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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate

Chapter: 012.1

Duan Yu sent Qiao Feng to stand and wait nearby. He also ordered people to bring up many fine dishes.

“These are all dishes that you like to eat. Try some.” Duan Yu added a piece of braised eel to QingQiao’s bowl with a doting look.

“Why do you always prepare a big table full of dishes every time we meet?” QingQiao felt somewhat strange.

“If I didn’t prepare delicious dishes in advance, how would I keep little Qiao?” Duan Yu slowly removed the green onions on the eel. He understatedly said, “You usually don’t think about me.”

After these actor’s lines were said, QingQiao had an impression that she was performing in a play.

Those handsome men would use these type of words to lure the female pig (female lead), “Come here, brother will buy you delicious foods.” Then, most silly female pigs (female leads) will be kidnapped.

(T/N: Female pig and female lead sound similar in Mandarin. Without tone marks, they’re both nu zhu.)

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The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate Chapter 12.1 summary

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