Why not go to JUSCO with me, Valkyrie? Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part1

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Translator(s): Kenar    Editor: Yuzuhaa

Chapter 1

Princess Pau 「Next time, I'll submit a bill 『From now on, Valkyrie will be named as "Cooker"』 in congress, but how is that sounds?」

Krau 「Hm? I don't really understand but I feel it doesn't have a good meaning……」


Cathedral's west tower. In the middle of the spiral staircase.

(Already this far huh……)

Rosewald (Knight) Clausela called as "Rou Auratom (Knight of White Lily)" chew a bitter bug.

「……Your Highness Princess, please undo my "Bud (Knight's Seal)"」

The sky is blue.

In this bluish purple sky peculiar to this season. In the sky, there was a haze which came from seeds (magical power) remnant. The sun has half-set release a faint light shined upon a feminine figure, yet it was gloomy despite it still in a broad daylight.

From arched windows of the tower, such a common sky in the Adelven Royal Capital in 17th month could be seen.

Adelven was worthy of be called as royal capital of the United Kingdom. In the center of it, stood a big cathedral with towers soared to the sky and serve as king's palace at the same time. That was the most magnificent, beautiful and famous Eis cathedral's building, 《Seed's Bud (Magical Horizon)》. It was also called as Amber Palace. Because of this building in royal capital Adelven, this country was called 『The Holy Eis United Kingdom』.

However, that majestic appearance was a thing from the past. Because it was just trampled down.

Because of green skinned Demi-hume (sub-human), The damn Orcs were laying their hand on it.

If you look outside from the window, denied it or not, that was the cold hard fact before one eyes. Below the bluish purple sky, a great army surged into and besieged the cathedral. That army was roughly 40,000.

All of the orcs has a head resembled a pig and a wild boar, stout big body, and armorless half-naked figure. In their hand was a club made from log. That figure was exactly savage itself. About half of them, wore a helm made from stump, however it seemed that it wasn't an armor but a mere decoration.

On the other hand, the cathedral side was only 1,800.

They were fully armed with swords and armors, but the enemies 20 times their amount and this amount wasn't ideal for a defensive battle. The orcs thick skin strength was surpassing leather armors worn by light infantries and a swing of club with their massive arm would crush an iron shield. Even the difference of equipment wouldn't amount to much.

Krau gritting her teeth at the scenery spread out before her, while asking the little girl on her back.

「Please undo my "Bud (Knight's Seal)" and order me to fight. I'll go to the frontline and fight together with other soldiers. If so, I'm going to use my Rozeum (war sword) power, and I'll be able to strike that damned orcs. In that chance, Your Highness Princess please runaway by yourself to the top of the tower. Please escape to the secret chamber of "the Great Gate"」


「No, I won't allow such a thing」

The young girl's blonde hair shook brilliantly when she shook her head on the back of the Rosewald (knight). Such brilliance peculiar to the royal family extolled the 『Golden Clan』.

She was second in line to success the throne of The Holy Eis United Kingdom, Paulirifa Luca Adelven Jassen, eight years old.

Princess Pau. " The Sovereign Ranunculus".

As the daughter of the king, She was the "Master" she swore to serve.

From that little princess's lip, dignified words unimaginable for an eight years old kid came out—

「Krauzera, the Bud (Knight's Seal) won't be undone. I won't allow you to leave my side」

「Such a thing! What kind of reason is that!?」

「I know well that your strength rival a thousand men. However, at a glance, I know the difference in strength. At this time, the outcome of the battle can't be overturned……My dear Rosewald (knight) and my dear friend, Krau, do you want to die here?」

Krau fell silent from being seen through.

Rather than living as the loser, dying a warrior's death—-such a thing was akin to finding fault from the weak.

「You has sworn as a Rosewald (knight), you know. Your life and death, you offered them to your master. This me won't allow you to choose death. This is an order.

Come with me, Krauzera. And live together with me. It is certainly a hard fight than choosing death….*fuuuuu*  Are you thinking to leave alone on this battlefield?」

「Your Highness Princess……」

「That is—if by any chance, I become a prisoner or killed in this battlefield, can you let things happen like that?…..hey, look closely at this scene」

「Hmm? T-this is!」

Before long, those two people entered the secret chamber of the great gate. And then……

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