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Chu Feng was wandering about, absent-minded.

Nothing could have been more devastating for a super-king with four severed shackles who had just slain a dragon and ruined an entire city of Vatican to then rush home and surreptitiously attend a blind date.

It had been devastating enough last time when Chu Feng attended a blind-date with Xia Qianyu. Even long after the event, Chu Feng was still a laughingstock for many people.

But this time, it was different. People had already seen his face and known his name. It was more likely for him to run into someone who would recognize him. If that "someone" then posted this piece of anecdote on the internet, Chu Feng would for sure find himself on the headline again on the following day. People would drop their jaws when they heard that their dragon-slaying hero returned home only then to attend a so-called blind-date party.

"I hope no-one in this party would recognize me, especially with my mask on!" Chu Feng mumbled to himself. He refused to believe that he would be that down on his luck. Gradually, he felt that he was at ease again. With a dining plate in one hand and a pair of tongs in the other, he began looking for food to eat.

Well, obviously, he had guessed it wrong. At least, there was one familiar face in this diner, and that was Lu Shiyun. Chu Feng was unaware of her presence, but she was sitting right across the dinner.

Right now, Jiang Luoshen had come into the diner as well. She and Chu Feng were well acquainted with one another. Luckily, neither of the two had seen each other yet.

Jiang Luoshen still looked sweet and charming, just like always. She was a woman of unmatched beauty, or else she wouldn’t have been dubbed "the goddess of the nation".

At the moment, she was wearing a facial mask. The mask was that of an arctic fox. The mask set off her seductive charm despite that those bright and beautiful eyes were the only parts of her that were visible to other people. She didn’t come with Xia Qianyu; it was her auntie keeping her company this time. The two were lingering by the door.

Jiang Luoshen felt that there was something a little strange here. This auntie of hers had never been so enthusiastic about this kind of things, but today. she volunteered to go out with her. She also seemed especially interested in coming to this masquerade with her. What’s her intent? Thing might not be as innocent as it seemed.

"Is she trying to force me into a blind date with some strange dude here today?" Jiang Luoshen grew suspicious.

"Step into the ring, Luoshen. Go on! Go see if there’s anyone you’re particularly fond of," Jiang Luoshen’s auntie said with a smile, "I’ll wait for you here at the door. It’s not appropriate for me, a recently engaged woman, to be here in the first place, but I’ll do anything for you, Luoshen!"

Well, now her intention became clear. She WAS trying to force Jiang Luoshen into a blind date with some "strange" dude!

Bodhi Genetics was a massive corporation. They were always well-informed of everything before acting quickly on the intel they gathered. This time, it was no different. The latest intel they gathered seemed very important, and Jiang Luoshen’s auntie was handed over with the executive power to run this operation.

"C’mon! I will NOT go in there by myself. You AND I will go in together. But for now, let’s just wait here for Xia Qianyu. I’ve called her this morning and asked her to come. She agreed," Jiang Luoshen said.

Jiang Luoshen’s auntie was speechless. "Why does Xia Qianyu need to be here?! She is utterly irrelevant!" Jiang Luoshen’s auntie cursed under her breath.

Soon, Xia Qianyu arrived. She was in a Lolita mask. The mask made her look both youthful and vigorous. She started to make fun of Jiang Luoshen as soon as she arrived.

"Ha, ha! What an interesting person you are, Luoshen! What prompted you to come here today? Are you desperate to get married? Not in a million years would I ever believe that someone like you will come to a blind-date party!"

Jiang Luoshen was tall, slim and graceful. She gazed at Xia Qianyu from the corner of her eyes, but she still looked calm and collected. She smiled then said, "Well then, that makes the two of us. You’re here with me as well, so why don’t we head in there now and see if there are any handsome lads worthy of our dedication and love?!"

Having said that, Jiang Luoshen walked into the diner with both of her hands clasped behind her back. She looked like a casual yet elegant pampered child of a wealthy family, carrying herself with ease and natural poise.

"Alrighty! Let’s go!" Xia Qianyu laughed, but then she whispered, "God! Let’s hope we don’t run into that goddamn son of a b*tch this time again!"

This blind-date party was quite unique. It felt almost like a dinner banquet. The host had organized all kinds of activities to promote interactions between the men and women who were present at the party. It was a vast and open venue. It was large enough for the singles to talk to each other freely and privately.

There was a luxurious chandelier to illuminate the venue. Beneath it, there were red carpets with golden stitches. The golden stitches sketched out many exquisite patterns. The color red indicated joy and bliss. This crowd of men and women talked and laughed, creating a rich festival atmosphere.

There were a few inactive and passive bachelors in the party. Chu Feng was one of them. In the corner on the far side of the room, there was a man staring blankly at the ceiling. He was in a white tiger mask, looking tall and well-built. Somewhere not far from him, there was a woman dressed in a suit of white munching away at a table of food. She ate quickly, yet still remained elegant and composed.

Chu Feng had picked a vacant table to eat his food. He looked around him while he shoved the food into his mouth.

The mask had been quite effective in hiding people’s identity as well as their appearance. No-one could tell how the others really looked. If one were to judge people by their appearance, he would only have the other person’s eyes and body to work with.

However, it did seem like the people who were here were mostly from the upper class.

Although some men might not look as handsome, their charisma made them just as desirable for the ladies as those who were otherworldly good-looking. Their style of conversation was elegant and refined yet still humorous and interesting.

While on the other hand, there were also a few over-confident and conceited young man who thought themselves the most handsome men in the world. However, because of their cockiness, they were held in contempt. Their popularity was much lower than some of those older men who were more mature and steady in comparison.

There was no lack of beautiful women either. Although the bachelors couldn’t see their partners’ faces, but the curves and bumps of these fine ladies left the bachelors with little room for imagination.

"Hey, handsome. Sitting here by yourself?" It was the same lady whom Chu Feng had met at the door. She was still in her Queen mask. She had been wandering around at the place by herself. During that time, many passionate young men had surrounded her, but in the end, she only seemed to be interested in Chu Feng.

"Well, I’m sitting here by myself waiting for you," Chu Feng casually replied. He had never been timid or shy on occasions like this. Chu Feng was born thick-skinned and shameless.

The woman in Queen mask was surprised by the fact that he was such a smooth-talker. This seemingly gullible young man was actually a veteran flirt! It was not quite what she had expected.

She was going to poke some fun at him for him narcissistically calling this party something that had been planned for him and him only. However, right now, the lady in Queen mask was not sure if she still wanted to poke fun at this cheeky young lad.

"Haven’t you had any dinner before this?" The lady saw him still munching away the food on the table without any signs of stopping, so she couldn’t help but to drop a hint to remind him of the occasion.

"Nope! I haven’t eaten anything. I’m still hungry," Chu Feng looked just as natural and easy as always. He didn’t seem to feel ashamed of what he was doing. He even asked the lady to sit down and eat with him together.

This charming lady frowned. She looked at him full of disdain.

A man with scholarly bearing came over. He was handsomely attired; he walked in measured strides and acted in a rather refined manner. With graceful bearing, he invited the woman with the Queen mask to dance with him.

"Sure!" The woman stood up. She then glanced at Chu Feng from the corner of her big eyes, but Chu Feng still seemed to have no concern for her. "What a hopeless bastard," the woman thought to herself.


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