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Chapter 252: Never Been So Drunk!
Since then, Long Xi did not allow her to drink anymore. He was very strict with her drinking. Long Xi did so because she was horrible after getting drunk and not everyone could take it. In fact, she was very curious about what she does after getting drunk. She tried to ask Long Xi, but he refused to tell.

After a few attempts, she stopped asking. Therefore, she had no idea what happened every time she got drunk. She drank so much this time because she was trying to cure her depression but she decided not to escape anymore.
She knew Di Fuyi would not hurt her even though he wanted to throw her into the Dark Forest to test her. Hence, she decided to go all out and drink! She was not planning to get drunk (in her previous life, she could accommodate half a liter of liquor and feel nothing) but her current body was different.
The ‘Drunken Universe' was not as concentrated as most other liquors. It was mild with a bamboo leaves fragrance. Long Xi liked to drink alcoholic drinks with a low percentage of alcohol. Gu Xijiu realized it was not that strong when she first tasted it. Hence, she thought she would be fine even if she drinks a liter of it. In fact, she drank slightly more.
It was out of her expectation to be drunk, and it was scary. Gu Xijiu has never been so drunk in her life! She puked, fell off the unicorn, and returned multiple times, so she knew that was part of the reason of her dizziness.
She wanted to stay awake, but it was useless despite her efforts to keep her eyes open. Moreover, her acupoint was sealed by Di Fuyi, and the blood circulation was terrible.
She heard someone sigh, "How did you get so drunk? I didn't want to seal your acupoint as it is bad for your blood circulation."
Right after that, Di Fuyi unsealed her acupoint. However, she no longer struggled. She could sense that someone was carrying her horizontally. It was breezy and cold at the riverbank, so coupled with her wet body, she shivered and said, "Cold…"
Di Fuyi hugged her tightly in his arms and carried her to the shore. He placed her down and poured a specific spicy drink into her mouth. She hated that taste and felt like puking but Di Fuyi covered her mouth, and she had to swallow it reluctantly.
The spiciness and bitterness spread in her stomach; she was mad and cursed, "Who the hell is that!? Are you trying to kill me!?" She tried to slap him, but that person stopped her. She heard someone whisper beside her ear, "You little bastard! It’s effortless for me to kill you, I don't even need poison. I am trying to reduce the effect of the alcohol on you. Be a good girl and drink more, you’ll feel better." He poured another bowl of drink into her throat.

The moon was hanging above the sky with a steady breeze blowing in the autumn. There were a lot of bushes around with many tall trees penetrating the clouds. Their surroundings weeds were dry and yellowish, and it almost covered the two of them.
Some scary animals howled and roared in the forest.
Gu Xijiu realized someone was sitting on a big rock when she was awake. There was a campfire burning not far from her which kept her body warm.

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