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Chapter 1368 – The road being blocked is long (3)

Beautiful, simply too beautiful ah!

One could only see her wearing a pure white immortal-like dress, her beautiful black hair sparkling with a gloss. Beautiful jade-like skin as fine as porcelain. Her features so beautiful that it had to be otherworldly. Her bearing was natural and easy, her manners adding to her otherworldliness.

This elegance, this manner, simply made people gasp in amazement.

Su Luo frowned slightly, her eyes carrying a trace of ridicule. She smiled a smile that wasn't one as she indifferently looked at this person.

Beichen Ying warned her on the side: "This is Jade Lake's Li family's current head, Li Yaoyao's father."

So, this person turned out to be Li Yaoyao's father? Su Luo's eyes half-narrowed dangerously.

Li Yaoyao's father personally brought people to come chase over, it could be seen that Li Yaoyao was already healthy and had actively returned to Jade Lake's Palace. She really was a cockroach that just couldn't be beaten to death ah, no matter how, you still couldn't kill her. Su Luo sighed regretfully in her heart.

Seeing that faint mocking manner hanging at the corner of Su Luo's lips, Li Yaoyuan immediately returned to his senses.

Someone next to Li Yaoyuan said something quietly, and Li Yaoyuan's eyes were like lightning, immediately shooting towards Su Luo.

So, it turned out this goddess-like beauty was Su Luo! Li Yaoyuan heaved a sigh inwardly, no wonder Nangong Liuyun would chose Su Luo. Such a woman, whether it was appearance or temperament, was all not something Yaoyao could compare to. This loss was not unjust.

"You are Su Luo?" Li Yaoyuan's eyes were cold, with a stern facial expression.

Su Luo greeted his pair of cold eyes like a mother tiger: "Yes, so what?"

Other people were afraid of him, but Su Luo just took him for an ordinary person.

"You harmed Yaoyao?" Li Yaoyuan's eyes emitted a murderous aura.

"You're talking about Li Yaoyao?" Su Luo very naturally shook her head, "Then very regretfully, I have to tell you, Li Yaoyao's injuries were not inflicted by me personally."

However, it was indeed because of her.

"Li Aoqiong's injuries were also because of you!" Li Yaoyuan got angrier as he talked, his face seemed to be shrouded by frost.

"Li Aoqiong?" Su Luo thought for awhile before she remembered who this person was.

At that time, this Li Aoqiong chased to kill her until she had nowhere to go, finally, Master appeared and saved her from the crisis. In passing, he released some spirit energy from Li Aoqiong, reducing his strength to the fourth rank.

Although she did not personally do it, in fact, it was also done because of her.

"Then, Li Aotian died in your hands?!" The more Li Yaoyuan spoke, the angrier he became, wishing to immediately shoot Su Luo dead under his hand.

Su Luo also became more speechless the more she heard. She didn't know if she and Jade Lake's Li family had a 'don't rest until one was dead hatred' from a previous life. How was it that those children of Li Yaoyuan all perished in her hands? Really odd and uncanny.

Of course, under these circumstances, Su Luo naturally would not admit to it.

Su Luo raised her eyes, cast an indifferent sidelong glance at him and smiled coldly: "Still that same sentence. At that time, I was only a fourth rank, if your distinguished self thinks that Li Aotian was that useless, and want to carelessly push the charge on my head, then whatever you say. In any case, Jade Lake's Li family is strong, whatever you want to say, will become the truth!"

Li Yaotian indeed did not die in Su Luo's hands, but indeed, he did die because of her. In her heart, Su Luo paid with a tribute of silence for a very few seconds for the long departed Li Aotian.

Li Yaoyuan saw Su Luo push off the blame until she was completely clean, and couldn't help but sneer: "Now you don't admit it, after we reach Jade Lake's Li family, naturally, there will be ways to make you admit it!"

"What? Is Li family's head going to forcefully snatch an ordinary girl?" Su Luo's eyebrows shot up slightly, as she coldly smiled.

Forcefully snatch an ordinary girl? Li Yaoyuan suddenly was dumbfounded. He, as the dignified head of Jade Lake's Li family, how was it that he was being described like a street villain?

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