejected a girl's request to stay at his place at the later hours of the night!

Then, someone guessed, "Could it be that instead of the Zhong Shan Clan's mating bull that tried to force her, it was, in fact, Junior Martial Sister Shui that tried to force him into having sex? And this ravaged landscape was the aftermath of his fight free himself from her harassment?"

Another one murmured, "I think that is most probably the case… God, haven't I received such a wonderful request from a pretty girl? If Junior Martial Sister Shui treated me like that, I would definitely listen to her obediently and not resist in the least. Even ten years of my life wouldn't be too great a cost!"

"You wish! But the Zhong Shan Clan's member is a man of restraint! He actually resisted such a request from someone as pretty as Junior Martial Sister Shui!"

'Shui Qingyan' frowned and after the Qi Practitioners had dispersed from the scene, a few female Qi Practitioners invited her to stay at their place but she rejected them.

Not long later, the girl then used her own psyche to visualize and rebuild a cave dwelling with dark ice as she walked into the cave dwelling.

"He rejected me."

'Shui Qingyan' sat down quietly and said suddenly, "He said if you spread news about him killing Xiao Chuqing, then he will expose my identity."

"Is that so?"

Behind her back, a shadow grew out and said deeply, "He dares to threaten me? Myriad Mother, have you managed to gather any information about him?"

'Shui Qingyan' laughed and replied, "I thought that you and I had already reached the same conclusion long ago? After your evil scheme had failed when he was able to escape from the Devil Soul Forbidden Land, we had already surmised that this Zhong Shan Clan member was no longer the same as the one everyone knew before. Instead, his soul must have been devoured by an ancient being that took over his body. I asked him that just now and he claimed to be a being far more ancient than what I imagined! But, although I may not have been able to force out his true form, I could sense that what he said was an exaggeration. I suspect that he would only be as strong as me even in his true form!"  

From the shadows, the strange voice could be heard again as it murmured, "So a soul of an ancient being devoured him and took over his body! But this ancient being seems to not be cooperating at all. What a shame… But he seems to be weak now, so killing him should not be a problem…."

'Shui Qingyan' 's heart squeezed and she quickly said, "Don't get me involved in it! If you expose him, then my life will be put in jeopardy as well!"

"Don't worry, I will not expose the fact that he killed Xiao Chuqing and as said by him, you will not be exposed as well. This time, I will personally kill him myself!"  

The shadows then started to fade as they started to disperse and the voice said again, "He will definitely participate in the battle against the Xiao Mang Celestial Race and when he is on his way back from the battle, I will kill him myself. He will die in his journey back no matter how strong he was in his previous life!"

'Shui Qingyan' quickly raised, "On his way back? If the Zhong Shan Clan's member participated the battle, your Xiao Mang Celestial Race might not be able to win at all, you should kill him on the way to the battle!"

"Hahahaha, the Swords Gate will never be able to defeat the Xiao Mang Celestial Race. We the Xiao Mang Celestial Race will become a laughing stock if we can't even win against an inconsequential Swords Gate...."

The shadows then faded completely as the voice range out one last time, "Among all of the Qi Practitioners in Swords Gate, only Zuo Xiangsheng and he can win against my people. Their loss is inevitable! 

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue returned to the cave dwelling and pondered, Tian Myriad Mother is indeed very difficult to deal with. It is so hard to win against her at each level, she does indeed live up to her name as an ancient demonic god! This is not to mention the fact that she has yet to unleash her full power and her final form in our battles up till now. If she were to unleash that latent power, her strength might catapult to the height two to three times greater than it is now!"

He could clearly feel the horrifying power hidden within 'Shui Qingyan' every time he fought with her.

Therefore, if she unleashed her full strength and fought without any restrictions, even forcing a stalemate would be quite a tall order for him, much less winning!

Who is the god's envoy that met up with the Tian Myriad Mother? Is he from the Lei Hu Clan or the Shui Tu Clan?

After a moment of brainstorming, he flew out from his place and shot up towards the sky, giving himself up to the punishment of the thunderclouds as he continued to refine his body and soul under the baptism of its lightning.

The 【 Lightning Refining Soul Art】taught to him by Qiu Jin'er contained ninety nine thunder totem carvings, but the Lei Hu Clan had greater attainments in this aspect and they had 128 totem carvings. The 99 totem carvings Zhong Yue had obtained were the fundamentals of the art, while the remaining 29 carvings expounded on the true essence of the art that was restricted from outsiders of the Lei Hu Clan!

Tian Myriad Mother is right. Tonight is a night with a bright moon and it is a good time for nourishing the moon spirit.

Thunder rained down all around Zhong Yue as he looked up to see a moon hanging up high in the sky, effusing a solitary and bright luminescence.

Behind Zhong Yue, his Yuan Shen bathed in the thunder and his moon eyes blinked. Suddenly, the moon essence shrouded all over his Yuan Shen and proceeded to nourish it.


A sudden sound could be heard as his Yuan Shen swiftly shifted form into a six eyed toad that sat on the sky.


The Six Eyed Starry Toad formed by his Yuan Shen stood at over eighteen feet and as it opened its mouth, the moonlight emitted by the moon converged together before gushing towards its mouth!

Zhong Yue was elated at the fact that his Yuan Shen was slowly growing and with that, his cultivation speed was no slower than the time he absorbed the Beast God's essence!

Zhong Yue became lost in his contentment as when his Yuan Shen absorbed the moon essence while also visualizing the Sui Sovereign and simultaneously absorbing the Beast God's essence. The combination of all these processes were almost equivalent to there being two Zhong Yue's cultivating at the same time!

The Yuan Shen could turn into the moon spirit and absorb the moon essence to speed up my cultivation. Would that mean that the sun spirit could do the same thing by absorbing the sun essence? At this rate, I would be able to increase my Yuan Shen to the extreme limit of twenty feet within just a month!

As the moon essence absorption speed of the Yuan Shen became faster and stronger, the moon essence around him slowly flowed towards him, If one were to stand atop a mountain and look towards the sky, they would find that their eyes would be met with a scene of complete darkness as there wouldn't even be a single vestige of moonlight illuminating the sky!

Eventually, the darkness gradually burgeoned with Zhong Yue's continued absorption of the moon essence before it ultimately overtook the entirety of the night sky!

As time passed and when the sun rose, he immediately formed his Yuan Shen into the Great Sun Golden Crow to repeat the process with the sun essence. As compared to the Six Eyed Starry Toad, the Great Sun Golden Crow Yuan Shen absorbed the sun essence at a much faster speed and had an even wider area of coverage. Then, as the sun sets and the moon rises again, he was already strong enough to absorb the sunlight in a radius of two miles around him!

Hmm, I suppose I should repay Tian Myriad Mother for helping me greatly this time ...!

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