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Chapter 1338 – A freak combination of factors (4)

A pity, how could Little Beichen know that after Su Luo's little wing flipped things over, Central Palace and the Xuanyuan's imperial family now already thoroughly had knotted into a deep-seated hatred ah.

Thus, Beichen Ying, with this jade pendant hanging on him, swaggeringly walked to the privileged passage. The chief of the city guards took a glance and was immediately stunned, then, he used a weird gaze to size up Beichen Ying.

Beichen Ying very arrogantly glared: "Look, what are you looking at! Don't recognize Central Palace's people ah? Even if you don't recognize me, this jade pendant, you ought to recognize right?"

This chief was close to gnashing his teeth, and nodded: "I recognize, of course I recognize it."

"Since you recognize it, then why haven't you opened up a path?" Beichen Ying thought, in any case, he was borrowing Central Palace's influence, naturally, the more arrogant the better.

The chief, seeing this huge idiot before his eyes who still didn't know the current situation, secretly smiled coldly in his heart. However, on the surface, he became more respectful: "Please go over here. Since it is Central Palace's people, naturally, we can't neglect. We will go now to inform the imperial court."

Beichen Ying arrogantly waved his hand: "You don't need to notify the imperial court, you guys go busy with your own stuff, this young master has a place to go to!"

"Good good, Young Master, please do as you like." The chief's face was full of smiles, his smiling expression carrying a trace of strangeness. In order not to beat the grass and scare the snake, he certainly couldn't stop these two people.

After entering the imperial palace, Beichen Ying then abandoned this chief and, bringing Zi Yan, swaggeringly left.

"Send people secretly to follow these two people, furthermore, immediately notify First Elder, just say Central Palace's core disciple came to the imperial capital!" Malicious rays of light flashed through the chief's eyes.

After yesterday's matter, the First Elder hated Central Palace to the point of gnashing his teeth, this time, he had done a service deserving of great merit.

After entering the city gate, Zi Yan nevertheless pursed her brows: "This Northern Mo's imperial capital, I have been to one before, but this time, why does it feel so strange?"

"You also have this kind of feeling?" Beichen Ying was usually careless, but quite sharp at times, just now, during the dialog between him and that chief, in fact, he already somewhat sensed it.

"Yeah, that chief's smile was too fake, oozing fakeness." Zi Yan looked at the jade pendant hanging at Beichen Ying's waist, "You say, could this jade pendant of yours have any problem? Perhaps there's Mo Yunfeng's imprint on top of this? Therefore, people recognized it and knew we killed Mo Yunfeng?"

If it was indeed like this, this was being clever and ending up with egg on one's face. Beichen Ying untied the jade pendant, he again carefully sized it up once through, before saying with wrinkled brows: "The jade pendant of Central Palace's core disciples are all the same, I felt the imprint on top before, nothing special about it."

"Then that's odd." Zi Yan's brows wrinkled even more, suddenly, a light flashed in her eyes, "Not good, we're being watched."

Beichen Ying's complexion was also somewhat strange: "Could Second Brother and Luo Luo have met with a mishap here?"

The two people exchanged a glance, shock flashing through both of their eyes.

Beichen Ying didn't have enough time to think, in passing, he grabbed a youngster that passed beside him that had an anxious expression: "This younger brother, borrow you to talk for a bit."

The youngster's wrist was clamped down, originally, he wanted to berate, but seeing that Beichen Ying and Zi Yan's bearings were aristocratic, he immediately lowered half of his arrogance, and said with a hurried voice:."What do you guys want to ask?"

"Did something happen in the imperial city? I saw every one of you all in a hurry, moreover, there are even whole families moving out?" Beichen Ying asked with curiosity across his whole face.

"You guys are out-of-towners?" The youngster sized Beichen Ying up and down.

Mentioning this, Beichen Ying, this arrogant idler, started to ridicule: "The city gate is very congested. It seems each and every one was carrying a package as if moving with their whole family like a refugee, you say, what's going on in your Northern Mo ah?"

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