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Chapter 13 Ling Xia decided to have a proper chat with Yu Zhi Jue. In the first place, it was embarrassing to ask about bed activities. Although talking about it is a bit awkward, but it’s a must in the long run in order to do it moderation. He don’t want to wake up everyday to see the sun already way up high. Secondly, he don’t want to stay in Qin Palace everyday. His body is practically fully healed, but everyday he could only meet with Yu Zhi Jue. Besides, he’s still concerned about Song Xiao Hu and the others. He also don’t know in what tricky direction did the story line changes into, but Song Xiao Hu should probably have two or three junior sisters by now right? He was somewhat regretful, since he didn’t have enough time to properly teach Song Xiao Hu about the importance of a monogamous relationship. Even though the girls in this world are a bit daring, but they are all still lovely for the most part. Today, Yu Zhi Jue actually returned very early. As he came back, he went straight over to him, and embraces him tightly from behind, resting his head on Ling Xia’s shoulder. Ling Xia avoided his kiss. He smiled as he said: “Ah Jue, I have something to talk about with you.” He awkwardly and implicitly talked about those matters. Yu Zhi Jue simply lies down on his side, his face remaining expressionless, and his handsome and elegant almond shaped eyes narrowed. Ling Xia suddenly felt his scalp going numb, his breathing becoming a bit difficult. He can’t say for sure, but this villain Yu Zhi Jue could be already very pissed, and simply chose not to reveal it in front of him during these ordinary moments. He pretended to be calm and continued to speak: “Ah Jue, I’m not saying that I did not like it, but……..” “So Ling Xia’s very bored?” Yu Zhi Jue sat besides him, and delicately combed his hair, “Forgive my negligence.” Ling Xia relaxes and smiled: “Rather been staying idle for too long. Ah Jue, I’m thinking for the past few days about looking for Song Xiao Hu to the main continent and meet up with him, after all, he doesn’t know yet the news that I have woken up. I’ll be back soon very quick…….” Yu Zhi Jue’s finger paused. He said: “The journey is ten thousand Li[1] far, what will you do if you encountered danger?” -T/N: 1 Li = 500 meters or according to the internet- Ling Xia was somewhat disappointed, but he knows what Yu Zhi Jue is saying is the truth. Yu Zhi Jue is a sect master, so it’s only natural that he cannot abandon his duties and accompany him.  Furthermore, it’s very dangerous for Yu Zhi Jue to step in any territories of Righteous Sect with his identity as the Qian Kun Sect Grand Master, and facing those kind of dangers is not what a boss does. And with his current health, defending himself is becoming a real problem once his faced with dangers in this world. Yu Zhi Jue fixed his lips on Ling Xia’s forehead, and leisurely spoke with his magnetic low voice: “What you have said, I’ll take note of it —— so it’s ok if it’s every other day?” Ling Xia knows that he’s referring to that first topic, and embarrassingly nodded his head. In fact with Yu Zhi Jue’s stamina in doing that repeatedly, just once a week is the most rational, as he might not be able to handle every other day at all. In this matter, how could he not haggle for a lower price? When evening comes, Yu Zhi Jue really only held him in his embrace, and simply gets up in the next morning. When Ling Xia accidentally touched his bed clothes, he noticed that part was so clammy and sticky, it faintly smelled of fishy odor . Ling Xia pretended to be natural as he stood up to do his morning routine, ignoring Yu Zhi Jue’s hunger for lust and his dangerously dissatisfied darkened expression. En, I can understand young men’s vigorous energy…………   Yu Zhi Jue quickly changes into a set of black clothes and wore a silver mask, Ling Xia changes as well behind his back, in a sneaky way for protection. He was rather curious so he asked: “Is that your magic beast from then?” Truthfully speaking, even though the figure of that Two Headed Serpent is powerful and domineering, but looking at those pairs of triangular eyes is somewhat frightening, and is not as cute as Snow Flame[1]. From that day he last saw it, he never said his goodbye. -T/N:[1]Ling Xia’s temporary magic beast given by his masked master- “The energy I used now is insufficient to undo its seal.” Yu Zhi Jue patiently explained, “But since it’s seal is already slack enough, it can transform to half of its true form, but it can only maintain this form for about three hours before it disappears.” Ling Xia was stunned, if that Two Headed Serpent is so much difficult to deal with in just half of it’s full strength, how much stronger will it get if its seal is unsealed? He’s completely concerned about Snow Flame, since this serpent is Snow Flames rival in the novel. Right, if Yu Zhi Jue and Song Xiao Hu doesn’t fight, then it’s going to be fine………… The Dark Arts Sect doesn’t have meetings everyday, and similar tiny matters are conveyed through seal messages. Ling Xia was still curious about the Villain’s legions described in the novel, and in the present time, he haven’t seen yet the Left Elder Blood Demon Chu Yun, the White Loch Guardian Ming Ze, and the Green Underworld Guardian Ke Lan MinErBai. The Right Elder  —— is the Jade Cloud Master Mei Ji. There’s also a few more Guardians he had not yet seen. According to the writing of the novel, among those people, Chu Yin and Ming Ze are the most loyal to Yu Zhi Jue. There’s also that Guardian who’s a master of refining demon equipment that he don’t know the name of. The rest of the Villain’s legions have their own agenda’s, and only showing deference on the outside. So in conclusion, he don’t want to get along with anyone aside Ke Lan MinErBai. There’s only a few people he had seen along the way since Qian Kun Sect is also quite big. Ling Xia followed Yu Zhi Jue to see his usual training area, as well as the official meeting hall after that. Qian Kun Sect has an altar that is set up to receive seal messages from all the Dark Arts Sects in various regions. So if they have an urgent matter to pass on, they could deliver it through seal messages. Ling Xia heart was stirred. In the novel, Yu Zhi Jue had tamed and trained so many ferocious magic beasts, and also has a prison for torturing Righteous Sect people and so on. He is still wondering if those still exist right now? When he thinks about it, this kind of things made him want to hide like an ostrich, as this world is the same as that world. So if he can, he won’t allow Yu Zhi Jue to repeat taking that crooked path of becoming a character of extreme tyranny. If Yu Zhi Jue changes for the better, won’t it be possible for the Righteous Sect people to let him off? Ling Xia was watching Yu Zhi Jue’s back. In this world, this man is the most important to him, and it has been like that for those three to five years. And this man before his eyes, is the same person he always wanted to protect with all his might. And what’s more, this man is now the one he’s most intimate with. “Tired?” They were in a pavilion when Yu Zhi Jue stopped and turned around, he wasn’t fond of Ling Xia following him from behind, since he could not see his face. Ling Xia smiled and shakes his head. Yu Zhi Jue already walked on a slow pace, and besides, he is not that frail. He was taking a look at the scenery around them. The Qian Kun Sect old generation have chosen quite an extraordinary place, the scenery in here is different compared to the Qin Palace, it has it’s own charm. Yu Zhi Jue’s brows suddenly wrinkled, so Ling Xia knows that someone will come, and hurriedly fixed his clothes and puts on a docile expression. As expected, it wasn’t for long when an extremely fast magic beast pulling a carriage passes nearby. Ling Xia curiously took a peek, and finds out that it was a prisoner carriage. Standing inside is a young woman in a messy appearance. Even if he can’t clearly see her looks, he could make out her extremely fair figure. Ming Ze was riding on a magic beast and is following behind. This has costs him a lot of effort, and has lost a lot of trusted aides just to take this Yu Clan’s female head back. He was about to bring her in to the torture chamber and question her. Ming Ze didn’t expect for Yu Zhi Jue to stop by in this area, and was immediately delighted. He ordered that the woman in the cart to be taken in detention first, and he’ll follow later on. He walked with quick steps towards Yu Zhi Jue and and saluted him: “Reporting to Grand Master, this subordinate has successfully detained Yu Fei Yan, and have come to report about the mission.” Yu Zhi Jue was somewhat jittery. He said: “En, I know. I’ll let you handle this matter, no need to report to me.” “Understood.” Ming Ze stood straight, and then discovered that Yu Zhi Jue is secretly hiding something behind him. He slightly felt baffled inside, after all, Yu Zhi Jue never allowed a person to follow him behind in close proximity. But he didn’t thought too much about it, and merely respectfully said: “This subordinate shall make sure to handle it properly.” This Yu Fei Yan’s feminine physique, refining it into a puppet will result in at least a level eight(puppet), so he absolutely must not waste it. Ming Ze was about to excuse himself, but he was startled. Why is he sensing a trace of a puppet soul prints from what Yu Zhi Jue is hiding behind him? But he can’t make sure of it if he can’t inspect it carefully. He immediately raised his guard, but seeing Yu Zhi Jue’s look, he could only give his salute and withdraw. Speaking of which, recently it has been really odd. Everybody could notice the changes of the Grand Master. Those expression in his eyebrows could not conceal his happiness, and everyday, he comes and goes frequently lost in thoughts…….. Ming Ze knitted his brows. Just where did I go wrong? Yu Zhi Jue did not pay attention on that skeptical look of Ming Ze at all, he’s more worried about Ling Xia. Even though he painstakingly avoided exposing Ling Xia to those matters, but sooner or later he will have to know some of them…….. He did not gave an explanation, only quietly waiting for Ling Xia’s reaction.
Ling Xia was also silent. He raised his head after a long while and said: “Ah Jue, is that Yu Fei Yan the marriage candidate you’re talking about the other day?” No matter what, when it comes to a young lady, he always have a soft spot for them. Yu Zhi Jue nodded and replied in a serious tone: “You don’t need to care about this matter —— The Yu Clan had been making a move unhindered for ten years in Dark Arts Sects, it’s their plan to arrange the marriage and armed a rebellion, and most of the planning came from that woman, so she is not as pure as you think.” Ling Xia nodded his head. He knows Yu Zhi Jue will not lie to him, but the feeling of gloominess and being powerless in his heart is nevertheless hard to avoid. He is not planning to destroy this world’s order, but when it comes to his opinion, he still finds it unacceptable. Yu Zhi Jue slowly reached his hands out, and took off his silver mask. He took the end of Ling Xia’s hair and caress it: “Are you angry?” “No.” Ling Xia lifted his head and gazes back at Yu Zhi Jue as he said,
“But can Ah Jue promise me one thing?” Yu Zhi Jue looks at his clear black eyes. Indeed, Ling Xia has no intention of reproaching him, his heart immediately put at ease. He replied: “Say it.” Ling Xia smiled and said: “No matter what, don’t harm Xiao Hu and MuRong Xue. Um, also Snow Flame, and Ke Lan MinErBai……” Yu Zhi Jue couldn’t help but step forward and kissed him in the corner of his mouth. He said: “I got it. I will not hurt those people you care about, I will not let your heart be broken……… And so Ling Xia, will you promise me one thing?” “What is it?” Ling Xia somewhat curiously replied. “Don’t leave my side forever.” Yu Zhi Jue cornered Ling Xia in a pillar, then kisses him intensely. Ling Xia giddily thought, What kind of idiotic request is that? Of course I won’t leave him —— this time no matter what, I will definitely protect him, even if it’s not easy.  — Ming Ze was sitting in the torture chamber, that suspicious feeling from before, was a fist size puppet soul refined from magic beasts that he sensed from somewhere near the pavilion. This puppet seems like it isn’t making a move, so he could check it out if its within five kilometer of his mirror, thus it was most convenient for him to do so. He was stupefied on the phantom that was reflected in his mirror, and could not believe it at all. He was so sure that the Human Panacea died years ago, and the Grand Master standing before everyone over the past years was due to his efforts. Everyone knows this Human Panacea is in a coma, but only he and the Left Elder Chu Yin knows the truth, that it was impossible for him to ever awaken. But what’s going on with that exact carbon copy of the Human Panacea coming out of nowhere? And what’s more, the puppet soul I placed was indeed inside that body, and it even had the guts to follow the Grand Master around…….. He smashed the phantom with his hand and the mirror broke into pieces. Since this would implicate the Grand Master, it’s better to find Chu Yin and discuss what should be done. He suddenly stood up. He took out a whip from thin air, and ruthlessly whips Yu Fei Yan for a couple of times. He coldly said: “Yu Clan’s Poison Scripture, will you hand it over or not?” Yu Fei Yan sneered at him as she spits out blood: “Then you’ll give it to the Grand Master, it’s useless no matter what methods you used! I curses him from the moment he was born and as long as he lives for abandoning his people!……..Ahh!” Ming Ze whipped landed on her mouth, that two of her teeth fell out. On Ming Ze’s expressionless face, the corner of his mouth slightly raised into a curve: “You are very fearless —— Rest assured, I will make you learn something worse than death.” On the other side, by the time Yu Zhi Jue lets go of him, Ling Xia could no longer stand on his feet. His lips were also swollen, and tinted with a rare shade of red. He urgently steadied his footsteps and fixed his hair. He said: “Can’t you wait till we get back?” Yu Zhi Jue was very satisfied as he took out his silver mask. He was always suspicious that Ling Xia grow up too slow, and his face is too pale as well. He haven’t had enough of his fill licking Ling Xia’s lips as he said: “Very sweet.” “……” Ling Xia was speechless. How could this damn brat Yu Zhi Jue’s face be so thick?! Then at that moment, the seal transceiver on Yu Zhi Jue’s waist vibrated. He turned it on and read the message, the pupil of his eyes slightly shrank ——  Song Xiao Hu surprisingly broke into the Dark Arts Sect!

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