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"This interview idea?" He gave her a mocking smile. "First of all, your brothers are nipping that in the bud as we speak. They're not about to let their sister marry some stranger off the street. They're not even going to let you be exposed to such men. Secondly, you know perfectly well that Mrs. Plumtree won't let your antics sway her from her purpose. You'll only delay the inevitable."

"Jarret was able to sway her from her purpose," Minerva retorted.

"Because he had something to bargain with. You don't."

She turned on her heel. "Feel free to leave at any time, Mr. Masters."

"You know what I don't see in this list of b.l.o.o.d.y questions?" Giles bit out, determined to provoke her into dealing with him. "I don't see any mention of the intimate side of marriage. No questions about what your future husband would expect from you in the bedchamber. Or what you could expect from him."


She whirled on him. "That would be vulgar."

"And interviewing gentlemen for the position of husband isn't? The trouble with you, my dear, is you've looked at marriage from every angle except the one that matters." Tossing her list onto the table, he approached her with determined steps. "How you feel about a man. What he does to you whenever he comes near. Whether he makes your heart race and your body heat. And in that area, I am the perfect husband for you."

"Really?" she said, her voice deceptively sweet. "Is this the part where you sweep me into your arms and prove how you alone make my heart race and my body heat?"

"If you insist." And with that, he caught her to him.

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