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Several policemen came down from police cars, and then a large group of police officers went directly into the gate of the main house. Everyone looked curiously at the police. Chen Erwa went ahead and welcomed the police. On one hand he invited the police to the wedding feast; On the other hand, he told waiters to set up a table without the police's reply.

The leader of the police waved his hand repeatedly and said: "No, we are here to investigate a case, we received a report that you have bought a female body, do you know that human body trading is prohibited, moreover, that's a stolen body."

An uproar was triggered immediately, and voice of discussion spread around the hall. I looked at aunt Li with adoration and said, "Are you a prophet? How can you foresee something is going to happen? That's awesome!!"

Aunt Li shook her head and sighed without a word. I was about to ask her for what she sighed, but was interrupted by the changing of the situation there.

The police requested to bring back the female body. They tried to criticize and educate Chen Erwa at the same time. To be honest, this was hardly a punishment, but made Chen Erwa turned her face suddenly. Many strong men of the village came and surrounded the hall.

"Take her away? Impossible! She has married to my son, she's now belonged to my Chen's family." Chen Erwa was almost yelling at those policemen.

The policeman was stunned a bit, explain: "That's a stolen female corpse. You still believe in ghost marriage nowadays, isn't its feudal superst.i.tion?"

Chen Erwa pulled up his head, showing that there was no way for him to compromise. The police continued persuading him but in vain. Unfortunately, instead of soften Chen Erwa's decision, the situation there became even more nervous. Some policemen even asked for support through intercom.

It was getting dark. After an old man said a few words into Chen Erwa's ears, Chen Erwa shook his hand and said, "It's time to bury them, delay no more."

Several strong men went straightforward to that red coffin, tried to carry it out of the hall with the red quilt covered on it. Of course, the police would not allow them to step out which caused slightly physical conflict. Villagers pointed at the police and muttered. After all, the villagers were born in awe of the police.

As time was delaying gradually, Chen Erwa appeared a bit raging, and those strong men carrying the coffin were quite sweaty. I don't know how heavy the coffin was, but such a large piece of wood plus the body inside definitely couldn't be light-weighted. Only four men were carrying, you could image how tired they were. Besides, there were so many people around who b.u.mped into those strong men on the body from time to time.

One of the strong men spoke in hurry: "Uncle Chen, hurry up, I nearly can't hold it."

When Chen Erwa heard this, he hastily said, "Gozi, dare you drop the coffin of the double happiness on the ground. I definitely break your dog-like leg." At the end of his speaking, Chen Erwa directly rushed to the police in front of him and said to them:" get out of the way quickly, if lucky time is missed, I'll fight with you at any cost! Besides, who said my daughter-in-law is stolen from elsewhere?"

The police were still patiently explaining, but not let it go. It was not only a matter of feudal superst.i.tion, but also the body in coffin was stolen from elsewhere.

Later, a police officer felt the atmosphere was getting more and more tighten, he discussed with the leading officer for a while, then he said, "well, if the body in the coffin is not stolen from elsewhere, we will allow you to bury it."

Chen Erwa burst into fury and shouted: "Bulls.h.i.+t, that's no way to open the coffin."

All right, either side was going to compromise, the situation was deadlocked again. But obviously, Chen Erwa's family become more and more anger and their behavior were also more and more brutal.

And then, a young man scolded and kicked one of the policemen. The policeman who was kicked was also a young guy. How could he bear such violation! He pushed the young man so heavily that the young man kept retreating and crashed directly into a third person at the back of him. That third person lost his balance, his two arms swung in the air until he grasped some other person's arm that helped him got a firm foothold again.

And the man he grasped was one of those strong men who had been carrying the heavy coffin for nearly half an hour. The strong man was sweating and nearly fatigue that he was not able to sustain such a grasp on his arm. His arm which was carrying the coffin was pulled out from it.

The coffin tilted sharply, causing the other three to cry out. As you know, person who carrying coffin was chosen according to some special requirements, generally according to the birthdays of the dead people. Rules about ghost marriage was not very clear, but obviously there were similarly rules. So no one around him was dare to help.

The coffin slowly inclined, the whole weight was pressed upon the shoulder of the strong man whose center of gravity had been changed. The edge corner of the coffin directly pressed into the strong man's shoulder and from a very deep indentation.

The big man cried "oops, oops" a few times, his body was slowly pressed down, no matter how hard the other three strong men tried to help him, but just in vain.

"Bang!" With a loud blare, the coffin dropped down, but not on the ground, it landed on the man instead. I could even hear broken bone vaguely.

The strong man's blood had come out, and there was a cry of pain.

"Hold on." Chen Erwa said hastily.

The police were also startled. Immediately several people went ahead and wanted to lift up the coffin to save the people below. Chen Erwa, however, stretch his arms to stop them and crying, "Don't touch it, don't touch it! "

Life is always matter. Police ignored Chen Erwa's crying and pushed him aside and was about to save the man pressed by the heavy coffin. However, a white-haired old man came out in their way and stopped them. The old man looked like at least 80 years old. The police were not dare to push him aside in case he was hurt. What the police could do was just pointing to the bleeding man under the coffin and tried to persuade the old man to let them go.

At that time, Chen Erwa who was pushed away brought out a bottle of wine in nowhere, directly hit on the head of the police officer, the situation burst into chaos immediately. Both sides had already been impatient during the negotiation, one man took the lead, the two sides suddenly began to fight.

People of my table had already stood aside by the direction of my mother. Looking at what's happening in front of me, I was speechless. The strong men on the ground had been ignored. They were all fighting. Many women even join the fighting. As you know, all the villagers were here. Although many villagers choose to stand aside as well as me, there were still far more villagers than the police.

The police were quickly at a disadvantage, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone was killed without mediation in the fighting.

"Bang" a gunshot, the scene quieted a bit at last. I realized that some more police cars had arrived without my attention. Those police got down of cars and took a shot to sky due to the chaos situation. Then they came forward to check the injuries of their colleagues.

Perhaps because of the shock of gunfire, a lot of hands-on people were hiding back, but Chen Erwa appeared to be no compromised. He was still holding half of a wine bottle, bleeding on his head, gasping for breath constantly.

Now things became serious, not only the theft of the body, but I also found that the strong man who had been crashed down by the coffin had not moved for a long time. I thought bode ill rather than well.

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