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Chapter 683: Luo Feng’s Battle Strategy


He already chose to self destruct, why would he leave any undying energy behind?

Rumble…Hotter than even the law flames by hundreds to thousands of times, even the space about was instantly reduced to particles, the supernova like explosion had power on an unbelievable level, and the super close by golden horned beast was the first to receive this attack.

Its strength was raised by 330 times, actually the other parts of its body were only raised by 30 times, and the right claw was only about 10,000 times that of a normal right claw, hence on average it evened out to 330 times. Raising the right claw by that much…it was harder than even most Undying weapons.

Chi chi chi…

The areas closest to its gold right claw its neck and stomach regions were all attacked, the black scales there were instantly bright red before turning to ash, chi chichi…the thick powerful intertwining muscles, muscles that had strength to tear through space itself, however the explosion had burnt a large portion of this muscles into ash instantly.

Its gold bones were obviously much stronger than its muscles and scales, it had darkened quite a bit from its original gold.

The beast was but in one of those directions, they were surrounded by the large amount of sector lord pinnacle bug corpses in other directions, these were after all sector lord pinnacle corpses with extremely sturdy scales. Even using an e9 grade laser gun, it would still be hard to pierce through its shell, this was mostly because they were dead without any energy infused within its shell.

Even though its body was much weaker, it still shouldn’t be underestimated.

The explosion rippled over 10,000 km in area.



The strongest peak of the explosion was at 0.01 seconds, and the particle stream that burst out immediately decreases in power swiftly as it flows, even the crumbled space about was regenerating. One could see…under the effects of the weaker flames, the mountain like beast floated in space, at this time…it was almost like a skeleton golden horned beast.
Of its entire body, only its right claw, tail and scaled wings at the side were still covered in scales, its main body portion was left with dark bones, even its head was left with

its skull and 5 horns.

"The power was actually beyond what the beast could withstand, its nothing but a skeleton now." Luo Feng thought.


At the core of the vines…was one bug clan shell!

It instantly became Luo Feng, his earth body.


He didn’t want to play with fire and lose his life, hence the 1st thing he thought about while planning was…

Before even considering victory, he planned for failure!

When he sent out the cloud contact vine, allowing those 216 vines to extend over 10k km, he had long made the mosha clansman take the form of a leaf within the vines, and placing the core within its body.

When the vines extended over 10,000 km, it had one more motive, that was to place the mosha leaf over 10,000 km away from the battle, hiding the leaves among sector lord level bug corpses, as it entered the group of corpses, the leaf immediately became a shell of the bug clan.

And when the undying appeared after, causing large amounts of the vine to instantly explode and fly in all directions, the flame undying then…how could he have thought about the bug corpses over 10,000 km away, and after all there were endless corpses all about, he didn’t even suspect anything.

When Luo Feng used his world projection, expanding over 10,000 km, simultaneously showing the golden horned beast body, Luo Feng’s earth body entered his internal world!

The golden horned beast vs the flame undying, it was the chance for him to test his true battle abilities.

If he failed, the golden horned beast would self destruct!

If the opponent took the remains of the right claw away…at most he could just absorb another 100 new blood river crystals into the new body.

"Whether I succeeded or failed, I would suffer no true losses. And things really took a turn for the worst and an incredibly powerful enemy presented himself. If the golden horned beast died, I will toss my earth body out and throw some items out of my space ring, making it seem like my internal world collapse, then I’ll let him kill my earth body. Allowing him to think that he truly killed me." Luo Feng thought.

To force the golden horned beast to self destruct, only Luo Feng would pick such an opponent, no matter what, the mosha had transformed into a bug shell and was hidden amidst endless bug corpses…


"The losses are that huge?"

"Hm?" Luo Feng thought within.

He immediately flew several hundred km away and expanded his internal world out, immediately sucking in 300 units of sector lord bug corpses in.

"Since they’ve already lost close to 1,000 units of bug corpses, they shouldn’t be able to discover these 300 extra missing." Luo Feng muttered within, he was happy, 300 units, buying them would require 3 million mixed elements, and he simply just took them like that. Even though he had to use quite a bit of world energy to regenerate the golden horned beast, that little bit of energy was only worth a few mixed elements.

However, he didn’t dare take too much.

"I’ll take it as compensation, if I didn’t have the golden horned beast body, I’d really be dead. This Wu Long starfield’s response system is seriously too lousy, I requested for help from Long Jue Emperor and yet up till now no one has shown up." Luo Feng stood in space, not doing anything, just patiently waiting.

The self destruct explosion wasn’t even 0.01 seconds.

After which…


After finishing everything, he put on the persona of a victim, patiently waiting in space.
"I’m a victim." Luo Feng muttered to himself.

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